Results – Central CX League Round 5


Fran Whyte and Daniel Lewis winners at round 5 of the Central Cyclo Cross league on Sunday

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Results – Central CX League Round 5

1 Daniel Lewis Royal Air Force CC
2 Ed Clemens Spirit RT
3 Adam Studholme Zappis Cycling Club
4 Alistair Siebert Carnac-Planet X
5 Jorge Ribeiro Manso WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
6 Matthew Wakefield None
7 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton
8 Leigh Smith Equipe Velo
9 Gavin Howell Bicester Millennium CC
10 Roger Prior Zappis Cycling Club
11 Sean Downey WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
12 Aaron Beard Thames Velo
13 Dan Blackburn Oxonian CC
14 Andrew Han CS Grupetto
15 Andrew Whelan Mildenhall CC
16 Andrew Haines Cowley Road Condors
17 Rory Fowler Bicester Millennium CC
18 Nathan Wilson Kingston Wheelers CC
19 James Barlow LBRCC
20 Dylan Hubble Welwyn Wheelers CC
21 Barry Hyde Kingston Wheelers CC
22 Charles Game Zappis Cycling Club
23 James Beechey A5 Rangers CC
24 Tom Krause Equipe Velo
25 Brendan Schofield None
26 Ross Langley None
27 Sebastian Charlesworth Didcot Phoenix CC
28 Brett Kamino Cowley Road Condors
29 Anthony Smith Team Milton Keynes
30 Mark Ainsworth High Wycombe Cycling C
31 Jumpei Nakayama Kingston Wheelers CC
32 Neil Green LBRCC
33 Richard Warren Zappis Cycling Club
34 Harri James Didcot Phoenix CC
35 Mitchell King LBRCC
36 Gareth Smith Peterborough CC
37 Matthew Walsh Thame Cycling Club
38 Matthew Smith Cowley Road Condors

1 Fran Whyte Bicester Millennium CC
2 Rose Osborne None
3 Michelle McCarthy Bicester Millennium CC
4 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
5 Katie Edwards
6 Suzanne Golder Team Milton Keynes
7 Lynda Olney Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club
8 Charlotte Sampson Zappis Racing Team
9 Tracy Best Zappis Racing Team
10 Claire Richardson Zappis Racing Team
11 Sarah Cox None
12 Christine Anstee Pedalworks Cycling Club
13 Wendy Rees None

1 Buauna Ball Catford CC
2 Edward Gronbech Oxford City Road Club
3 Elliot Haigh Team Milton Keynes
4 Charlie Quarterman Zappis Racing Team
5 Sacha Wilson Hemel Hempstead
6 Niall Thornycroft Zappis Racing Team

Veterans 40-49
1 Sean Dines CC Luton
2 Gavin Rumbles CC Luton
3 Roy Chamberlain Corley Cycles
4 Steven Drew London Phoenix CC
5 Michael Miach Pretorius Bikes
6 David Whittle Bicester Millennium CC
7 Christopher Ball Hackney GT
8 Grant Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
9 Simon Hudd Bicester Millennium CC
10 Aaron McCaffrey None
11 Timothy Bailey North Bucks RC
12 Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers CC
13 Andy Court Bicester Millennium CC
14 Duncan Mellish None
15 Michael Mulroy VC Velocake
16 Mike Deeney CC Luton
17 Gary Aldridge Verulam CC
18 Paul Carpenter WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
19 Martin Heaton Team Milton Keynes
20 Ian Marshall Bicester Millennium CC
21 Phil Brown Didcot Phoenix CC
22 Martin Stanley Didcot Phoenix CC
23 Benedict Campbell Zappis Cycling Club
24 David Goodhew North Bucks RC
25 Andrew Martin LBRCC
26 Andrew Male None
27 Steven Pellowe SD Racing Team
28 Duncan O’Reilly Didcot Phoenix CC
29 Graham Frogley Bicester Millennium CC
30 Mark Evans Kettering CC
31 Chris Montagu Kingston Wheelers CC
32 Michael Clark Team Trisports
33 James Robertson Welwyn Wheelers CC
34 Colin Campbell LBRCC
35 Warren Drew Rockingham Forest Whls
36 Garry Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers CC
37 Jonathan Plant Bicester Millennium CC
38 Simon Lay None
39 Paul Alexander None
40 Frazer Glew None
41 Andrew McIntyre Performance Cycles
42 Nick Druce Didcot Phoenix CC
43 Murray Winterfrost Twickenham CC
44 David Brown None
45 Gavin Law None
46 Nicholas Wilson Hillingdon Triathletes
47 Peter Warwick Didcot Phoenix CC
48 Andrew Ayears Welland Valley CC
49 Simon Barnes VC Velocake
50 John Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
51 Peter Batchelor None
52 Tim Davies Didcot Phoenix CC
53 Tom Woodforde Cowley Road Condors CC
54 Simon Bayly Zappis Cycling Club
55 John Laird None
56 Stephen Avery Zappis Cycling Club

Veteran 50 Plus
1 Paul Caton TMG Horizon Cycling Team
2 Peter Smith Team Jewson-M.I.Racing-Polypipe
3 Tim Searle Club Corley Cycles
4 Mark Anstee Pedalworks Cycling Club
5 David Olney Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club
6 John Risby Team Milton Keynes
7 Joe Gardias None
8 Chris Cox None
9 Mark Eidem Hillingdon Triathletes
10 Daniel Clemens VC10
11 Anthony Walton Team Milton Keynes
12 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers CC
13 Angus Wells Royal Air Force CC
14 Kevin Jones None
15 Ian Chidgey Hillingdon Triathletes
16 Carl Keen LBRCC
17 Paul Haigh Team Milton Keynes
18 Darren Winfield LBRCC
19 Nigel Bennett Team Milton Keynes
20 Stephen Warwick Didcot Phoenix CC
21 Paul Burgoine Finchley Racing Team
22 Andy Murray Norwood Paragon
23 Miles Walker LBRCC
24 Kevin Tilbrook LBRCC
25 Neil Bryon BMCC
26 Keith Perry Team Trisports
27 Barry Thompson None
28 Bryce Taylor Aylesbury CC


U14 Girls
1 Millie Couzens Bicester Millennium CC
2 Alexa Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
3 Aimee Zygo Team Milton Keynes
4 Amelie Prior Zappis Cycling Club
5 Molli Keenor Team Milton Keynes

Under 14 Boys
1 Sami Vaudrey Zappis Racing Team
2 Joel Corbishley None
3 Gabriel Banner Prestige Velo Club
4 Skip Snelson Team Milton Keynes
5 Gareth Davies Didcot Phoenix CC
6 Euan Backus Zappis Cycling Club
7 Ted Brett Welwyn Wheelers CC
8 Edward Jollife Bicester Millennium CC
9 Alfie Aldridge Welwyn Wheelers CC
10 Samuel Hudd Bicester Millennium CC

Under 16 Boys
1 Callum Macleod Palmer Park Velo RT
2 Angus Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
3 George Evans Kettering CC
4 Jamie Lloyd Team Milton Keynes
5 Thomas Zygo Team Milton Keynes
6 Tom Couzens Bicester Millennium CC
7 Karl Shrowder Icknield Road Club
8 Nick Day Team Milton Keynes
9 Riley Searle Corley Cycles – Drops RT
10 Fraser Ayears Welland Valley CC
11 Lewis Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
12 Nathan Blackmore Welwyn Wheelers CC

U16 Girls
1 Freya Butler Welwyn Wheelers CC
Under 12 Girls Result
1 Amelia Cox Bicester Millennium CC

Under 12 Boys Result
1 Jude Chamberlain Team Milton Keynes
2 Ethan Stevenson Team Milton Keynes
3 Joseph Walton Team Milton Keynes
4 Ruben Snelson Team Milton Keynes
5 George Gray Zappi’s Cycling Club
6 Adam Lea Team Milton Keynes
7 Pierre Botha Team Milton Keynes
8 Finn Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
9 James Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
10 Joel Ayears Welland Valley CC
Under 10 Girl’s
1 Astrid Spragg Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Jessica Lea Team Milton Keynes
3 Elise Hawkins Palmer Park Velo RT
4 Imogen Cox Bicester Millennium CC
5 Ellie Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
6 Sienna Golder None
7 Scarlett Glew None
8 Millie Botha Team Milton Keynes

Under 10 Boy’s
1 Mackenzie Mellish Zappis Racing Team
2 Oscar Martin Team Milton Keynes
3 Ethan McCloy Team Milton Keynes
4 Aidan Prior Zappis Cycling Club
5 Toby Zygo Team Milton Keynes
6 Asha Vaudrey Zappis Cycling Club
7 Daniel Lea Team Milton Keynes
8 William Knight Team Milton Keynes
9 Harrison Glew None
10 Harry Young Team Milton Keynes
11 Evan Rhymes Team Milton Keynes



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