Result – Welsh Cyclo-Cross League Round 6


Lewys Hobbs and Clare Hoskins winners at round 6 of the Welsh Cyclo-Cross League at Carmarthen

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Result – Welsh Cyclo-Cross League Round 6

S + V + J + W
1 Lewys Hobbs Forza Cycles RT S
2 Jonathan Pugh The Bulls S
3 Matthew Beckett Cardiff JIF V40
4 Dan Colman West Wales Cycle Racing S
5 Mark James Jewsons/Polypipe/MI Racing V40
6 Gruff Lewis Pedal Heaven RT S
7 David Jarrom Cardiff Ajax S
8 Adrian Peall Forza Cycles RT S
9 Phil Morris Dambusters S
10 Daniel Powell Castle Bikes S
11 Bryan Greatrick Towy Riders CC V40
12 Mike Webb Cardiff Ajax S
13 Ioan Thomas Towy Riders CC J
14 Hugh Lloyd The Bulls V40
15 Martyn Hughes-Dowdle Urban Cyclery V50
16 Chris Roberts Hafren CC S
17 Chris Fairclough Cwmcarn Paragon S
18 Paul Crapper Abergavenny RC V40
19 Donald Gray Cardiff JIF V50
20 Iain Fairley Gower Riders S
21 Andy Firman Cycle-tec V60
22 Matthew Page A Cycling S
23 Neal Craig Forza Cycles RT V40
24 Justin Harrington Abergavenny RC V40
25 Gareth Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing S
26 Julian Beere Sunset Cycles V50
27 Ben Brook V40
28 Steve Smith Gower Riders V50
29 Chris Lewis Port Talbot Wheelers V40
30 Ian Marshall Maindy Flyers V40
31 Paul Hayward Cycle-tec S
32 Richard Lloyd Pontypool RCC S
33 Jason Killiner Pontypool RCC S
34 Ross Porter Cwmcarn Paragon V50
35 Nigel Saunders Gower Riders V50
36 Louis Preece Welsh Coast Cycles J
37 Kevin Rees Gower Riders V50
38 Craig Morgan Cardiff Ajax S
39 Christopher Matthews Forza Cycles RT V50
40 Ned Potter Climb On Bikes V50
41 Stuart Davies Ride Bikes Wales S
42 James Hedges Gower Riders S
43 Mike Tate Urban Cyclery V40
44 Jayson James Port Talbot Wheelers V40
45 John Lloyd The Bulls V60
46 Christopher Blackmore Cardiff Harlequins V40
47 Adam Smith Cardiff Ajax V40
48 Dan Wood Cardiff Ajax S
49 Clare Hoskins Cardiff JIF W
50 Brian Preece Welsh Coast Cycles V50
51 Paul Lewis The Bulls S
52 Paul Colman West Wales Cycle Racing V50
53 Wayne Davies Towy Riders CC V40
54 Russ White Forza Cycles RT V40
55 Lee Watts Bynea CC S
56 Knill Baird-Murray V50
57 James Walker Gower Riders V40
58 Steven Percey Towy Riders CC V40
59 Gareth Chislett CC Blaenau Gwent S
60 Richard Price Maindy Flyers V40
61 Julian Bennett Sosban Riders V50
62 Keelan Powell Cwmcarn Paragon S
63 Carwyn Jones West Wales Cycle Racing V40
64 Meg Backstedt Maindy Flyers W
65 Matthew Lloyd Pontypool RCC S
66 Nigel Pitt Gower Riders V50
67 Matt Thorne Bradford Olympic RC S
68 Andrew Cleves V40
69 Ben Greenaway Gower Riders S
70 Wayne Jones Bynea CC V50
71 Liam Hayward V50
72 Dylan Hughes West Wales Cycle Racing V40
73 Danielle Flawn Tredz W
74 Ben Winstanley Monmouthshire Wheelers S
75 Sean Davey VC Newport S
76 Phil Walton Gower Riders S
77 Chris Humphreys V40
78 Justin Parker Cardiff Ajax S
79 Marcus Heuberger Gower Riders V40
80 Crad Lowe V50
81 Mike Thomas Cardiff Ajax V40
82 Christian Fox Gower Riders V40
83 Llyr Morgan West Wales Cycle Racing S
84 Jane Barnett W
85 David Wright West Wales Cycle Racing V40
86 Ian Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing V40
87 Tim Whittal-Williams Towy Riders CC S
88 Chris Lloyd Gower Riders V50
89 Jill Colman West Wales Cycle Racing W
90 Gareth Price V50
91 David Miles Tredz V50
92 Phil Harries Cardiff Ajax V60
93 Adam Gardner S

1 Owain Roberts Towy Riders U16
2 Guto Dafydd Towy Riders U14
3 Sam Beckett Cardiff JIF U16
4 Dylan Sharratt Pembrokeshire Velo U16
5 James Codd Maindy Flyers U16
6 Oliver Beere Maindy Flyers U16
7 Bryn Davies Towy Riders U14
8 Jack Lee Maindy Flyers U16
9 Cian Roberts Towy Riders U14
10 Elynor Backstedt Maindy Flyers U16
11 Iwan Evans The Bulls U14
12 David Middleton Maindy Flyers U16
13 Danielle Parker Towy Riders U14
14 Daniel Maclean-Howell Cardiff JIF U16
15 Aled Trott Abergavenny RC U14
16 Gethin Price Maindy Flyers U14
17 Thomas Crapper Abergavenny RC U14
18 Julia Thomas Abergavenny RC NW
19 Jack Ramsbottom West Wales Cycle Racing U14
20 Rosie Finucane Towy Riders U14
21 Katie Hesden Coed y Brenin Dragons U16
22 Endaf Williams West Wales Cycle Racing U14
23 George Marshall Maindy Flyers U14
24 Ayrton Smith Maindy Flyers U14
25 Amy Cole Towy Riders U14
26 Tom Harrington Abergavenny RC U16
27 Alex Powell Dambusters U16
28 Bonna Williams John Lloyd Racing NW
29 Shannon Haird West Wales Cycle Racing U14
30 Emma Finucane Towy Riders U14
31 Noah Rees Gower Riders U14
32 Charlotte Jennings Onit WRT NW
33 Gruffudd Daniel Towy Riders U14
34 Oliver Percey Towy Riders U14
35 Carys Jeffreys Gower Riders U14
36 Rachel Greatrick Towy Riders CC NW
37 Ffion Morgan West Wales Cycle Racing NW
38 Sarah Marshall NW
39 Isabella Flynn Gower Riders U14
40 Bethan Moore Ride Bikes Wales NW
41 Michele Jeffreys Gower Riders NW
42 Dafydd Wright West Wales Cycle Racing U14
43 Jackie Codd Maindy Flyers NW
44 Jane Poulter Gower Riders NW
45 Rhys Hughes West Wales Cycle Racing U14
46 Nia Richards West Wales Cycle Racing NW
47 Kim Jones Ystwyth CC NW
48 Miles Thomas Towy Riders U16
49 Jemma Merrell Gower Riders NW
50 Lois Stott Towy Riders NW
51 Karen Pitt Gower Riders Nw
52 Carla Whittal-Williams Towy Riders U16
53 Amelia Whittal-Williams Towy Riders U14

1 Griff Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing
2 Joshua Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing
3 Jack Hastings Cardiff JIF
4 Joel Maclean-Howell Maindy Flyers
5 Zoe Backstedt Maindy Flyers
6 Ethan Pratten Maindy Flyers
7 Kyle Jones Maindy Flyers
8 Iolo Dafydd Towy Riders
9 Bethany Bennett Towy Riders
10 Finley George Abergavenny RC
11 Ella Maclean-Howell Maindy Flyers
12 Felix Hodges Abergavenny RC
13 Liam Edwards Towy Riders
14 Morgan Lloyd Towy Riders
15 Sam Smith West Wales Cycle Racing
16 Awen Roberts Towy Riders
17 Griff Oliver Sosban Riders
18 Tomos Perkins Towy Riders
19 Rhys Thomas Gower Riders
20 Freya Evans The Bulls
21 Charlie Barnwell Towy Riders
22 Benjamin Fox Gower Riders
23 Harry Codd Maindy Flyers
24 Lowri Richards West Wales Cycle Racing
25 Jake Parker Towy Riders
26 Garan Jones West Wales Cycle Racing
27 Gareth Smith Abergavenny RC
28 Rhys Hughes Abergavenny RC
29 Ruby Gravelle Towy Riders
30 Sam Williams Sosban Riders
31 Megan Walker Gower Riders
32 Owain Thomas Towy Riders
33 Kieron Heuberger Gower Riders
34 Dafydd King Towy Riders
35 Macsen Harrington Abergavenny RC
36 Freya James Towy Riders
37 ? Williams Towy Riders
38 Rhodri Davidson Towy Riders

1 Alfie Davies Cycle-tec
2 Finlay Tarling West Wales Cycle Racing
3 Sam Fisher Maindy Flyers
4 Rory Gravelle Towy Riders
5 Owain Sion Williams Sosban Riders
6 Max Bufton Hafren CC
7 Anwen Nesham Cardiff JIF
8 Will Rennie Abergavenny RC
9 Cian Evans The Bulls
10 Charlie Beckett Cardiff JIF
11 Amy Greatrick Towy Riders
12 Evelyn Nurse Cardiff JIF
13 Harry Newton Sosban Riders
14 Alaw Lewis West Wales Cycle Racing
15 Owen Hughes Abergavenny RC
16 Macsen Quick Towy Riders
17 Benjamin Howe
18 Sion Jones Towy Riders
19 Imogen Morris Gower Riders
20 Ioan Jones Towy Riders
21 Reggie Middleton West Wales Cycle Racing
22 Jessica Hoskins Cardiff JIF
23 Arthwr Thomas Abergavenny RC
24 Matthew Cleves Cardiff JIF
25 Rhys Percey Towy Riders
26 Ffion Hill Towy Riders
27 James Loose Abergavenny RC
28 Rebecca Codd Maindy Flyers
29 Thomas Evans West Wales Cycle Racing
30 Llyr Daniel Towy Riders
31 Tilly Hastings Cardiff JIF
32 Jacob Davies
33 Holly Pitt Gower Riders

1 Aelwen Davies The Bulls
2 Finn Davies Cycle-tec
3 Dylan Bowen Gateway Cycles RT
4 Efa Oliver Sosban Riders
5 Ilan Dafydd Towy Riders
6 Flo Tovey Gower Riders
7 Owain Gravell Sosban Riders
8 Kitty Walton Gower Riders
9 Jess Stott Towy Riders
10 Jessica Bufton Hafren CC
11 Oli Stott Towy Riders
12 Huw Mosedale Abergavenny RC
13 Robert Lewis The Bulls
14 Cai Williams Gower Riders
15 Alfie James
16 Lewis Walker Gower Riders
17 Osian Davies
18 Oliver Winstanley
19 Joseph Newton Sosban Riders
20 Hawys Richards West Wales Cycle Racing
21 Evan Rees
22 Hannah Hill Towy Riders
23 Eva Davies
24 Sam Howe



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