News – Paul Flack Doesn’t Miss a Day in 2015


Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Paul Flack completed the remarkable feat of cycling every single day of 2015.

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News – Paul Flack Doesn’t Miss a Day in 2015

Mildenhall Cycling Club’s Paul Flack completed the remarkable feat of cycling every single day of 2015. In doing so, “8,866 miles were covered and enough elevation climbed to ride up Mount Everest seven times!” he modestly says, adding “Although I am sure there must be plenty of people out there who have ridden 365 days!”

To put the forty-seven year old’s achievement in to context, it is just under an average of 25 miles every single day. He explains, “It started when we went down to one family car and I started riding to work every day from 8th December 2014.”

“I thought it would be good to ride Christmas Day 2014 and after that I heard about the overall mileage in a year record that Steve Abraham was attempting. I guess it was that which really sparked the idea to continue into the New Year 2015 as I just wanted to see if I could get a taste for what Steve was going through (even if I was only doing a tiny amount of mileage compared to him !).”

So my first Strava ride title of 2015 was “New Year, New Challenge – Day 1 of 365”! And that was the start of the calendar year challenge and now all my ride mates where then aware – so there was no turning back!

“So with Wednesday Saturday and Sunday training rides coupled with daily commutes the days kept passing and the mileage rising. Some rides (but not many) were training sessions on rollers but they were always over 20 miles and either an interval session or a hard workout. I also completed a number of road races, Cyclo-Cross, Sportives, Off-Road Sportives, Time-Trials, Gran Fondo events along with our normal high paced Saturday and Wednesday runs with Flatlandria and MCC friends.”

“The two toughest events were probably the Tour of Cambridgeshire, which was an 80 mile closed road gran fondo where we managed to group ride at a 23mph average without stopping for the whole distance. Carried 3 bottles, ate on the bike and we clipped in at the start then did not unclip until the finish 80 miles later.”

“The other tough ride was the event for classic bikes in the peak district “Eroica Britannia”. Riding a 1960 six speed Holdsworth Hurricane and dressed in period clothes this festival weekend of all things retro cycling runs a 100-mile sportive for pre 1987 bikes. So enjoyable but tough none the less on a 6 speed bike that weighed as much as a transit van climbing over 9000 feet through the peak district hills and valleys. One thing I do recall from this ride was the feast stops – not your average sportive energy bars but WI style home cooking, bacon rolls, beer and even a glass of champagne in front of Chatsworth house with 6 miles to go.”

“Holiday time in Cornwall was tricky – getting out for 20 or 30 miles while the family slept so that the day was not interrupted – proper hilly down there on the north shore!”

“The toughest days were Monday morning commutes after a race or sportive weekend or during the two sessions of illness, I went through. April saw me visiting the hospital for scans so during then I kept going but just eased the mileage down slightly.”

“July I had a week of gastric flu. Having passed out due to this flu bug one night I was sure the next day’s ride was not going to happen, however once Mrs F had left the house I managed to wobble round the block at such a slow weak speed another mile was clocked up and on Strava. It was only a mile but it was a ride all the same! I thought I had got away without anyone knowing I had been riding in a sick condition until one of my girls let the secret out to Mrs F! That went down well. So as that sick week went on I got weaker but kept doing a token mile and in the end it was Mrs F who was giving me the encouragement to at least get a short ride in.”



“The late summer and autumn was the same mixture of races, velodrome sessions and flat out Flatlandria coffee rides. The mileage kept going up with 250-mile weeks becoming regular. I had tried to stay ahead of Jamie (Flatlandria and MCC) all year but he was putting in some big rides. So commutes were getting longer and Saturday rides were anywhere between 75 and 100 miles most weeks. Legs never really recover when there are no rest days so some outings were rest rides where I just spun slower and enjoyed the view.”

“The weather deteriorated, lots of wind and rain but not too cold and October and December turned out to be the best mileage months each netting around 990 miles for the month.”

“So the last challenge of the year was upon me. How could I finish this year in style? Rapha and Strava combine each Christmas to run the Festive 500 which is a challenge to complete 500km in 8 days from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. Always a tricky one fitting in riding around parties, drinking, eating and with the added difficulty of bad weather. Well for the first year ever I managed to complete it and one day early as well. That left New Year’s Eve for a party ride for coffee with 19 of my mates, many of who have helped motivate me into completing this daft year of fun.”

“Fellow Flatlandrians and MCC mates all deserve thanks but biggest thanks goes to Mrs F and my 2 girls for putting up with this year long obsession, not to mention the endless amount of lycra washing!”

“So that was my year of riding – a short resume of so many fun hours spent in the saddle! And what was the first day off like? Well I don’t know yet as am still at it and have just surpassed the 400-day mark since December 2014”

As to what next Paul concludes by saying “I am sure this year will be different and potential business trips planned for February will enforce a day of rest! But until then, who knows – I might just keep going :-)”

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