Xmas Feature 9: Russell Downing


The latest question and answer is with four time Lincoln GP winner, Russell ‘fonzy’ Downing who will be captaining the men in black in 2016

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Xmas Feature 9: Russell Downing


1. Back in Britain for 2016, what races are you looking forward to most next season and why?
Russell: I’m looking forward to doing races I’ve not done for a few years and Asia features on the JLT Condor calendar as well. But I’m really looking forward to returning to a British team with John Herety who I’ve big respect for as a manger

So I will be looking forward to racing more in Britain again and also dropping in and out of the Tour Series. The Tour of Yorkshire and Tour of Britain will also be big targets as will the Lincoln GP. I love that race!

2. What were your highlights in 2015 in the pro peloton?
Russell: I’ve played a big support role for some young riders mainly Mads Pedersen who is going to be one bloody good bike rider if I may say so (he’s some boy!) It’s been a very mixed year but it was great riding some of the semi classics again in Belgium and Holland and I really enjoyed riding the Tour de Yorkshire on home roads which always makes things fun.


3. How will it be having your Brother Dean as an assistant manager in the team – what teams have you worked together (ridden) before?
Russell: It will be good to work with brother Dean as a DS. We’ve been in numerous teams together as riders, such as Life Repair then Recycling where we combined well winning races for one another. Then we paired up on team GB as Madison partners which was fun holding hands through out two seasons!

We last raced together in Dean’s last season as bike rider with NFTO. That was a mixed year also with a big crash at Lincoln GP which put paid to me riding the Tour Series one last year with Dean. But that’s sport and cycling I guess.

4. With surgery today, have you been whacking in the miles ready for a little rest and if so, what sort of training were you doing the last few weeks and whose legs were you giving a kicking?
Russell: Yeah, surgery went good today. The last few weeks have been tough with the British weather but this hasn’t stopped me clocking up the kms with numerous club runs and rides with various mates like Tom Stewart, James Shaw, Ben Swift, Out of the Saddle club guys, Leigh Holmes, Matt Gleadall, Train driver Ash and nice Adam Weaver. I’ve been doing the Tuesday and Saturday chain gangs. The last few weeks has just been riding really with rides around 3, 4 and 5 hours steady really to build the base fitness before the op.

5. Are you old ‘skool’ with your winter bike with mudguards or do you prefer to keep it as race like as possible?
Russell: I like to ride as close to my race bike as possible so no guards which sometimes gets me a bit of stick but hey, we’re in the 21st century and I think everyone has washing machines nowadays LoL!


6. How long are you going to be resting after the op and when do you expect to be back on the chain gangs ripping it up?
Russell: I wish I could say not long or if it was up to me, I’d be out asap but for once I’m going to listen to the people who know and probably get back on the pushy steady after around two weeks when stitches and stuff come out. It will kill me but I’m getting sensible in my old age (I wish )!

7. What’s it take to force you off the road and onto the turbo?
Russell: I don’t mind a grim ride on Yorkshire roads but if it becomes dangerous, ie, frozen roads etc, then the garage sees some action!

8. Cheeky Xmas one, … if you could have any cycling related Xmas present – what would it be!
Russell: I would love to be 19 years old again starting my cycling career all over again with the support of British cycling and all the other options which the stars of the future have today. I’m not complaining but just saying cycling is good nowadays so I’m hoping to keep going as long as I can!
Merry Xmas everyone!

Thanks Russell and enjoy the rest! You need to find a beach some where there are no roads so you can enjoy that rest LoL. See you in 2016!

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