Feature: Ryan Davis Q & A


In need of a team after his Sportgrub one is said to have folded, Ryan Davis has taken the Question & Answer

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Feature: Ryan Davis Q & A

Ryan Davis, who raced for Sportgrub Kuota in 2015 and was due to stay with the team in 2016, emails to say he’s looking for a team after the Sportgrub racing team has reportedly folded. Certainly, those riders and others who have been touch confirm that the team is no longer and riders like Ryan, are looking for a ride for 2016.

Here is Ryan’s Q & A!


1. What was your highlight from 2015 and who are you riding for in 2016?
Ryan: My highlights of 2015 were consistently getting up there in the Elite series crit’s with my best result being a 10th at Wales and 13th at Chepstow. I also had a number of top 20’s, finishing 22 overall in the series. I didn’t think this was bad considering this was my first year at the top level in the UK. I was also happy with three national B wins, four National A top 10’s and nine National A top 20’s.

I gained my elite license and finished 25th in the British Cycling National Circuit Race Championships. I’m hoping in 2016 to concentrate on the Premier Calendar series and road racing a lot more in 2016, then switching to the crit’s later on in the year.

2. When will you start your road season and what will be the first race?
Ryan: I will start my road season with The Roy Thame Cup and Evesham Vale Road Race.

3. What races will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Ryan: My targets would have been the Tour Series, but now I will concentrate on the Premier Calendar races and the Elite Series crit’s with the national crit champ’s being a highlight.

4.How will you spend the time on the bike between now and your first race in training?
Ryan: I am hopefully going to be training around Girona from the 19th of Feb for about 10 days then straight in to the race season on my return.

5. When it rains, which its doing a lot right now, is it turbo time or wrap up and get wet?
Ryan: It all depends on how bad the rain is. I try to get out as much as possible but if the weather is too bad, generally I resort to the turbo in the dungeon of doom (garage).



6. If you could do any race in the world including the best ones in the world etc, what would it be and why?
Ryan: It would have to be the Tour De Yorkshire and Tour Of Britain. It would be a great experience racing on roads I train on and having the home crowds and people you know cheering you on.

7. What piece of food can you not do without where ever you are on the road during the season!
Ryan: It would have to be porridge, its the only food that fills me up before a race.

8. What is your favorite music track when warming up for a race or on the turbo?
Ryan: It’s whatever I have on my playlist on Spotify so it could be anything from Paradise Garage Disco, to the Stones Roses, Folk Music to northern soul, Hip Hop to Electronic, anything good really.

9. Who in the professional in the peloton on the tele do you enjoy watching race most and why?
Ryan: I always enjoy watching Tommy Voeckler, always brings a smile to my face, watching his tongue slap from side to side like a mad snake!

10. If given the option, would you prefer normal brakes or disc brakes on your road bike?
Ryan: Would definitely prefer normal brakes, if its not broke, don’t fix it.


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