Feature Report: Tour of Reservoir Day 1


The men’s and women’s Tour of the Reservoir in Northumberland is on this weekend – VeloUK is there

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Live! Tour of Reservoir Day 1



The first stage of the Men’s Tour of Reservoir, sponsored by Northumbria Water, was won today by Tom Moses who outsprinted Jonny McEvoy (NFTO) and first year senior Joe Fry (Pedal Heaven).

These three were part of a five up break (also included Adria Moreno of Raleigh GAC and Taylor Gunman of Madison Genesis) that escaped with just over half the race under their wheels and with the major teams represented, there was no big chase by the peloton and the break had over two minutes on the next riders at the finish.


The mens race left Blanchland at 10 to one and had a long neutral section to help riders ‘warm’ up in the oh so freezing conditions.

As they were for the Women’s race, the conditions were awful for the riders and many finished frozen to the core after enduring freezing temperatures of 0 to 1 degrees as well as hail the size of small pebbles at various times in the race.


Half a lap later and moves were going but nothing going clear for any length of time.

The race began with a roll out from Blanchland at 12.50 and Jeremy Durrin (USA) had the honour of having the first dig up the road but nothing really stuck until Matt Cronshaw (Madison Genesis) went clear. After a long time away, he was chased down by Harry Tanfield (Pedal Heaven) and Tom Moses and the three created a dangerous looking break that was gaining time.

NFTO had missed the move and they took responsiblity for the chase, Joshua Edmondson going to the front with his teammates and they brought the gap down rapidly and the peloton split too. Cronshaw went back to the peloton whilst Moses and Tanfield resisted the catch for as long as they could.

The winning break then formed and working together, they never looked like being caught. Moses takes the yellow jersey into the even hillier stage 2 and fireworks are expected as the other teams on contention look to take the jersey from him.


Until Matt Cronshaw of Madison Genesis went solo for a lap or more.


The peloton did not seem that bothered at this point.


But the lone leader was soon joined by eventual winner Tom Moses and Harry Tanfield of Pedal Heaven.


And not having a rider in the move saw Joshua Edmondson and NFTO put the hammer down and next time I saw the peloton, it was split in two.


Moses and Tanfield resisted the catch but were eventually caught.


A new move then developed with Moses along with Adria Moreno (Raleigh GAC), Taylor Gunman (Madison Genesis), Joe Fry (Pedal Heaven) and Jonny McEvoy (NFTO)


The bunch again didn’t seem to want to chase as Raleigh GAC and Madison Genesis sent riders to the front.


Lap after lap, almost half the race, the break continued to build up a good lead and although Joe Fry (Pedal Heaven) put in a dig in the final few K, it was a five up sprint for the win won by Tom Moses.2016_ShuttVeloRapideAdvert


Grace Garner (Podium Ambition) won the bunch sprint after ten two mile laps of the Reservoir on Saturday morning. After a delay of an hour because of the freezing rain and over night snow, the 100 plus peloton rolled up out of Blanchland and headed for the reservoir.

As they entered the reservoir grounds, there was an attack followed by others but nothing really stuck. Whilst there was plenty of action at the back with lots of riders being shown the back door, the front of the peloton still had plenty of riders in the mix. More attacks followed including a four up move but nothing was getting away.

The pace at the front though was telling and the peloton split but it was still a sizable group that came sprinting down the dam wall to the finish line where in a photo finish, Garner took the victory from Melissa Lowther. Charline Joiner was third.




Video – Grace Garner

Video – Tom Moses

Video Jonny McEvoy )NFTO)

Video – Joe Fry (Pedal Heaven)



Page 1
1 Tom Moses JLT Condor 3:55:28
2 Jonathon McEvoy NFTO
3 Joe Fry Pedal Heaven
4 Adria Moreno Sala Raleigh GAC
5 Taylor Gunman Madison-Genesis
6 Conor Swift Envelopemaster 2:09
7 Graham Briggs JLT Condor 3:24
8 Jack Pullar Pedal Heaven
9 Ian Bibby NFTO
10 Albert Torres Raleigh GAC 3:26
11 Steve Lampier JLT Condor
12 Sebastian Mora Vedri Raleigh GAC
13 Stephen Williams JLT Condor
14 Jacob Hennessy Spirit Bikes
15 Erick Rowsell Madison-Genesis 3:29
16 Dexter Gardias Pedal Heaven
17 Ryan Perry Metaltek Kuoto
18 James Gullen Pedal Heaven
19 Edmund Bradbury NFTO
20 Dale Appleby NFTO
21 Joseph Clark Envelopemaster
22 Elliott Porter Neon-Velo
23 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
24 Dan Fleeman Metaltek Kuoto
25 Thomas Stewart Madison-Genesis
26 Daire Feeley Team itap IRL
27 Luke Grivel-Mellor JLT Condor
28 Max Orrell-Turner Wheelbase Altura
29 Gruffudd Lewis Madison-Genesis
30 Evan Oliphant Raleigh GAC
31 Morgan Kiniskey Raleigh GAC
32 Steven Lawley Metaltek Kuoto
33 Harry Tanfield Pedal Heaven
34 Josh Edmundson NFTO
35 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven
36 Rhys Lloyd NFTO
37 Tom Travis-Pollard Metaltek Kuoto
38 Jon Tiernan-Locke Saint Piran
39 Rob Partridge NFTO 3:38
40 Ed Laverack JLT Condor 3:39
41 Jez McCann Richardsons-Trek
42 Adam Kenway Metaltek Kuoto
43 Alex Fanshaw Zappis
44 Matthew Boulo Raleigh GAC
45 Alexander Blain Madison-Genesis
46 Luke Ryan Richardsons-Trek 3:43
47 6 William Harper Pedal Heaven 3:45
48 Jake Tanner Envelopemaster
49 Zac May Metaltek Kuoto
50 Kieran Simcock Neon-Velo 3:47
51 David McGowen Pedal Heaven
52 Will Bjergfelt Neon-Velo
53 Jeremy Durrin Neon-Velo
54 Kieran Brady Richardsons-Trek 3:49
55 Joe Evans Madison-Genesis 3:51
56 Philip Trodden Bikehaus
57 Steven Roach Raleigh GAC 3:53
58 Matt Cronshaw Madison-Genesis 3:57
59 Tristan Robbins Madison-Genesis
60 Joe Harris Spirit Bikes
61 Jake Alderman Saint Piran 4:00
62 Ryan Fenwick Bikehaus 4:02
63 Clem Berrill CC Hackney 4:04
64 Ian Wilkinson Pedal Heaven 4:07
65 Ben Rowe Wheelbase Altura 4:14
66 Fergus Robinson Allen Valley Velo 4:18
67 David Lines Wheelbase Altura 4:25
68 Anthony Moye Spirit Bikes 4:26
69 Rhys Howells Richardsons-Trek
70 Rhys Williams Zappis
71 David Brody Team itap IRL 4:34
72 Ed Clancy JLT Condor 4:36
73 Simon Alexander Richardsons-Trek 710527 5:17
74 Matt Howell Wheelbase Altura 5:57
75 Martin Woffindin Bikehaus 6:18
76 Owen Lake Newdales Cycles 20:00
77 Joshua Jones
78 Daniel McKimm Neon-Velo
79 Andrew Turner KTM Impsport 25:00
80 Darragh Bailey Team itap IRL 30:00
81 Arthur Didelot Neon-Velo
82 Patrick Clark Uni of Sheffield
83 Dean Shannon Richardsons-Trek
84 Oliver Maxwell Neon-Velo
85 Jack Donaldson Neon-Velo

WOMEN (Provisional)

1. Gracer Garner, Podium Ambition
2. Melissa Lowther, Breeze
3. Charline Joiner, Ford
4. Abigail Dentus, Breeze
5. Eleanor Dickinson, Drops
6. Jennifer Holden, Fusion
7. Emily Wadsworth, Beeline
8. Alice Cobb, Ajchva
9. Hilde Oudman,
10. Nicola Juniper, Ford
11. Annasley Park, Breeze
12. Suzettea Guerrini, Footon
13. Keira McVitty, WNT
14. Lydia Boylan, WNT
15. Charlotte Broughton, Ford
16. Genevieve Whitson, Isorex
17. Hayley Jones, Breeze
18. Neah Evans, Glasgow
19. Annie Simpson, Drops
20. Rebecca Carter, WNT all same time


2015: Overall 1. Erick Rowsell, 2. Steve Lampier, 3. Andy Tennant
Stage 1: Erick Rowsell, Stage 2: Marcin Bialoblocki

2014: Overall 1. Alex Peters, 2. Peter Hawkins, 3. Yanto Barker
Stage 1: Alex Peters | Stage 2: Evan Oliphant

2013: Overall 1. Evan Oliphant, 2. Chris Opie, 3. Peter Hawkins
Stage 1. Chris Opie | Stage 2 Evan Oliphant

2012: 1. Scott Thwaites, 2. Peter Hawkins, 3. Russell Downing
2011: 1. Ian Bibby, 2. Marcin Bialoblocki, 3. Dean Downing
2010: 1. Simon Richardson, 2. Ian Wilkinson, 3. Niklas Gustavsson
2009: 1. Andy Tennant, 2. Russell Downing, 3. Rob Partridge
2008: 1. Russell Downing, 2. Kristian House, 3. Simon Richardson
2007: 1. Dean Downing, 2. Gordon McCauley, 3. Robin Sharman
2006: 1. Ben Greenwood, 2. Kristian House, 3. Matt Stephens
2005: 1. Dean Downing, 2. Kevin Dawson, 3. Russell Downing
2004: 1. Shaun Snodden, 2. Neil Swithenbank, 3. Richard Sutcliff
2003: 1. Chris Newton, 2. Mark Lovatt, 3. Malcolm Elliott
2002: 1. Mark Lovatt, 2. John Tanner, 3. Kevin Dawson
2000: 1. Mark Lovatt, 2. Jeff Wright, 3. Chris Young
1999: 1. Mark Lovatt, 2. Neil Swithenbank, 3. Chrs Anelay
1998: 1. Jeffrey Wright, 2. Chris Young 3. Christopher Anelay




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