Feature – Josh Williams Q & A


Leading time trialist Josh Williams (Team Bottrill) who was 4th in the 25 Champs in 2015 takes the VeloUK Q & A

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Feature – Josh Williams Q & A


1. What will be your first time trial for 2016 and why that one to kick off the season?
Josh: My first race of the season is going to be round 1 of the RTTC Classic Series. Like last year, I want to race as many of the events as I can. I enjoy riding on the narrow lanes as I often train on roads like this so I find they suit me.

2. What time trials will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Josh: The national championships are going to be my main aim this year. I am hoping to better my results from 2015. I would also like another top 10 placing in the British Time Trial Championship.

3. What phase of the training schedule are you – base miles or intervals?
Josh: I’m still getting good base miles in leading up to the beginning of the season but even through the winter months, I do get intervals in on my training rides. You have to put some good quality efforts into your rides to get a good engine ready to smash it up!

4. Do you train on a road bike or TT bike?
Josh: This depends on what kind of training ride I am doing. If it’s more time trialling specific training, then I go out on my TT bike. I find it really important to ride in this position through out the winter months to keep your body familiar to riding in that position and its not a shock come March.

5. What is your favourite distance and why?
Josh: I really like 10 and 25 mile time trial’s as I am more suited to these kind of distances, short and sharp! I am not one for 50’s or anything like that yet, although I did ride the national 50 last year and was happy with my ride to finish top 10.



6. What is your favourite course in the country and why?
Josh: I love a trip down to South Wales on the super fast R25/3L. And also the V718 up at Hull is another good course too. But I am not just one for the super fast courses, of course riding the classic series shows that.

7. You’re doing a ’10’ – do you take a bidon on the bike and if so, what’s your drink of choice when racing?
Josh: No, I don’t bother with a bidon during a 10 as it is pointless for me for this distance. As long I have fuelled up well leading up to my ride I will be fine. The last thing I need is extra weight and drag on the bike.

8. What is your weapon (bike) of choice for 2016?
Josh: Thanks to Giant UK and Team Bottrill for the new season I am going to be riding a 2016 Giant Trinity. My bike will consist of (Shimano Ultegra Di2 Groupset, Enve front wheel and Drag 2 Zero disc wheel finished off with Drag 2 Zero components) it is definitely going to be a weapon!!

9. What is the key to going fast for you?
Josh: For me to do a good ride, I have to be mentally prepared to put myself in the pain cave. Also, having a good knowledge of the course you are riding on so that no mistakes are made on race day, knowing where time can be made and where to really push.

10. Finally, if you could change one thing about the way time trials are organised, what it would be (ie, closed roads, etc)
Josh: Well to be honest I am not one for moaning about the events that are run in the UK because they are all very well organised and we are lucky to have so many people come together to make these events happen week in week out so hats off to you if you are one of these people that give up your weekend for us to race. If there was one thing I had to change, it would be great if the nationals were on closed roads because least that way everyone is at a fair advantage of not getting stuck by motor vehicles.



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