Report – New Forest CC Boxing day 10


Matt Burden (Severn RC) won the New Forest CC Boxing day 10 mile time trial as Roger Bacon signed off after 30 years promoting the festive test

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Report – New Forest CC Boxing day 10

By Eamonn Deane (more photos here)

Matt Burden (Severn RC) won the New Forest CC Boxing day 10 mile time trial as Roger Bacon signed off after 30 years promoting the festive test.


First run as a club event in the 1960s’ Bacon has promoted the race as an open for some 30 years from the mid-seventies and seen entries wax and wane over that time. Burden clocked an impressive 22:27 on a windy day to beat race favourite Xavier Disley (RST SPORT/Aero Coach), 22:43, a narrow but convincing margin.

Simon Berogna (VC ST Raphael/Waites Contracts) looked sharp in 3rd place stopping the clock on 23:10, well clear of James Horton (, 23:55.

The B3347 south of Ringwood is flat apart from a little runt of a rise at the New Queen public house but the surface is heavy & mean, in summer the real fast men post a “middling 20” but that’s as much as the P311 gives. Hangovers were blown away on the outward leg to Sopley, Disley, pushing 108’ inch fixed , tried harder than he did in the Farnborough & Camberley 10 a week earlier but could not match a resurgent Burden, back from a late season crash and already planning an assualt on 2016.

1 Matt Burden (Severn Rc) 22.27
2 Xavier Disley (Rst Sport Aerocoach) 22.43
3, Simon Berogna (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 23.10
4 James Horton (Primera Sports .Com) 23.55
5, Aran Stanton (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 23.59
6, Brendon Reese (Bournemouth Arrow) 24.09
7, Tim Smales (Vc Venta) 24.12
8 Ray Huges (Clarence Wh) 24.34
9 Gary Lock (New Forest Cc) 24.41
10 Tony Green (Ga Cycles) 24.57
11 Nick Webber (Colchester Rovers) 25.03
12 Stuart Martingale (Sotonia Cc) 25.22
13 Stuart Peckham (New Forest Cc) 25.31
14 Tom Reid (New Forest Cc) Jun 25.59
15 Mike Anderson (Vc St Raphael/ Waites Contracts) 26.06
16 Gavin Robertson (New Forest Cc ) 26.35
17 Aran Stanton, Fancy Dress, (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 26.42
18 Martin Beale (Vc St Raphael/Wates Contracts) 26.47
19 Stuart Folley (Christchurch Bc) 27.08
20 Nick Wright (New Forest Cc) 27.15
21 James Walsey (Dorking Cc ) 28.17
22 Lyndon Thompson ( New Forest Cc) 28. 30
23 Malcolm Field (Maidenhead Cc) 28.48
24 William Simmons (Bjw) 28.55
25 Adrian Watkins (Tornado Cc) 29.31
26 Kevin Harris (Bjw) 29.47
27 Colin Grandfield (Christchurch Bc) 29. 53
28 Isobel Fletcher (Vc Glasgow South) 1st Lady 29.56
29 Rob York (Christchurch Bc ) 30.01
30 Denise Playford (Christchurch Bc) 30.16
31 Mathew Golden (A3crg) 30.27
32 Sean Williams (New Forest Cc) 30.43
33 Mike Norris (New Forest Cc) 30.46
34=Ian Kelaway (Coventry Cc ) 31.27
34= Ian Sherrin (3c Cycle Experience) 31.27
36 Rosy Mushers (Vc St Raphael/ Waites Contracts) 32.19
37 Kate Jardine (Christchurch Bc) 33.43
38 Adam Turel (Bjw) 34.04
39 Catherine Pascoe (New Forest Cc) 38.10

1 Christopher Day/Thomas Day (Poole Wh) 27.35
2 Julian Gee/Bethany Gee (Sotonia Cc0 31.18
3 Simon Hall/Mary Coebett (Andover Wh/Sotonia Cc) 33.39



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