Feature – Joe Evans Q & A

Feature question and answer with Madison Genesis rider Joe Evans who loves the Di2 Dura Ace on his Genesis bike…

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Feature – Joe Evans Q & A


1. When will you start your road season and what will be the first race?
Joe: I like to start my season with a couple of early TT’s and then will probably do Capenwray RR before the Spring Cups kick off.

2. What races will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Joe: I’m really looking forward to the Isle of Man this year. The IoM was somewhere I enjoyed racing as a kid in the junior tours and a place I’ve had some success in as well so I’d love to do that again on a bigger scale.

3. How will you spend the time on the bike between now and your first race in training?
Joe:  I like to have a bit of variety so will be doing a bit of both, but even on long rides, I like to have some intensity in there whether its efforts or just riding hard on climbs.

4. What was your favourite Xmas present?
Joe:  I got a really nice jumper from my mum so I guess I’d say that.

5. When it rains, which its doing a lot right now, is it turbo time or wrap up and get wet?
Joe:  I try and brave the weather as much as possible, as long as it’s not daft to go out, then it’s better to get out on the road – you’d have to race in the rain! My tip for training in the rain is just putting a Madison Optimus jersey on and heading out!


6. If you could do any race in the world including the best ones in the world etc, what would it be and why?
Joe:  I love Paris Roubaix. It’s a race I find fascinating  because so much can happen in one day and it’s so different to anything you’d get in any other sport. It’s really unique in that sense. Whenever I’ve spoken to Roger (Hammond) about it he makes it sound like such a cool thing to be a part of!

7. What piece of food can you not do without where ever you are on the road during the season!
Joe:  I’ve got a real weakness for Nutella and quite often have a jar in my kit bag.

8. What is your favourite music track when warming up for a race or on the turbo?
Joe:  I couldn’t really narrow it down to just one track. I like quite a lot of different music when I’m training but I listen to a lot of Foo fighters and Kings of Leon.

9. If given the option, would you prefer normal brakes or disc brakes on your road bike?
Joe:  Personally I’d like to keep rim brakes. I think disc brakes would make a lot of aspects of racing more difficult, like wheel changes for example. At the moment I think it’s unnecessary but I’m open to trying them and potentially having my mind changed.

10. What’s the spec of your race bike for 2016 and your favourite bits on it?
Joe: In 2016 I’ll be on the new Genesis Zero with full Shimano Dura-Ace Di2. My favourite piece of kit is definitely Di2, having used it for a year now, I wouldn’t want to use anything else!

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