Q & A – Cycling Holiday Spain


VeloUK quizzes Cycling Holiday Spain about what they offer cyclists want to feel like pros at a training camp in warm weather

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Q & A – Cycling Holiday Spain

It’s part of the routine for so many, the pre season training camp and in Southern Spain, Cycling Holiday Spain give you the pro training camp experience from September through to June.


A long time supporter of VeloUK, and popular destination for British riders, Cycling Holiday Spain agreed to take up the Q & A challenge!

Noze, who runs CHS with as much passion as anyone can have for their sport, has been into cycling since 1998 after quitting football (good choice Noze!) He took up triathlon and soon realised his potential as a time trialist and was hooked on the sport.

Eighteen years later and Cycling Holiday Spain provides a haven for cyclists and their families looking for warmer weather and to be looked after like pros are at their training camps.

It’s located in the South East of Spain, in the historic village of Callosa Den Sarria just 15 minutes from Calpe which is a very popular area for the pros. The nearest airport is Alicante. The cycling resort is based two kilometres outside of the village with spectacular views of mountains and sea.


Chalk and Cheese.
Now, whilst I was going to regret asking this question, I did ask CHS what the weather has been like the last week so I could compare it to Britain where it’s rained off and on and been very cold.

“The last week, February 13th to 19th, the weather has been 18 to 20 during the day with clear blue skies” says Noze. IE, better weather for riding a bike than here!

CHS says they cater for all levels of cyclists and you don’t have to be part of a team or club. Which is great because we all can’t be on holiday at the same time! You can bring your partner or family who can enjoy all the facilities of the camp including pool, spa and gym.

For those who hate travelling with a bike (me included!), Noze tells us they have a range of top end bikes of all sizes so all you need to do is just pack your helmet and pedals.


Getting there
Most people will be flying in as it’s a little bit of a long drive from Britain and whilst a taxi from Alicante airport will cost 120 euros, CHS can come and get you for a fraction of that (£30) for the transfer in and the same going home.

Rooms, as expected for a Spanish location, are bright, comfortable and large and the beds are very comfy so say a few of the people we’ve spoken to who have stayed there. CHS has three luxury bathrooms throughout the camp.

The mini cycling ‘resort’ is also soon building new sleeping accommodation with ensuite and all creature comforts such as coffee machine, TV, etc.

Coming out of the bedroom, the mini resort has amazing facilities including a bespoke wood burning stove finish sauna, massage zone, daily massage, gymnasium and games room, tennis courts, swimming pool, beautiful gardens and much more including a free laundry service.

To stay in touch with the outside world, if you really have to, CHS has free wifi!

For those going there to ride their bike and get in some serious training, all training rides are pre planned every evening for the following day and they leave the camp around 10am.


There are also a wide range of routes if you want to go off and explore, covering all aspects of riding from rolling roads to mountainous and some flat rides too. When you get peckish, there is a local supermarket for the chocolate run and back at CHS, it’s a home from home atmosphere where you can always cook your own supper or snacks when wanted!


Racing …
You may also want to open up the taps and get a feel for where the form is. Noze from CHS tells us that there is an amazing racing scene there called ‘la volta marina series’ for 12 weeks starting in December through to March!

Riders say CHS, generally stay for a week or two whilst some fly in for long weekends. And if you need distractions from life at the resort, there are so many lovely places to see in the area including amazing beaches, waterfalls castles and great restaurants.

Our thanks to CHS for their support of the website and if you want to know more, check out their website here





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