Results – LVRC Ciclos Uno Spring Series


Ollie MacPherson and Antony Wallis winners at week three of the LVRC Ciclos Uno Spring Series at Hog Hill held on March 27

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Results – LVRC Ciclos Uno Spring Series
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1st, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo, F
2nd, Pete Constable, Velo Schils – Interbike, E
3rd, Steve Barnsley GS Vecchi, O/C
3rd, Bob Evans, Lewes Wanders CC, F
4th, Dave Woods, CC Luton, F
5th, Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno, F
6th, Dick Naylor, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC F
7th, Phil Cooper, LVRC Private, F
8th, Edmund Spurgeon, Colchester Rovers, G
9th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, F
10th, Paul Hislock, Southborough RC, E
11th, Trevor Mills, Ford CC, G
12th, Dan Tate, Southend Wheelers, O/C
13th, Fred Jefcoate Victoria CC, H

“E” Race Result
1st, Pete Constable, Velo Schils – Interbike
2nd, Paul Hislock, Southborough RC

“F” Race Result
1st, Ollie MacPherson, Planet Velo
2nd, Bob Evans, Lewes Wanders CC
3rd, Dave Woods, CC Luton
4th, Charlie Bruce, Ciclos Uno
5th, Dick Naylor, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC
6th, Phil Cooper, LVRC Private
7th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC

“G” Race Result
1st, Edmund Spurgeon, Colchester Rovers
2nd, Trevor Mills, Ford CC

“H” Race Result
1st, Fred Jefcoate, Victoria CC


1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno, B
2nd, Phil Hersey, Eagle RC, A
3rd, Sheridan Bridal, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC, A
4th, Antonio Wubben, Condor, A
5th, Mark Daly, Colour-Tech RT, B
6th, Lee Desborough, St Ives CC, B
7th, Trevor Ormes, Velo Schils-Interbike, B
8th, David Farrow, Eagle RC, B
9th, Robin Parker, East Grimstead CC, B
10th, Paul Roberts, Lea Valley CC, A
11th, Sean kilroy, Cambridge CC, C
12th, Hugh Vivian, Finsbury Park CC, C
13th, Andrew Bates Colour-Tech RT, C
14th, Andy Hurst, V.C.R, A
15th, Tony Meader, Eagle RC, C
16th, Chris Bully, Ciclos Uno, B
17th, Martin Ryan, Ford CC, B
18th, Jonathan Maher, Dulwich Pasragon CC, A
19th, Colin Smith, Colour-Tech RT, C
20th, Martin Elmes, JLT Condor, D
21st, Jake Siney, CC London, A
22nd, Mike Nile, De Laune CC, C
23rd, Ian Fraser, VC Revolution, A
24th, Steve Murrell, Momentum Cycles, B
25th, Brad Lamb, LVRC Private, A
26th, Peter Arden, Momentum Cycles, B
27th, Dan Fentinman, LVRC Private, B
28th, Paul Reardom, API – Metrow, D
29th, Nick Symes, Look Mum No Hands, B
30th, Russell Crowe, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC, D
31st, Hugh Williams, Ciclos Uno, B
32nd, Julian Niles-Cunington, JLT Condor, D
33rd, David Bellis, CC London, B
34th, Adam Luck, Lea Valley CC, C
35th, Jonanthan Donald, Pearson CC, C
36th, Garry Kerr, Glendene CC, B
37th, Pat Hayes, Victoria CC, C
38th, Roger Philbrook, Wigmore CC, D
39th, Billy McNaumra, Clarencourt CC, D

“A” Race Result
1st, Phil Hersey, Eagle RC
2nd, Sheridan Bridal, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC
3rd, Antonio Wubben, Condor
4th, Paul Roberts, Lea Valley CC
5th, Andy Hurst, V.C.R
6th, Jonathan Maher, Dulwich Pasragon CC
7th, Jake Siney, CC London
8th, Ian Fraser, VC Revolution
9th, Brad Lamb, LVRC Private

“B” Race Result
1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno
2nd, Mark Daly, Colour-Tech RT
3rd, Lee Desborough, St Ives CC
4th, Trevor Ormes, Velo Schils-Interbike
5th, David Farrow, Eagle RC
6th, Robin Parker, East Grimstead CC
7th, Chris Bully, Ciclos Uno
8th, Martin Ryan, Ford CC
9th, Steve Murrell, Momentum Cycles
10th, Peter Arden, Momentum Cycles
11th, Dan Fentinman, LVRC Private
12th, Nick Symes, Look Mum No Hands
13th, Hugh Williams, Ciclos Uno
14th, David Bellis, CC London
15th, Garry Kerr, Glendene CC

“C” Race Result
1st, Sean kilroy, Cambridge CC
2nd, Hugh Vivian, Finsbury Park CC
3rd, Andrew Bates Colour-Tech RT
4th, Tony Meader, Eagle RC
5th, Colin Smith, Colour-Tech RT
6th, Mike Nile, De Laune CC
7th, Adam Luck, Lea Valley CC
8th, Jonanthan Donald, Pearson CC
9th, Pat Hayes, Victoria CC – Ciclos Uno

“D” Race Result
1st, Martin Elmes, JLT Condor
2nd, Paul Reardom, API – Metrow
3rd, Russell Crowe, Abellio-San Fairy Ann CC
4th, Julian Niles-Cunington, JLT Condor
5th, Roger Philbrook, Wigmore CC
6th, Billy McNaumra, Clarencourt CC




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