Feature – Will Fox Q & A


Feature Question & Answer with Pedal Heaven’s Will Fox keeping warm in Australia over the winter #beauty

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Feature – Will Fox Q & A


1. When will you start your road season and what will be the first race?
Will: After some abysmal performances at Totnes and the Reservoir last year in brutal weather, I’m planning on starting a bit later this time around. We’ve had an invite to Tour Du Maroc, 1-10th April, should be a good way to keep the tan going. Would hope to get a few races in before going there, Chorley was a good race last year so maybe there.

2. What races will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Will: I’m keen to score UCI points this year. I love a crit as well, was lying 3rd overall after 5 rounds in the Elite Crit series before Epstein Barr virus finished off my 2015 season. National crit champs has got to be the one to target for me.

3. How will you spend the time on the bike between now and your first race in training? 
Will: The team has sorted us out with Jon at Trainsharp. The plan is pretty varied, keeps things mixed up and stops it from being boring. But more than likely I’ll just meet Dex G and get spat by him on the way to the Cafe. He loves training hard.

4. What was your favourite Xmas present?
Will: Either a bottle of Kraken dark spiced rum. I chugged most of the bottle on NYE, was chundering all night. Or an early Xmas present from my friend Shunty. He invited myself, Lloydy, Dex, George Pym and McLovin to watch the Grand Prix weekend in Macau. It was ridiculous. An unbelievable place, but after that I’m ready to do some training. Don’t want to see any booze until 2017.

5. When it rains, which its doing a lot right now, is it turbo time or wrap up and get wet? 
Will: Oh man I’m in Sydney right now. It only rains pure gold sunshine here. It’s so mega. I really struggle in the cold and wet so try to avoid it as much as possible!

6. If you could do any race in the world including the best ones in the world etc, what would it be and why?
Will: I think Milan-San Remo. First monument of the year, and in one of the most beautiful places in the world. It feels like the whole world is watching it after the off season too. As long as its nice weather of course, could be a risky choice being in March.

2015 race bike_PedalHeaven

7. What piece of food can you not do without where ever you are on the road during the season!
Will: Pick n mix. More specifically jelly snakes. Can’t get enough snakes!

8. What is your favourite music track when warming up for a race or on the turbo?
Will: I took some advice and got spotify, so have that on random playlists. Last on the list always is LL Cool J, the GOAT. Its provocative, gets the people going.

9. If given the option, would you prefer normal brakes or disc brakes on your road bike?
Will: I’ve not even ridden disc brakes, so can’t really comment. I’m all for technology moving forward, but I do like a beautiful bike. Maybe disc brakes spoil her looks?

10. What’s the spec of your race bike for 2016 and your favourite bits on it? (include a pic or two if you have them!)
Will: Being in Aus, I’m yet to see the 2016 weapon. Last year’s was a Specialized Tarmac (above)  on mechanical Dura Ace and Edco wheels. It was custom painted Pedal Heaven green, all matching, fully gigged up. If it was exactly the same as 2015 I’d be more than happy, one of the best bikes going for sure.




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