Results – Reivers Road Race


Scott Wardlaw winner of the category 3/4 Reivers Road Race in Northumberland on Saturday

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Results – Reivers Road Race

1. Scott Wardlaw (VeloClub Edinburgh)
2. Keith Greenwood (Pedal Power RT)
3. Jonathan Bayley (Gosforth RC)
4. Neil Wallbank (Sunderland Clarion CC)
5. Ben Lane (GS Metro)
6. Stephen Collins (Pedal Power RT)
7. WIlliam Corbett (Manilla Cycling) – Junior
7. Calum Magowan (Peebles CC)
9. Sean Stead (Glasgow Nightingale CC)
9. Calum Shackley (Glasgow Cycling team) – Junior
11. Richard McGhee (Glasgow Nightingale CC)
12. Scott McGonigle (Edinburgh RC)
13. Andrew Wilson (Stirling Bike Club)
14. Simon Gaunt (Kelso Wheelers CC)
15. Mark Tulle (Sunderland Clarion CC)
16. Thomas Hill (Manilla Cycling) – Junior
17. Theo Kane (Manilla Cycling) – Junior
18. Richard Garrett (Veloclub Edinburgh)
19. Hamish McLean (Musselburgh RCC)
20. Andrew Matheson (Musselburgh RCC)
21. Andrew Waring (Berwick Wheelers CC)
22. Daniel Curran (Spokes Racing Team)
23. Kris Adlington (Sunderland Clarion CC)
24. RIchard Skinner (
25. Ross Gray (Allen Valley Velo)
26. Innes Johnston (Glasgow Cycling Team) – Junior
27. Liam Beaty (Hawick CC)
28. Edward Addis (Sandy Wallace Cycles)
29. Joshua Reid (Gosforth RC)
30. John Cann (
31. Raymond Turner (GS Metro)
32. Nick Badcock (Allen Valley Velo)
33. Lewis McEvoy (Sunderland Carion CC)
34. Peter Ward (Veloclub Edinburgh)
35. Dan Leather (Planet X – Northside)
36. Neil Baxter (
37. Tom Hooper (GS Metro)
38. Michael Robinson (Midlothian Velo Sportif)
39. Ronald Coyne (Pedal Power RT)
40. Malcolm Dunlop (Veloclub Edinburgh)
41. Stephen Lumsden (Pedal Power RT)
42. Matthew Smith (Muckle Cycle Club)
43. Kieran Kirk (Spokes Racing Team)
44. Nicholas Stevenson (Blaydon Cycling club)
45. Colin Jagla (Pedal Power RT)
46. Alastair Fowler (Glasgow Nightingale CC)
47. Craig Berry (GS Metro)
48. Robert Mochrie (Prima Team Racing
49. Eddie Halstead (Vieri Velo RC)
50. Ross Walton (Blaydon Cycle Club)
51. Aren Tyr (Gosforth RC)
52. Gavin Ward (Prima Team Racing)





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