Q & A Feature – Richard Hepworth (Raleigh GAC)


New Raleigh GAC signing, and no slouch in a sprint, Richard Hepworth takes on the VeloUK Q & A challenge

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Q & A Feature – Richard Hepworth


Richard (right) racing for Sportgrub Kuota in 2015 will join the other rider in this pic, Andy Hawdon, at Raleigh GAC in 2016

1. With your team all sorted for 2016, how does it feel to be in such a big team and what races are you looking forward to most next season?
Richard: It feels great! I’m really happy to be back in a big team again. Raleigh carries with it an inherent history of racing pedigree and success, especially in the UK, and I’m proud to be racing in Raleigh colours. I’m looking forward to the bigger UCI races like the Tour of Yorkshire as that’s where I’m from and it’s going to be amazing to be racing on the roads I grew up on.

2. What were your highlights in 2015?
Richard: Sprinting for the win at Canary Wharf Tour Series as an outsider from a “small team” was fun. Winning the Thames Velo Road Race ahead of stiff competition from Madison and NFTO. Also riding a two up day long break away with team mate Adam Duggleby in the historic Yorkshire Divs was another.

3. What race was the most fun in 2015 and why?
Richard: The Tour Series as a whole was a fun experience. I had prepared well for it and then I enjoyed the success during the races themselves.

4. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given and who gave it to you?
Richard: Best bit of cycling advice was from my old coach Bernard Burns who was national road coach a long time ago. Bernard did swear a lot so this is the censored version. He told me “cycling is all about leading a boring life. Train and rest. Don’t do anything exciting!”  My grandma gave me the best general advice, she said “it’s amazing how you get there if you just keep going”.

5. Tell us about your winter training bike, what is different about it compared to your race bike?
Richard: My proper winter bike is an alloy one with mudguard eyes on. I can’t stand five hours soaking wet so this has proper guards on it. It means I can train in relative comfort. Relative, 5 hours in the rain is never fun but it’s better without freezing water spraying all over you! It’s different in every way! Heavier, much heavier! Although it does still have a power meter on!

6. How will you spend December on the bike?
Richard: I started back in November. December will see me spend the majority of my time in the UK. I like the sun on my back as much as anybody but as it’s not going to be 30 degrees for Eddie Soens, I best get on with it here! Some good long rides paired with turbo sessions will see me through December. I’m intending giving the gym a bash this winter as a cheeky extra that I haven’t done previously. Hopefully it will give me slightly more of an edge.

Thanks Richard, good luck with Raleigh GAC in 2016!



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