Feature – Nikki Juniper Q & A


British Circuit Race champion, Tour Series Champion and twice a winner of the National Series, Nikki Juniper takes the Q & A challenge on VeloUK

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Feature – Nikki Juniper Q & A


The next feature in the question and answer series on VeloUK in January is an ambitious rider, Nikki Juniper. Not only has she won the National Series for women twice and is also the British Circuit Race Champion and Women’s Tour Series Champion, she’s only just gone and created her own team!

Nikki is rightly proud to have pulled together not just a sponsor in Ford (team is Ford Ecoboost) but also a strong group of riders with a mix of youth and experience as well as riders for various situations, sprinting, climbers and all-rounders.

Team is: Nikki Juniper, Charline Joiner, Julie Erskin, Charlotte Broughton, Anna Turvey, Henrietta Colborne and Lizzie Holden as well as two development riders Adele Martin and Clover Murray.

Here is Nikki’s Q & A
1. When will you start your road season and what will be the first race?
Nikki: My first major race in the UK will be round 1 of the women’s national road race series in the Isle of Man. I will probably try and get a couple of training races in beforehand, but typically my season will always start properly when the national series kicks off.


Nikki (right) with Abby Mae Parkinson, teammates in 2015 and at Ryedale, Nikki and Abby combined out front for Nikki to win the race and Abby the Junior RR title.

2. What races will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Nikki: I will be going into this season defending three titles; the Tour Series, National Series and National Crit champs so I guess my targets are right there. Add to that the national road race champs as I had a disappointing race last year. Nobody likes to make excuses but coming down with gastric flu four days before the road race champs was not ideal!

3. How will you spend the time on the bike between now and your first race in training? Long miles or cutting back to do top end efforts?
Nikki: I will be following a structured training plan which will include blocks of endurance, but typically tend to concentrate on quality efforts. So many people get drawn into doing more and more miles thinking this is what you need, but to be honest if you haven’t put the miles in by now then you will be playing catch up.

3. What was your favourite Xmas present?
Nikki: Easy answer! Personalized jar of Nutella!! Which basically means it’s mine so hands off!

5. When it rains, which its doing a lot right now, is it turbo time or wrap up and get wet?
Nikki: If my plan says a road ride and it’s raining then I’m going to get wet! The only time I won’t go out is if it’s icy as it’s not worth the risk. If it is icy and I had a three hour road ride planned, then you will NOT see me on the turbo for three hours, that I can promise! I will do a shorter but specific session on the turbo and possibly a gym session.

6. If you could do any race in the world including the best ones in the world etc, what would it be and why?
Nikki: Flanders without a doubt. I have ridden the men’s course the day before the pros race and I would love the chance to race it properly.


After a near miss at Bath in the race, Nikki fought hard on the day to win the Tour Series from Jessie Walker

7. What piece of food can you not do without where ever you are on the road during the season!
Nikki: Porridge and Nutella and although not a food, a nice cup of tea.

8. What is your favourite music track when warming up for a race or on the turbo?
Nikki: I have a very eclectic taste in music and on my phone at the moment is Now 89 now that’s what I call music (I know all the juniors in the peloton are reading this and cringing right now) could be anything from Bang Bang with Jessie J And all about the bass by Meghan Trainor but I do recall a couple of the Tour Series warming up on the rollers to Love Runs Out by One Republic.

9. If given the option, would you prefer normal brakes or disc brakes on your road bike?
Nikki: You are asking this to the person who said they would never ever ride Di2 and this season my bike will have Di2! I think disc brakes have a purpose but on a road bike? I don’t know but obviously the powers that be think it’s a good idea. Will I be riding disc brakes this season? NO.

10. What’s the spec of your race bike for 2016 and your favourite bits on it? (include a pic or two if you have them!)
Nikki: The team will be on the LIV Giant range of bikes with Shimano DI2 and Reynolds wheels. I do like my tubs!



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