Results – Central CX League 14


Matthew Jones, Suzanne Golder, Mike Simpson & Roy Chamberlain winners at round 14 of the Central CX League at Kettering

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Results – Central CX League 14

1 Matthew Jones None
2 Neil Ellison WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
3 Joshua Curtis Berkhamsted Cycling Club
4 Graham Knight Team Milton Keynes
5 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC
6 James Norris High Wycombe Cycling Club
7 Paul Beattie Rockingham Forest Whls
8 Jorge Ribeiro Manso WDMBC/Specialized Ruislip
9 Gavin Howell Team Milton Keynes
10 Rory Fowler Bicester Millennium CC
11 Andrew Whelan Twenty 3C RT
12 James Beechey A5 Rangers CC
13 Ross Gallacher LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
14 Adam Taylor Twickenham CC

1 Suzanne Golder Team Milton Keynes
2 Fran Whyte Bicester Millennium CC
3 Katie Edwards Pedalworks Cycling Club
4 Samantha Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
5 Adriana Borowska North Bucks RC
6 Christine Anstee Pedalworks
7 Nicola Traynor Welland Valley
8 Brenda Bozwood Davies Team Trident
9 Maria Gent Kettering CC

1 Mike Simpson Beeline Bicycles RT
2 Sean Dines CC Luton
3 Greg Simcock Team Corley Cycles
4 Mike Jackson CC Luton
5 Mark Calvert Team Trident
6 Grant Hughes-Dowdle Team Milton Keynes
7 Dave Spragg Kingston Wheelers CC
8 Andy Ward Leicester Forest CC
9 David Whittle Bicester Millennium
10 Timothy Bailey North Bucks RC
11 Hans Van Nierop Welland Valley CC
12 Jamie Hawthorn Club Corley Cycles
13 Gary Aldridge Verulam CC
14 Michael Miach Imperial Racing Tea
15 Martin Heaton Team Milton Keynes
16 Andy Smith None
17 Nicholas Beech G.S. Henley
18 Mark Evans Kettering CC
19 Mark Daniels Rockingham Forest
20 David Goodhew North Bucks RC
21 Philip Wilkinson Rockingham
22 Julian Freeman Rockingham Forest
23 David Brown None
24 Gareth Cummings None
25 Michael Clark Team Trident
26 Jean-Sebastien Vecten Viceroys
27 Dean Barnett Welland Valley CC
28 Chris Montagu Kingston Wheelers CC
29 Adrian Killworth Welland Valley CC
30 Warren Drew Rockingham Forest Whls
31 David Wilson Welland Valley CC
32 Graham Frogley Bicester Millennium CC
33 Robert Corbishley Team Milton Keynes
34 Andrew Ayears Welland Valley CC
35 Murray Winterfrost Twickenham CC
36 Martin Donald Leicester Forest CC
37 Steve Moakes Team Trident
38 Hamish Low None
39 John Muncaster Team Milton Keynes
40 Jake Jakobson Welland Valley CC
41 David Belcher Ratae RC

1 Roy Chamberlain Team Corley Cycles
2 Dave McMullen Cotswold Veldrijden
3 Duncan Schwier Twickenham CC Vet
4 Shaun Campling Leicester Forest CC
5 Simon Tottle Festival RC Vet
6 Paul Turner Leicester Forest CC
7 Angus Wells Royal Air Force CA
8 Tim Searle Club Corley Cycles
9 Gary Kensett Club Corley Cycles
10 Mark Anstee Pedalworks Cycling Club
11 Jeff Roberts HWCC
12 Victor Barnett Welland Valley CC
13 Peter Holden Team Trident
14 Daniel Clemens VC10
15 Paul Haigh Team Milton Keynes
16 Mark Eidem Hillingdon Triathletes
17 Mike Snell Royal Leamington Spa CC
18 Nigel Bennett Team Milton Keynes
19 Carl Keen LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
20 Miles Walker LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
21 Stuart Walters Kettering CC
22 Barry Ensten LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
23 Mike Dyson LBRCC (Leighton Buzzard Road CC)
24 Keith Perry Team Trident




1 George Evans Kettering CC
2 Riley Searle Team Corley
6 Nick Day Team Milton Keynes
8 Lewis Muncaster Team Milt
9 Fraser Ayears Welland Valle

1 Cecilia Hime St Ives CC
2 Freya Butler Welwyn Wheelers CC
3 Mia Purnell Fenland Clarion Youth U16

1 Archie Peet Team Milton Keynes
2 Aran Martin Team Corley Cycles
3 Louis Jakobson Welland Valley CC
4 Joel Corbishley Team Milton Keyne
5 Alfie Aldridge Welwyn Wheelers C
6 Jonny Crabtree Kettering CC Yo
7 Izaak Simons-Boswell Kettering CC


1 Caitlin Loveless Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Amelia Cox Bicester Millennium CC
3 Hannah Walton Team Milton Keynes
4 Naomi Stockham Kettering CC

1 Ethan Stevenson Team Milton Keynes
2 Jude Chamberlain Team Milton Keynes
3 Pierre Botha Team Milton Keynes
4 Jason Walton Team Milton Keynes
5 Ruben Snelson Team Milton Keynes
6 Kian Traynor Welland Valley CC
7 Huw Wilson Welland Valley CC
8 Adam Lea Team Milton Keynes
9 Nathan Hardy Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
10 Alasdair Mildred None
11 Dominic Bell Kettering CC
12 James Montagu Hillingdon Slipstreamers
13 Joel Ayears Welland Valley CC
14 Charlie Crabtree Kettering CC
15 Finley Isaac Kettering CC
16 Jack Peters Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club


1 Astrid Spragg Hillingdon Slipstreamers
2 Elana-Rose Fereday Team Milton Keynes
3 Imogen Cox Bicester Millennium CC
4 Erin Loveless Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Amelia Cebak Kettering CC
6 Jessica Lea Team Milton Keynes
7 Ruby Isaac Kettering CC
8 Eloise Cain Icknield Road
9 Brooke Traynor Welland Valley
10 Tasmin Crabtree Kettering
11 Millie Botha None Female 1

1 Oscar Martin Team Milton Keynes
2 Ethan Storti Cycle Club Ashwell
3 Ethan Mccloy Team Milton Keynes
4 Yusuf Hussain Icknield Road
5 Corben Chattaway Kettering CC
6 Lewis Houghton Kettering CC
7 Daniel Lea Team Milton Keynes
8 Ruben Hickman Kettering CC
9 Jake Bird None Male 151 5
10 Fraser Macarthur Team Milton
11 Edward George Kettering CC

1 Iain Tingle Team Milton Keynes
2 Sarah Vigrow Welland Valley CC
3 Paul Cox Bicester Millennium CC
4 Adrian Tuckley None

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