Q & A with Jonathan Parker


Feature question and answer with Jonathan Parker of Team Bottrill who starts his season close to home in Kent

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Q & A with Jonathan Parker


1. What will be your first time trial for 2016 and why that one to kick off the season?
Jonathan: It’s likely to be the PMR@Toachim House 25 in Kent. It’s close to home and is a good course to get the season underway with.

2. What time trials will be your targets for 2016 and why?
Jonathan: A big focus will be working to try and get team results for Team Bottrill, particularly in national championship events. The 50 and 100 mile national champs will be big targets as I have been pretty lucky in those over the last couple of years.

3. What phase of the training schedule are you – base miles or intervals?
Jonathan: I’m doing a mixture of base and intervals at the moment. I’m looking forward to a week’s holiday without a turbo trainer in sight next week though.

4. Do you train on a road bike or TT bike?
Jonathan: It depends on the session but I try to make sure I do plenty of miles on the Time Trial bike.

5. What is your favourite distance and why?
Jonathan: I’ve only done a handful of 50 mile TT’s but they are growing on me. I like the balance between having to peg the power back a little without having to ride for too long.



6. What is your favourite course in the country and why?
Jonathan: I’ve got a love hate relationship with the E2/25 going on. I’ve ridden it a few times and either blown or PB’d. The last outing there gifted me a long 48, though that might have been more to do with great conditions than my riding.

7. You’re doing a ’10’ – do you take a bidon on the bike and if so, what’s your drink of choice when racing?
Jonathan: Not for a 10, though I often wish I had just after crossing the finish line. Zipvit Sport Zv1 fruit punch flavour everytime!

8. What is your weapon (bike) of choice for 2016? (spec of machine please)
Jonathan: Through Team Bottrill and Giant, I’m getting a Giant Trinity Pro and I couldn’t be more excited. Having seen the wind tunnel data on it, I can’t wait to give it a spin in a race.


9. What is the key to going fast for you?
Jonathan: Being coached is the single biggest factor for me (though I’m often cursing him half way through a session). There are so many strong testers out there now you have to pay attention to every little detail though.

10. Finally, if you could change one thing about the way time trials are organised, what it would be (i.e., closed roads, etc)
Jonathan: My season would be a whole lot more pleasant if I didn’t have to set the alarm for 4.30am on race days so often. A few more afternoon start times would be fantastic!



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