Feature – John Dewey Q & A


Question and Answer with John Dewey of Team Bottrill who starts his season in just a few weeks time in the a3crg Hardriders

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Feature – John Dewey Q & A


1. What will be your first time trial for 2016 and why that one to kick off the season?
John: A recce of the National 10 mile course in the a3crg Hardriders race on 27 February. It’s a testing hilly course so could throw up some surprises in August. I’m looking forward to showing off the colours of Team Bottrill for the first time!

2. What time trials will be your targets for 2016 and why?
John: The national championships – not sure which distances to focus on yet but this should become clear as the season gets going! Working with Matt Bottrill has revolutionised my training and how I will race. I have high expectations for myself!

3. What phase of the training schedule are you – base miles or intervals?
John: Intervals, always intervals!

4. Do you train on a road bike or TT bike?
John: Road bike, TT bike, turbo trainer, spin bike, WattBike – anything I can fit into a hectic week!


5. What is your favourite distance and why?
John: 10 miles – an intense, focused effort straight from the gun.

6. What is your favourite course in the country and why?
John: The A3 courses at Liss, Hampshire. A slightly rolling course not too far from home with a good surface, little traffic, wide turns and plenty of opportunity to get the power down. A nice fair fight!

7. You’re doing a ’10’ – do you take a bidon on the bike and if so, what’s your drink of choice when racing?
John: If you’re thinking about drinking in a ’10’, then you’re not pushing the pedals hard enough!

8. What is your weapon (bike) of choice for 2016?
John: Canyon Speedmax with Lightweight disc and Zipp 808 front wheel, Dura Ace Di2. A blisteringly fast and reliable setup in any conditions.

9. What is the key to going fast for you?
John: Try to get as much power out as my little brother, use it intelligently and not drink too much coffee. After many years of excess, my body has rebelled!

10. Finally, if you could change one thing about the way time trials are organised, what it would be (ie, closed roads, etc)
John: If I was a divine all-powerful time trial organiser, I would arrange no wind, no rain, consistent high air pressure, fewer roundabouts, closed roads and perfect road surfaces. Does that count as one thing?!



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