Startsheet – Severn Bridge 25


Startsheet for the 2 Up and Solo 25 Mile Time Trial organised by the Severn Bridge Road Club on February 28 on the U17

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Startsheet – Severn Bridge 25

Event Headquarters
Falfield Village Hall (GL12 8DH) – available from 8.00.
From the M5, exit at junction 14 (SP Thornbury), turn left at A38 towards Bristol. Falfield Village Hall is almost immediately on the right, close to the Huntsman Pub and approximately 1.5 miles south of the START.

There is limited parking at the Village Hall but the Huntsman Pub have kindly allowed competitors to use their car park (although I have been asked to emphasise that they are not liable for any damage, etc.). Please avoid parking directly in front of the church or on the surrounding pavements. The Parish Council has also specifically requested that riders do not park on the grass verges outside the hall. Please respect their wishes otherwise we could lose the venue for future events.

Course Details
To the START. Turn LEFT from the HQ and follow the A38 north through Stone to Woodford. The START is at the north end of the bus stop at Woodford (GR 690958).

With great care, head north on the on the A38 to Berkeley Road (GR 717001) (4.01 miles), where turn left (Marshall) onto minor road (SP Breadstone, Halmore). Continue to the T junction in Wanswell, where turn left (M). Continue to roundabout with B4066 where turn left at the first exit (SP Gloucester, Bristol, A38) (M). Continue on B0466 to next roundabout where turn first left again (SP Gloucester, Bristol, A38) (M) towards the A38 at Berkeley Heath (M). Turn left with great care to continue north to Berkeley Road to complete the circuit for the first time (10.41 miles).

On reaching the Berkeley Road junction for the second time, turn left to repeat the circuit.
On reaching the the Berkeley Road junction for the third time (16.81 miles), continue straight ahead on the A38 ignoring the left turn used twice before. Continue to Slimbridge roundabout (M). Circle roundabout and continue south on the A38 past the start to finish at the southern end of Stone village. The finish is at the second drain cover past Catherine Villa (white house next to garage) (GR684949) (25 miles). Please shout your number at the FINISH.

Please note that the course uses a loop off the A38 which you will need to complete TWICE. This means you will be required to cover a short section (approximately half a mile) of the A38 three times. Therefore, please make a special note of the following:

a) Take great care when rejoining the A38, as some riders will be coming from the right, already on the A38, having yet to turn off at Berkeley Road.
b) You will need to turn left at Berkeley Road twice. The third time you reach this junction you should continue straight ahead on the A38 to Slimbridge roundabout.

Directional signs will be placed along the course to help riders. Marshalls will also be at key points. However, riders should also read the course details carefully to ensure they are familiar with the course.
Solo 25 Mile Time Trial
The Solo 25 mile Time Trial is a counting event for the West DC Short BAR. The Solo Time Trial is also a qualifying event for the BBAR Competition.

The Police have requested that inconvenience to the public and other road users be kept to a minimum.

Riders are asked to take great care and, in particular, note the following points:
• To avoid congestion at the start please queue in single file.
• Please do not make ‘U’ turns at either the start or finish.
• Please avoid making any other unnecessary ‘U’ turns on the A38 and adjoining roads.
• Please be considerate to other road users including horses and riders.
• Please take extra care when rejoining the A38 as some riders may still be on the earlier part of the course.
• Please take care at all the roundabouts and junctions. In particular, riders are asked to note that the road narrows on the A38 northbound (immediately after the Berkeley Road junction) and also on the approach to the car auctions (about ½ mile north of the Berkeley Road junction). Riders should also be aware of traffic turning into the car auctions premises.
• Please be aware of the surroundings and other road users at the finish.
• With the condition of many roads across the country a concern, please be extra careful.

Dangerous riding will result in disqualification. Please keep your head up for a safe ride. Cycling Time Trials recommends that competitors wear a hard shell helmet that meets an internationally accepted safety standard. All junior/juvenile riders MUST wear Protective Hard Shell Helmets.

Race numbers will be available from the HQ. A drink will be available at HQ on return of your number. Allow 10 minutes to reach the START. Please do not wear cycling shoes in the main hall.



2 Up 25 Mile Team Time Trial
13 Conrad Wesson V4 Avonlea/Treasure RT 9.33
14 Andrew Rosser V4 Avonlea/Treasure RT
15 Alberto Lapedriza S Velo Club Walcot 9.35
16 Felix Young S Velo Club Walcot
17 Louise Georgi WV4 Giant CC – Halo Films 9.37
18 Freya Thatcher WJuv Liv CC – Epic Coaching
19 Lauren Dolan WJ Liv CC – Epic Coaching 9.39
20 Pfeiffer Georgi WJuv Liv CC – Epic Coaching
21 Kate Baker W Bath CC 9.41
22 Lucy Scott W Bath CC
23 Joshua Tarling Juv West Wales Cycle Racing Team 9.43
24 Michael Tarling S West Wales Cycle Racing Team
25 Morgan Curle Juv Bristol Cycling Development Squad 9.45
26 Charlie Kelly Juv Bristol Cycling Development Squad
27 Charlie Shields Juv Bristol Cycling Development Squad 9.47
28 George Bazley Juv Bristol Cycling Development Squad
29 Jay Hookins S Offcamber 9.49
30 Billy Dyer V4 Devizes Town Cycling Club
31 Jonathan Curle V4 Bristol Cycling Development Squad 9.51
32 Simon Kelly V4 Bristol Cycling Development Squad
33 Sherrie Derrick W Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI) 9.53
34 Paul Derrick S Bristol & District Triathletes (BAD TRI)
35 Paul Coles V4 73 Degrees Bicycles 9.55
36 Glyndwr Griffiths S 73 Degrees Bicycles
37 Anthony Lake V4 Gloucester City CC 9.57
38 Ian Lindsay V4 Gloucester City CC
39 Matthew Griffin S Cycology Sunwise 9.59
40 James Cook S Cycology Sunwise
41 Robert Merrison V4 Team Optima 10.01
42 Kevin Bexley V5 Team Optima
43 William Howes V4 Team Optima 10.03
44 Jimmy Jones V4 Team Optima
45 Laurence Birdsey S Bath CC 10.05
46 Andy Davies S Cardiff JIF
47 Geoff Gardiner V4 Bristol Cycling Development Squad 10.07
48 Krispin Gardner Juv Bristol Cycling Development Squad
49 Gerry Mcgarr V6 Gloucester City CC 10.09
50 Simon Healey V4 Andover Wheelers
51 Chris Beardshaw V4 Performance Cycles CC 10.11
52 Jim Curry V4 Performance Cycles CC
53 Henry Slade S Perfomance Cycles CC 10.13
54 Andrew Telling S Perfomance Cycles CC
55 Luke Voss S Mud Sweat and Gears 10.15
56 Callum Middleton S Lewes Wanderers CC
57 Richard Griffiths S Winchcombe Cycling Club 10.17
58 Stephen Watson V6 Winchcombe Cycling Club
59 Peter Georgi V5 Giant CC – Halo Films 10.19
60 Neil Langdon V5 Giant CC – Halo Films

Solo 25 Mile Time Trial
63 Sam Butler S Severn RC 10.23
64 Ross Phillips S Cwmcarn Paragon Road Club 10.24
65 Tom Bertenshaw S Severn RC 10.25
66 Johannes Roux V5 Giant CC – Halo Films 10.26
67 Chris Adams V5 Bristol South Cycling Club 10.27
68 Scott Higgs J Bristol South Cycling Club 10.28
69 Brian Jones V6 Warwickshire RC 10.29
70 Mark Brock V4 Tor 2000/Kalas Sportswear Whitelake Scorpion CS 10.30
71 Tom Brazier S Team Elite/Paul Bethall Electrical 10.31
72 Sarah Gunn WV5 Performance Cycles CC 10.32
73 Joanne Jago W Performance Cycles CC 10.33
74 Helen Bennett W AVSOMPOL CC 10.34
75 Frances Bromley W Buxton CC 10.35
76 Joanna Knight WV5 Bristol South Cycling Club 10.36
77 Karen Michelle Spiteri WV5 Salt and Sham Cycle Club 10.37
78 Richard Evershed S Cheltenham & County CC 10.38
79 Robert Latchem V7 Somer Valley CC 10.39
80 Steven Cottington V5 Bath CC 10.40
81 Andrew Shipton V4 Gloucester City CC 10.41
82 Jim Peters V5 Sodbury Cycle-Sport 10.42
83 Graham Smith V4 Severn RC 10.43
84 Josh Griffiths J Bristol South Cycling Club 10.44
85 Iain Cade S Bath CC 10.45
86 John Ellerby S VeloVitesse ALLCAP/James Barry/Johnson Controls – Hitachi 10.46
87 Peter Hatt V4 Devizes Town Cycling Club 10.47
88 Pete Kellow V5 Gloucester City CC 10.48
89 Paul Freegard V5 Chippenham & Dist. Wheelers 10.49
90 Lyn Jones V4 EC Cycles 10.50
91 Tony Chapman V4 Frome & Dist Whs 10.51
92 Lee Francis S Velo Club Bristol – Webbs Cycles 10.52
93 Jim Scott V5 Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 10.53
94 Mark Collins S Salt and Sham Cycle Club 10.54
95 James Cartridge S 73 Degrees Bicycles 10.55
96 Paul Winstone S Revo Racing 10.56
97 Joel Turvey S Worcester St. Johns CC 10.57
98 Sam Evans S Dursley RC 10.58
99 Dominic Brown V4 Ystwyth CC 10.59
100 Tom Alliban V5 1st Chard Wheelers 11.00
101 Neil Reynolds V4 Winchcombe Cycling Club 11.01
102 James Randell S VeloVitesse ALLCAP/James Barry/Johnson Controls – Hitachi 11.02
103 Matthew Fratesi J Severn RC 11.03
104 James Currie V4 Chippenham & Dist. Wheelers 11.04
105 Les Liddiard V5 Team Jewson – MI Racing 11.05
106 Karl Moseley V5 Stourbridge CC 11.06
107 Mark Bradley V5 Bristol South Cycling Club 11.07
108 Simon Wix V5 VTTA South Wales 11.08
109 Paul Winchcombe (DNS A) V5 Chippenham & Dist. Wheelers 11.09
110 Andrew Green S Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT 11.10



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