Report & Result – Antelope RT Two-up


James Copeland & Gary Chambers (Fareham Wheelers) won the Antelope RT Two-up 10, clocking 20:42 on a cold, windless mornin

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Report & Result – Antelope RT Two-up
by Eamonn Deane


James Copeland & Gary Chambers (Fareham Wheelers) won the Antelope RT Two-up 10, clocking 20:42 on a cold, windless morning along the Test Valley in Hampshire. It was a notable weekend double for Copeland having won the Sotonia CC 10 the previous day on the same course. The Fareham duo finished 25 seconds clear of composite pairing Ben & Lewis Keightley (Primera-TeamJobs/Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers, Lewis feeling the cold more than most having wintered in Australia.

Paul Double & James Champken (VC Venta/VC ST Raphael) took third place, 1 second down on the Keighley brothers. The heavy surface on the flat out and back course between Brook and Romsey never produces fast times, the lack of wind making it harder perhaps? Molly Hodges & Lucy Scott (Bath Uni CC) topped the women’s results with 25:01.

Organiser and time trialling legend, Glenn Longland, was very pleased with a record entry of 64 teams including 19 pairings from Southampton Uni CC & 13 from Poole Wheelers.

Rider Reaction

James Copeland:“It went well today, conditions were a bit slow than yesterday. My legs felt good, we had a tailwind taking us down to the turn yesterday so it was quicker coming back today but you only come back 4 miles having gone out 6. We got a real benefit from the wind yesterday, so time wise we did not go as quick as we wanted but I think we did a good ride. We seem to spur each other on! We tried to ride it even, doing mile turns then swinging off. It’s not bad, we got a Fareham Wheelers one-two yesterday and won it for the club today”

Gary Chambers: “It was a good win, we are trying to make that jump to the next tier of riders really, trying to catch the faster guys, the Sharlands & the McNamaras we have definitely moved on, we are trying hard. We train a lot together, we are well drilled and knew what we were going to do, it can be confusing trying to communicate on the road!



Provisional Results
1 James Copeland/ Gary Chambers (Fareham Wh) 20:42
2 Ben Keightley/ Lewis Keightley (Primera-Teamjobs/Bournemouth Jubilee) 21:07
3 Paul Double/ James Champken (Vc Venta/Vc St Raphael) 21:08
4 Tom Lane/ Andy Langdown (Blazing Saddles) 21:10
5 Henry Nixon/ Thomas Key (Soton Uni Cc) 21:14
6 Stephen Whitewick/ John Sibley (Velorefined Aerosmiths) 21:25
7 Aran Stanton/ Simon Berogna (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 21:29
8 =Gregg Parker/ Chris Randall (Vc St Raphael/Waites Contracts) 21:36
8= Sam Wadsley/ Ryan Weston (Poole Wh) 21:36
10 Jamie Franklin/ William Flemming (Vc Venta) 21:39
11 Trevor Allen/ Charlie Leech Soton Uni Cc 21:40
12 Mark Valentine/ Simon Mclaughlin Poole Wh 21:49
13 Phil Wilkes/ James Peckham Sotoni Cc 21:50
14 Ed Leeming /Tim Wallis Soton Uni Cc 22:02
15 =Gerry Mcgarr/ Simon Healey Gloucester City /Andover Wh 22:25
15 =Gary Lock/ Ben Boardman Nfcc 22:25
17 Daniel Edwards/ Gawain Young Sotonia Cc 22:33
18 Jonathan Hall/ Jahan Hunter Sotonia Cc 22:37
19 Andrew Lockwood/ Scott Michaels Soton Uni Cc 22:39
20 Hamish Walker/ Paul Helyar Blazing Saddles 22:41
21 Thomas Hayward/ Tim Smales Vc Venta 23:03
22 Darryl Barr /Rob Sherrin A3crg 23:05
23 Luke Trussler/ Craig Weston Poole Wh 23:11
24 Jame Brickell/ Chris Ewing Fareham Wh 23:17
25 Nick Burrell/ Tony Gifford Andover Wh 23:35
26 Martin Rowland/ Luke Rendall Poole Wh 23:37
27 Stephen Longman/ Jan Labrooy Andover Wh 23:44
28 Gary Parmenter/ Jed Webber Andover Wh 23:51
29 Chris Tomsett/ Rhys Thomas Soto Uni Cc 23:52
30=Cameron Thompson/ Stuart Thompson Andover Wh 23:53
30 =Ollie Beresford/ Oliver Winwood Bratchell Vc Venta 23:53
31 Alberto Lapedriza/ Felix Young Vc Walcot 23:55
32 Garry Ferrett/ Dennis Tapping Hants Rc 24.07
33 Christopher Barritt Soton Uni Cc 24:17
34 Nick O Hara Phil Butchers 3c Cycle Experience 24:18
35 Harry Griffiths Tom Ellis Soton Uni Cc 24:19
36 Andrew Deans Richard Cudlip Vc Venta 24:30
37 Les Pick Howard Pankhurst Poole Wh 24:31
38 John Vinson Gary Tuskin Poole Wh 24:46
39 Richard Bradley Ian Sherrin 3c Cyclye Experience 25:18
40 Barry Watkinson Michelle Walter (L) Bournemouth Arrow 25:22
41 Mike Webber Nick Cooper Andover Wh 25:23
42 Neil Watts Duncan Hermer Fit To Ride 25:24
43 Chris Kelly John Rivett Poole Wh 25:40
44 Martin Mckinlay Tom Vaux Team Wiggle 25:44

45 Anna Morris Sophie Herbert Soton Uni Cc (L) 25:48
46 James Fox Rupert Gastor Vc Venta 26:02
47 Tom Maschio Tim Cook Vc Venta/Sotonia Cc 26:36
48 Einar Thorsen Darren Lewis 26:51
49 Neil Adlem Alison Jennings (L) Andover Wh 27:37
50 Narriet Hernando Ashia Fenwick (L) Vc Venta 27:46
51 Jez Hart Phillip Connell Sotonia Cc 28:47
52 Paul Burrows John Burrows Msg/Poole Wh 30:03
53 Sebastian Keats James Rowe Poole Wh 30:45
54 Anna Covey Emily Slavin (L) Soton Uni Cc 31:08
55 Martin Balk Sean Williams 3c Cycle Experience 31:47
56 Reg Holden Susannah Davies Poole Wh 35:45



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