Results – Lincolnshire CX League 6


David Fletcher and Vanessa Holmes winners at round 6 of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross League at Louth sponsored by Arrow Cycles

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Results – Lincolnshire CX League 6

1 David Fletcher Pines Cycles / Felt S
2 George Thompson Sleaford Wheelers S
3 Adam Gascoigne Pedal Power S
4 Mark Cotton Ellmore Factory Racing S
5 James Armstrong VC Lincoln J
6 Bart Kieres Bourne Wheelers S
7 Marc Gee Arrow Cycles J
8 James Vickers Carnac CC/Planet X S
9 Henry Thompson Sleaford Wheelers S
10 David Earth JP Racing / Raleigh S
11 Ryan Thomas Alford Wheelers S
12 Matt Scarborough Arrow Cycles S
13 Ben Lambert Arrow Cycles S
14 Jono Bromfeild Alford Wheelers S
15 Andy Stewart Unattached S
16 Richard Baldwin Cottingham Coureurs S
17 Marcus Nainby Team WNT S
18 Oliver Fairless Louth Cycles S
19 Jack Wilson Arrow Cycles S
20 Robbie Sturdy Lincsquad J
21 Henry Heyes Arrow Cycles S
22 Luke Barton Louth Cycle Centre S
23 Edward Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers S
24 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles L
25 Sam Burman Team WNT L
26 Chris Oak Arrow Cycles S
27 Andy Denniss Flex Tech S
28 Arron Wallis VC Beverley S
29 Simon Cowell VC Lincoln S
30 Robert Smith Lindsey Roads CC S
31 Scot Hargreaves Alford Wheelers S
32 Andrew Hook Arrow Cycles S
33 Helen Smith Unattached L
34 Rebecca Longthorp Cliff Pratt Cycles L
35 Anthony Callaby Unattached S
36 Jenifer McAndrew Witham Wheelers L
37 Thom Dean RAF CC S
38 Donna Goodwin Louth Cycle Centre L

1 Graham Clark Ellmore Factory Racing V50
2 Darryl Hewson Ellmore Factory Racing V
3 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing V
4 Rick Lister Team WNT V
5 Craig Thursby Ellmore Factory Racing V
6 Damian Roberts Ellmore Factory Racing V
7 Mark Preston VC Lincoln V
8 Jon Snowden Vive Le velo V
9 Dean Booth VC Lincoln
10 George Hackney Lincoln Tri V
11 Eddy Loftus Lincoln Wheelers V50
12 Stephen Walker Trent Valley CRC V50
13 Dave Robinson Flex Tech RT V50
14 Steve Potter Lindsey Roads CC V50
15 Carl Jackson Arrow Cycles V
16 Ed Smith Unattached V
17 Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln V
18 Jon Clarke Lincoln Wheelers V50
19 Martin Cullen Arrow Cycles V
20 Paul Dann VC Lincoln V50
21 Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln V50
22 Steve Wood Peterborough CC V
23 Steve Hull Unattached V50
24 James Allis Unattached V
25 Ben Appleby Arrow Cycles V
26 Gary Simpson Unattached
27 Roger Mitchell Lincoln Wheelers V50
28 Sean East Witham Wheelers V
29 Doug Malcolm RAF CC V
30 David Koslow Unattached V50
31 Pete Goy Unattached V50
32 Neil Sentance Pedal Pushers V
33 Richard Shelldrake Lincoln Wheelers
34 Ian Smith Brigg & District CC
35 Richard Smalley Unattached V60
36 Andy Newham Lincoln Wheelers V
37 Tim Higgins Scunthorpe RC V50
38 Paul Andrews VC Lincoln V50
39 Tony Williamson Scunthorpe RC V50
40 John Bateman Veg C&AC V60
41 Matt Everton Sleaford Wheelers V
42 David Webb Unattached V50
43 Jonathan Backhouse Unattached V
44 Steve Farr Six 30 CC V
45 Neil Washington Six 30 CC
46 Guy Lonsdale Unattached V
47 Gary Bentley Spalding CC V50
48 Scott Stewart Unattached V
49 David Jackson 53 eleven V60
50 Dave Leonard Alford Wheelers V
51 Jeremy Hudson Trent Valley CRC V50
52 Stan Meade Carnac CC/Planet X V60
53 Anthony Limm Unattached V
54 Terry Beisty Scunthorpe Poly V60
55 Peter Flint Boston Wheelers V50
56 Ian Smalley Lindsey Roads CC V50
57 Rob Blease Alford Wheelers
58 Jonathon Moody Lincoln Wheelers V50
59 Peter Brumpton Lincoln Wheelers V
60 Andy Wilkinson Skegness Wheelers V50
1 Jake Norton Sherwood Pines / Sram U16
2 Bradley Sprogis Paul Milnes Cycles U16
3 Robert McAndrew Witham Wheelers U16
4 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles U16
5 Bryn Richards Bourne Wheelers U14
6 Dylan Snoek Bourne Wheelers U14
7 Thomas Howes Sleaford Wheelers U16
8 Joshua Backhouse VC Lincoln U14
9 Alice Standish VC Lincoln U16 Girl
10 Abigail Armstrong VC Lincoln U14 Girl
11 Samuel Howes Sleaford Wheelers U14
12 Molly Peel Bourne Wheelers U14 Girl
13 Bradley Worth Boston Wheelers U14
14 Ben Cartwright Alford Wheelers U16
15 Kayleigh Pickworth VC Lincoln U14 Girl
16 Mia Mawson Sleaford Wheelers U14 Girl
17 Braithwaite Cameron NEL Lindsey Go-ride U14
Under 12
1 Alex Galpin Bourne Wheelers
2 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
3 Harry Garfield Bourne Wheelers
4 Alex Armstrong VC Lincoln
5 Ben Norton Spalding CC
6 Dan Galpin Bourne Wheelers
7 Emily Richards Bourne Wheelers Girl
8 Penelope Linsdell Bourne Wheelers Girl
9 Daniel Backhouse VC Lincoln
10 Edward Linsdell Bourne Wheelers
11 Luke Brumpton NEL Lindsey go-ride
12 Cassey Rook Boston Wheelers
13 Paige Elding Boston Wheelers Girl
14 Max Burkitt Unattached
15 Ben Burkitt Unattached
16 Thomas Allis NEL Lindsey go-ride
17 Connor Wilkinson Boston Wheelers
18 Holly Nainby Team WNT Girl
19 Lewis Self Boston Wheelers
20 Kye Rook Boston Wheelers
21 Jessica East Witham Wheelers Girl
22 Harry Self Boston Wheelers
23 Oliver Turnbull Unattached
24 Benjamin Smith Unattached
25 Lucas Francis Boston Wheelers
26 Megan Kirk V C Lincoln Girl
27 James Bushell VC Lincoln
28 Beth Goodwin Unattached Girl
29 Izzy Goodwin Unattached Girl
30 Adam Smith Unattached
31 Jack Heighton-Smith Unattached
32 Jessica Woollas Sleaford Wheelers Girl
33 Poppy Cowell VC Lincoln Girl
34 William Allis NEL Lindsey go-ride
35 Solomon Heighton-Smith Unattached



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