Report: Newbury New Years Cross


Lydia Brookes and Crispin Doyle (Hargroves Cycles Ridley) winners of their races at the Newbury New Years Day Cyclo-Cross

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Report: Newbury New Years Cross

from Chris Bolton

What is hoped will be the first of many New Year’s Day Cyclo-Cross events in Newbury proved to be fun for all participants and entertaining for spectators. The course was demanding given the nature of Goldwell Park with the big slope to climb and the conditions, but fortunately it remained dry throughout. Although each category was very competitive it wasn’t all about hard racing with a few fun elements. There was a “Wall of Foam” to negotiate and for the adults only, a pit stop for a “Hair of the Dog” shot! Many riders wore fancy dress with a few tutus on show and even Batman and a rider in a gorilla outfit.

PPV - NYD CX Photo 2

PPV - NYD CX Photo 4

Whilst attracting some top cyclo cross and mountain bike riders we also attracted others and some were new to the sport. The event was supported by West Berkshire Council and Get Berkshire Active with funding from the Sportivate “This Girl Can” initiative.

Results by category

1. Lydia Brookes Wmn G.S. Henley
2. Jennifer Forrester Wmn RT – Lazer
3. Fiona Hawkins Wmn Palmer Park Velo RT
4. Hanna Gibbs Wmn Costwold Velo
5. Elly Crockford Wmn Zappis Racing Team
6. Sarah Barnes Wmn Low Cadence Cycle Club
7. Caroline Stewart Wmn Royal Navy & Royal Marines
8. Christina Gustafson Wmn tri
9. Mandy Scott Wmn Cotswold Veldrijden
10. Mary Gostic Wmn
11. Kelly Chapman Wmn
12. Hannah Snook Wmn
13. Sarah Dawson Wmn Palmer Park Velo RT
14. Val Lewis Wmn Low Cadence Cycle Club
15. Sarah Dawson Wmn PPV

1. Phillip Pearce Snr Banjo Cycles
2. Alexander Forrester Snr RT – Lazer
3. James Wilson Snr v c raphael
4. Ryan Smith Snr Team Moore Fitness RC
5. Edward Gronbech Snr oxford city road club
6. Lawrence Wlton Snr maybush cc
7. Alex Watkins Snr SARUM Velo
8. David Billings Snr physcology sunwise
9. Stephen Brear Snr
10. Patrick Ashcroft Snr Reading CC
11. Daniel Pack Snr cowley road condors
12. Matthew Shepherd Snr
13. Richard Monk Snr
14. Reece Hoare Snr
15. Robert Snook Snr
16. Matthew Grey Snr Newbury RC
17. Nick OConnell Snr
18. Ben Hartley Snr
19. Ian Keary
20. Julian Mann
21. Filippo Negroni

1. Crispin Doyle Vet Hargroves Cycles – Ridley RT
2. Peter Kench Vet Banjo Cycles
3. Nick Onslow Vet pedalon
4. Martyn Harris Vet Banjo Cycles
5. Phil Brown Vet didcot phoenix
6. Garry Clark Vet Banjo Cycles
7. Duncan O’reilly Vet didcot phoenix
8. Peter Aylward Vet
9. Chris Clark Vet banjo
10. Chris Hope Vet
11. Steven Barnhard Vet banjos
12. Richard Gostick Vet Pedalon.
13. Mark Crawford Vet
14. Andy Tucker Vet Banjo Cycles
15. Andrew Dearing Vet
16. Graham Morrison Vet Newbury RC
17. Andrew Male Vet
18. Michael Coulson Vet
19. Mark Letters Vet Banjo Cycles
20. Roger Davis Vet newbury road club
21. Matthew Carey Vet Palmer Park Velo
22. Chris Hobson Vet Newbury RC
23. Tim Davies Vet didcot pheonix
24. Matt Pritchard Vet Palmer Park
25. Mark Chance Vet Newbury RC
26. Richard Bennett Vet Wessex Raiders
27. Ian Lakey Vet newbury road club
28. Barry Ward Vet
29. Iain Collins Vet Banjo Cycles
30. Paul Devlin Vet
31. Philip Couzens Vet Zappis Cycling Club
32. Toby Cole Vet 4
33. Leigh Mason Vet 4
34. Martin Walker Vet Newbury RC
35. David Berger Vet LCC
36. Dan Thisdell Vet
37. Darren ODonoghue Vet 4
38. Neil Bond Vet 4
39. Tony Dawson Vet
40. Philip Cowhig Vet Newbury RC
41. Philip Taylor Vet Palmer Park
42. Stephen Avery Vet zappis
43. James Hutchinson Vet Newbury RC
44. Peter Dunn Vet
45. David Hartley Vet
46. Peter Graham Vet North Hampshire RC
47. Simon Murray
48. Andrew Reeves


U8/U10 Race
1st Mackenzie Melish – Zappis/Worx
2nd James Brown – Palmer Park Velo
3rd Edward Charles – Charlotteville CC

U12 Race
1st Arlo Carey – Palmer Park Velo
2nd Adam Lea – Team Milton Keynes
3rd Thomas Wadsworth – Beeline Bicycles

U14 Girls Race
1st Maddie Wadsworth – Beeline Bicycles
2nd Anna Wadsworth – Beeline Bicycles
3rd Millie Couzens – Zappis

U14 Boys Race
1st Arthur Boulton – Palmer Park Velo
2nd Jamie Gostick – Palmer Park Velo
3rd Henry Kirby – Unattached

U16 Girls Race
1st 1st Katie Scott – Cotswold
2nd Kim Baptista – Nutcracker Racing
3rd Chloe Jones – Palmer Park Velo

U16 Boys
1st Callum Macleod – Palmer Park Velo
2nd Archie Scott – Cotswold Veldrijden
3rd Tom Couzens – Zappis
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