Report/Results – Doonbank Trofee Cyclo-cross


David Hamill, David Lines, Sian Tovey & Maddy Robinson winners at Doonbank Trofee Cyclo-cross in Scotland

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Report/Results – Doonbank Trofee Cyclo-cross

Hundreds attend Rozelle Park in Ayr for Doonbank Trofee
Rozelle Park in Ayr hosted over 230 cyclists of all ages on Sunday as part of the Doonbank Trofee Cyclocross races organised by Ayr Burners Cycling QTS.

The events, which formed part of the Scottish Super Quaich Series, attracted some of the best riders in Scotland, including David Lines (Wheelbase), Anne Ewing (WV Breda) and Gary MacDonald (Hope Factory Racing).

Working long into the night on Saturday, members and supporters of Ayr Burners helped transform the old pitch-and-put park into a top class cyclocross venue that drew praise from Commonwealth Games athlete James McCallum for great course design, that has been likened to the leading European professional courses.

As the first race for riders under 8 took off, there was a fantastic atmosphere across Rozelle as spectators cheered the riders with cowbells as they crossed hurdles and slippery slopes.

Alongside the youth activity, Ayr Burners had laid on one of their ‘Sparks’ balance bike tracks for under 5s. As well as proving great fun for the toddlers taking on ramps and slaloms, it brought a fantastic number of families out to Rozelle to enjoy the event, with 56 under 5s and parents signing up.

There was local success early morning for Symington rider Harry McGarvie of Ayr Burners Cycling who took 3rd place in the U16s competition. This was quickly followed up by another top ride from Gavin McKellar of Coylton who claimed 3rd place in the adult ‘B’ race, putting the promoting group Ayr Burners back onto the podium. Gavin’s performance was all the more remarkable after he was forced to run large chunks of the course due to a late mechanical problem.

By early afternoon it was time for the main elite event. With the course properly bedded in, conditions were typically ‘cyclocross’ with great mixture of wet mud and hard surfaces.

Organiser JohnPaul Baxter sounded the horn as 80 riders charged out the arena to the first hurdle section before the woods. Seven minutes in and it was ex-professional James McCallum who led after 1 lap, closely marked by Gary McDonald (Hope Factory Racing) and David Lines (Wheelbase).

Twenty minutes in the hour-long-race and all positions had reversed. After suffering misfortune last week in Rouken Park, Lines was out to prove a point, opening up a sizeable gap on Gary MacDonald and making sure he added to his each lap every lap (not before delighting the gathered photographers with a spectacular fall and belly slide).

Anne Ewing (WV Breda) appeared to have the better over Maddy Robinson (VeloClub Moulin), with a clear 20 second gap. However it was Robinson that rose to the occasion, proving strongest in the claggy conditions to reel Ewing in and cross the line solo, played home by young Cammy McGarive on the bagpipes.

To toast the Bard’s birthday, all the podium finishers were presented with a freshly-caught haggis, while top placed David Lines received a full keg of award winning ‘Rabbie’s Porter’ ale donated by the Ayr Brewing Company.

All that was left to do was pack up the course and thank the team of over forty individuals who had helped make the event such a success. Along with the Park Run Ayr and Rugby tournaments on Saturday, it was fantastic to contribute to a huge weekend of sport at Rozelle for all ages.



from Mark Young, myeventtiming

1 David Lines Espresso Cycling Coaching 30-39
2 Gary MacDonald HOPE FACTORYRACING 30-39
3 Stevie Couper Glasgow United C.C. 30-39
4 James Fraser-moodie Pedal Power 30-39
5 Ian Dunlop Velo Club Moulin 30-39
6 James Melville Glasgow United C.C. 45-49
7 Franco Porco Leslie Bike Shop / BB 45-49
8 Gavin McDougall Gamma Racing Team 30-39
9 Stephen Jackson Glasgow United 40-44
10 James McCallum WhatsYourMeta 30-39
11 Jason Barnes Glasgow Nightingale CC 40-44
12 Mick Nally Dunfermline CC 45-49
13 John Mackenzie SR Albannach 30-39
14 Matthew Smith Velo Club Moulin 40-44
15 Scott Kerr Walkers Cycling Club 40-44
16 Eoghan Maguire SR Albannach 30-39
17 Sean Clark 30-39
18 Iain McMullen Pro Vision Cycle Clothing 45-49
19 Gary McCrae Leslie Bike Shop / BB 45-49
20 Brian Yates Ayr Roads CC 30-39
21 Chris Barr SR Albannach 18-29
22 George Roberts Icarus Racing 45-49
23 Paul McInally Evans Cycles Race Team 40-44
24 Dominic Sharkey Mid Argyll Triathlon Cycle Club 18-29
25 Ian MacGregor Perth United 30-39
26 Maddy Robinson Velo Club Moulin 30-39F
27 Keith Mailer Pedal Power RT 45-49
28 Karl Farmer VC Glasgow South 30-39
29 Simon Kenny West Lothian Clarion 45-49
30 Colin Shearer Velo Club Moulin 50-54
31 Alistair Dow Ronde CC 55-60
32 Anne Ewing WV Breda 18-29F
33 Tom Blankenstein SR Albannach 30-39
34 Malcolm Dunlop VeloClub Edinburgh 55-60
35 Donald Bisset Musselburgh RCC 40-44
36 Ewan Mulhern Glasgow City CC 30-39
37 Dave Smeaton Glasgow United 40-44
38 Colin Sergeant Law Wheelers 30-39
39 Chris ONeill 30-39
40 Julian Howell Happy Trails Cross Collective 45-49
41 Fraser Tait Ayr Roads CC 50-54
42 Martin Steele Velo Club Moulin 40-44
43 David Borland Johnstone Wheelers 40-44
44 Owen Philipson Stirling Cycle Repairs 30-39
45 Lindsay McGarvie Ayr Burners Cycling 45-49
46 Alex Baird Johnstone Wheelers 45-49
47 Elizabeth Adams Glasgow Green Cycling Club 30-39F
48 David Murdoch 18-29
49 Russell Mowat Walkers Cycling Club 50-54
50 Craig Hamilton Gamma RT 18-29
51 Paul Bailey Glasgow Green Cycling Club 40-44
52 Brian Mccutcheon Walkers Cycling Club 45-49
53 John Archibald Haddington CC 45-49
54 David Anderson RC Cumbernauld & Kilsyth – RCCK 50-54
55 Stephen Birrell Dunfermline CC 45-49
56 Stuart Dun Catcune Farm Pedigree Suffolks 18-29
57 Janet Erskine Ayr Roads CC 40-44F
58 Steve Macluskie VC Glasgow South 45-49
59 John McCracken Walkers Cycling Club 30-39
60 Erika Allen Velo Club Moulin 18-29F
61 Andrew Bell Here Come The Belgians 45-49
62 Ian Churcher 40-44

Womens Podium
1. Maddy Robinson, VeloClub Moulin
2. Anne Ewing, WV Breda
3. Elizabeth Adams, Glasgow Green CC.

1 David Hamill Pedal Power RT 40-44
2 Rhys Donnelly Billy Bilsland Cycles 18-29
3 Gavin McKellar Ayr Burners Cycling 30-39
4 Ross Johnstone Happy Trails Cross Collective 30-39
5 Colin Moulson SR Albannach 40-44
6 willie Webster Leslie Bike Shop / BB 50-54
7 Duncan Maycroft 50-54
8 Matthew Magee Glasgow Green Cycling Club 40-44
9 Bryan Donnelly Glasgow Nightingale 45-49
10 Stuart Punton Leslie Bike Shop / BB 40-44
11 Graeme Scott Happy Trails Cross Collective 55-59
12 Sian Tovey Dooleys CRT 40-44F
13 Paul Noble EKRC 30-39
14 James Skinner 40-44
15 Caroline Harvey 40-44F
16 Lindsay Branston RCCK 40-44F
17 Sean McDonald 50-54
18 Paul Davies Dunfermline CC 45-49
19 Keith Stocker 40-44
20 Robert Kelly Ayr Roads CC 40-44
21 Gary Douglas Happy Trails Cross Collective 40-44
22 Howard Perkins 50-54
23 Paul Leavy Johnstone Wheelers 40-44
24 Gordon Dalglish Happy Trails Cross Collective 40-44
25 John McComisky SR Albannach/@portagecycling 45-49
26 Sandy Gibbons RCCK 45-49
27 David Cathcart Johnstone Wheelers 45-49
28 Lorna Sloan Walkers Cycling Club 45-49F
29 Bryan Tobyn 45-49
30 Jonathan Burns Ayr Burners Cycling 30-39
31 Gordon SCOTT West Lothian Clarion 55-59
32 Marcus Kirkpatrick 45-49
33 Paul Howieson Paisley Velo 45-49
34 Catherine Logan Walkers Cycling Club 50-54F
35 James Martin 45-49
36 Ainsley Wood Velo Club Moulin 40-44F
37 Joanne Baxter Ayr Burners Cycling 30-39F
38 Gary Smith 50-54
39 Elisa Smith Velo Club Moulin 40-44F
40 Lee Cuthbertson 30-39
41 David Swap 55-59
42 Aileen Tan 30-39F
43 Colin Murchie 50-54
44 Gillian Anderson VC Astar Anderside 45-49F
45 Campbell Thomson Fife Cycling 50-54
46 Alistair Ross 50-54
47 Michael Allen Fullarton wheelers 45-49
48 Pamela Craig 30-39F
49 Jane Sargent 55-59F
50 Andrew Rafferty Stirling Bike Club 30-39
51 Robert Armitage Leslie Bike Shop / BB 55-59
52 Stuart Green 60-64
53 Trevor Phillips Ayr Burners Cycling 30-39
54 Alan Mcewan Ayr Burners Cycling 40-44
55 Daniel Peoples 30-39

1 Cameron Mason Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique U16 Male
2 Bradley Cowan Stewartry Wheelers U16 Male
3 Harry McGarvie Ayr Burners Cycling U16 Male
4 Jay Doig West Lothian Clarion CC U16 Male

1 Jamie Johnston Pro Vision Cycle Clothing U14 Male
2 Patrick Kiehlmann Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U14 Male
3 Kieron Ostroznik SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club U14 Male
4 Cameron McGarvie Ayr Burners Cycling U14 Male
5 Jamie Mackenzie Meedies Bike Club U14 Male
6 Alastair Craik Stewartry Wheelers U14 Male
7 Kieran Ballard Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U14 Male

1 Polly Henderson Stewartry Wheelers U16 Female
2 Estelle Fuller Edinburgh RC U16 Female
1 Emily Hunter Annan Youth Cycling Club U14 Female
2 Mia Padmanabhan Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U14 Female

1 Ben McMullen Pro Vision Cycle Clothing U12 Male
2 Finn McHenry Glasgow Riderz U12 Male
3 Cole Nicholson Annan Youth Cycling Club U12 Male
4 Lewis Kennedy Annan Youth Cycling Club U12 Male
5 Fraser Thomson Glasgow Riderz U12 Male
6 Innes Oliver Stewartry Wheelers U12 Male
7 Danny Woods U12 Male
8 Aaron Gibson U12 Male
9 Matthew Mackenzie U12 Male
10 Lewis Saunderson U12 Male

1 Imani Pereira-James Glasgow Riderz U12 Female
2 Skye Donnelly Glasgow Riderz U12 Female
3 Morven Yeoman East Kilbride Road Club U12 Female
4 Sarah Hunter Annan Youth Cycling Club U12 Female
5 Beatrix Kiehlmann Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U12 Female
6 Ruby-Soho Smith Peebles CC U12 Female

1 Oliver Kelly Johnstone Wheelers Cycling Club U10 Male
2 Luis Ryder Edinburgh RC U10 Male
3 Innes McDonald Edinburgh RC U10 Male
4 Finlay Gordon SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club U10 Male
5 Archie Jackson KICC U10 Male
6 Fraser Anderson Glasgow Riderz U10 Male
7 Neal Mc Shane Royal Albert CC U10 Male
8 Kyle Higgins SteppingStanes Youth Cycling Club U10 Male
9 Ben Moulson U10 Male
10 Rory Mcewan U10 Male

1 Rudie Shearer Edinburgh RC U10 Female
2 Sarah Aitken Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U10 Female
3 Anna Mackenzie U10 Female

1 Nicholas Jackson KICC U8 Male
2 Ben Farmer U8 Male
3 conan nicholson U8 Male
4 Ollie Hamilton U8 Male
5 Cammy Aitken U8 Male
6 Aidan Ryder U8 Male
7 Noah Oliver Stewartry Wheelers U8 Male
8 Leon Woods U8 Male
9 Flynn Gilgallon U8 Male
10 Cameron Anderson U8 Male

1 Nina Padmanabhan Falcons Cycling Club Bishopbriggs U8 Female
2 Emma Saunderson U8 Female

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