News – Full Field for Perfs Pedal


Full field for the road season opener at the 2016 Perfs Pedal classic road race sees former winner Brian Fleming wear number 1

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News – Full Field for Perfs Pedal


All go for Perfs pedal this weekend

According to an article on the website organiser Mick Waite is confident its all go for the Perfs pedal this weekend. After storms and heavy rain have battered the south this week, the organiser said to “I was out there on Sunday and then went out again on Tuesday after the storm and it is fine”.

“I have one pothole and one puddle to deal with, I think. There is a lot of grit around and there will be some puddles but it’s February and it has been raining a lot. They are all experienced riders, so they will know to use the proper wheels and tyres for this type of race. If you are putting your best racing tyres on, you might not get very far!”


VC St Raphael’s classic season opener, organised by club sponsor Mick Waite (pictured below), the Perfs Pedal, has a full field. The entry for the event will be headed up by the only former winner of the race, Brian Fleming of VC Lincoln who won the event in 1992 and 1996.


Course for the event is the one used for the last few years, the Portsdown Hill Circuit, which says Mick is okay at present but had added they have permission to move the race to Newtown/Hundred Acres if there is a problem.

The line-up for the Perfs Pedal will be published soon with the entries seeing nine elite riders, 23 first cats, 51 second category riders and two third category riders. The new UCI team, Pedal Heaven look to have the strongest team entered says Mick with six riders; Joe Fry, Mitch Webber, Alex Paton, Lloyd Chapman, Rory Townsend and Grant Ferguson.

Pedal Heaven will also have their Excel Academy team in the race with others including Cycleworks, Cycology Sunwise RT, HR Owen Maserati RT, Nunn Sigma Sport London RT, TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT.

Other elite riders entered are: Alex Murison, Chris McNamara and Jamie Pine both from Nunn Sigma Sport London RT, Josh Lawless (PMR Toachin House), Phil Trodden (Team Moda-Anon).


1. NEUTRALISED outside Race HQ at Southwick,

2. proceed to Roundabout on B2177 (M)

3. DENEUTRALISE take third exit onto B2177 direction Wickham.

4. Continue on B2177 to Staple Cross Roads (M), where turn left START CIRCUIT To South Boarhunt.

5. Across the small bridge, bear left on bend to climb through South Boarhunt.

6. Turn left (M) into Swivelton Lane. Continue to junction with Portsdown Hill Road, where left (M),
7. continue along Portsdown Hill until RAB (M) to take 2nd exit onto the B2177 to descent the back of Portsdown Hill

8. to RAB at Southwick take the 2nd exit to Staple Cross Roads.

Complete 5 laps

9. then turn right (M) onto unclassified road to Newtown proceed through Newtown Village to crossroads.

10. Turn left (M) onto Hundred Acres Road.

Proceed on climb to finish line.

Total Race Distance 46 miles or 74 Kms.

Lap distances
Portsdown Circuit 8.5 miles
Newtown Circuit 3 miles



51st Perfs Pedal Race

14th FEBRUARY 2016
11am EVENT HEADQUARTERS: D Day Memorial Hall, Priory Road Southwick, PORTSMOUTH, HANTS PO17 6ED


1 Brian Fleming VC Lincoln
Previous winner of this race in 1992 & 1996

2 Alex Murison BC PM E
3 Andrew Williams Cwmcarn Paragon 1
4 Paul Hayward Cwmcarn Paragon 2
5 Ryan Brain Cwmcarn Paragon 2
6 Mike Smith 1
7 Benjamin Marks 1
8 Harry Veale 2
9 Andrew Carter 2
10 Dan Bone 2
11 David Billings Cycology Sunwise RT 1
12 Ross Evans Cycology Sunwise RT 2
13 Luke Nolan Cycology Sunwise RT 2
14 Adrian Lawson Cycology Sunwise RT 2
15 Carl Luke Cycology Sunwise RT 3
16 Matthew Downie Eden Veranda 2
17 Joe Andrews Eden Veranda 2
18 Angus Claxton Glasgow Cycling Team 2
19 Andy Brown Glasgow Cycling Team 2
20 Lewis Mulholland Glasgow Cycling Team 2
21 James Local Hoste Taap Storck/Storck/Maison du Velo 1
22 Ryan Visser Hoste Taap Storck/Storck/Maison du Velo 1
23 Freddie Philips Hoste Taap Storck/Storck/Maison du Velo 2
24 Mikey Mottram HR Owen Maserati RT 1
25 Adam Moore HR Owen Maserati RT 2
26 Scott Probert HR Owen Maserati RT 2
27 Will Ranoe HR Owen Maserati RT 2
28 Danny Baker HR Owen Maserati RT 2
29 Matthew Leary In Gear/Quickvit/Trainsharp RT 2
30 Andrew Turner KTM-Impsport/Nutrixxion/Lazer/Oakley 1
31 Ian Taylor Leicester Forest CC 2
32 Barnabas Purbrook London Dynamo 2
33 Gunther Zechmann London Phoenix CC 1
34 Len Delicaet London Phoenix CC 2
35 Liam Yates Neon-Velo 2
36 Andy Betts Nunn Sigma Sport London RT 2
37 Tom Hargreaves Nunn Sigma Sport London RT E
38 Chris McNamara Nunn Sigma Sport London RT E
39 Jamie Pine Nunn Sigma Sport London RT E
40 Chris Snook Nunn Sigma Sport London RT 2
41 Joe Fry Pedal Heaven 1
42 Mitch Webber Pedal Heaven 1
43 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven E
44 Lloyd Chapman Pedal Heaven E
45 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven E
46 Grant Ferguson Pedal Heaven E
47 George Stanton-Ellis Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 1
48 David Hewett Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 1
49 Matt Ckarke Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 1
50 Will Harper Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 2
51 Alex Richardson Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 2
52 Tom Mazzone Pedal Heaven Excel Academy 2
53 Matt Woods Performance Cycles 2
54 Sol Warwick Pizzeria Espanola 2
55 Adam Capes PMR Toachin House 1
56 Stanley Kennet PMR Toachin House 2
57 Josh Lawless PMR Toachin House E
58 Tom Morris Portsmouth North End CC 2
59 Oscar Hutchings Primera/Team Jobs 1
60 Calum Croft Primera/Team Jobs 1
61 George Smith Radeon-Bike 2
62 Adam Thompson Reading CC 2
63 William Haynes Reading CC 2
64 Ben Scott Munden Sotonia CC 2
65 Scott Michaels Southampton University RC 2
66 Peter Hitt TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 1
67 Jacob Nicholson TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2
68 Peter Merritt TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2
69 Daniel Nieto TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 3
70 Ben Foames TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 2J
71 Ruari Yeoman Team Moda-Anon 1
72 Phil Trodden Team Moda-Anon E
73 Lee Frost Team Tor 2000 1
74 Peter Anderson The Racers 1
75 Luke Barfoot Tri UK 2
76 Liam Walsh VC Equipe/Flix 1
77 George Wise VC Equipe/Flix 2
78 Jacob Vaughan VC Londres 2J
79 Ben McKie VC Londres 2J
80 Jack Freeman VC Meudon 2J
81 James Champken VC St. Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 2
82 Ashley Hutchison VC St. Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles 2
83 Andrew Gough VC Venta 2
84 Paul Double VC Venta 2
85 Tom Chandler VCUK PH-Mas 1J

86 Simon Jodrell HR Owen Maserati RT 2
87 Matt Griffin Cycology Sunwise RT 2
88 Thom Hayward VC Venta 3
89 Jed Webber Andover Wheelers 3
90 David Tilling VC Equipe/Flix 3
91 Harry Ribbons TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 3


1964 Tony Mills Ryall / Raxar
1965 Barrie Heath Bournemouth Olympic
1966 Graham Moore Bristol Road Club
1967 Alan Williams Dragon RC
1968 & 69 Not Held
1970 Graham Moore Bristol Road Club
1971 Graham Moore Bristol Road Club
1972 Clive Crossley Bristol Road Club
1973 Derek Witt G S Europa
1974 Bob Woodley Kingston Pheonix
1975 Ian Hallam Beeston Road Club
1976 Dave LeGrys 34th Nomads CC
1977 Clive Oxborrow Brighton Mitre CC
1978 Glenn Longland Antelope RT
1979 Sean Yates Archer RC / Cutty Sark
1980 Tim Stevens 34th Nomads CC
1981 Piers Hewitt VC Europa
1982 Tim Stevens 34th Nomads CC
1983 Tim Harris Willeboro-Van-Peer-Kyoso
1984 Tim Harris Willeboro-Van-Peer-Kyoso
1985 Glenn Longland Antelope RT
1986 Tim Harris Weilersport
1987 Nigel Perry G S Stella / Weilersport / VRV
1988 Mark Markowski Hastings & St Leonards
1989 Race stopped by Police
1990 Simon Bray Invicta-DLB / Phil Corley Cycles
1991 Paul Rogers VC St Raphaël / Waite Contracts
1992 Brian Fleming C C Romford
1993 Richard Wooles CC Abergavenny / Owen Construction
1994 Colin Langley C C Luton
1995 Martin Markowski Velo Club Bayeaux
1996 Brian Fleming Cannon Sports Club / Omega Bio Racer
1997 Justin Clarke Giant – Portland
1998 David Rand PDM Sports – Concorde – WCU
1999 Paul Wilkes VC St Martinus
2000 Justin Hoy Liphook Cycle RT
2001 Julian Winn Welsh Cycling Union Private Member
2002 Barry Elcombe Festival Road Club / Nico lapage
2003 Cancelled due to Flooding
2004 Julian WinnPinarello RT/Pinarello/Corima
2005 Chris Newton Xpower/Litespeed
2006 Jason Williamson / Xpower
2007 Alex Dowsett 100% ME
2008 James Stewart KFS Special Vehicles / Sunday Bikes
2009 Will Bjergfelt Sports Beans-Willier
2010 cancelled due to poor road conditions
2011 Ben Stockdale Team Quroz
2012 Chris Opie Team UK Youth
2013 Marcin Bialoblocki Team UK Youth
2014 cancelled due to poor road conditions
2015 Yanto Barker ONE Pro Cycling

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