Result – Farnborough & Camberley CC 25


John Dewey fastest in the Farnborough & Camberley CC 25 on the H25/8 on Saturday

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Result – Farnborough & Camberley CC 25

1. J Dewey Team Bottrill 0h49’05”
2. R Sharland Paceline RT 0h49’38”
3. J Copeland Fareham Wheelers CC 0h50’58”
4. D Coleman CC Luton 0h51’14”
5. T Cartwright Newbury RC 0h51’19”
6. L Maybank Twickenham CC 0h51’39”
7. G Chambers Fareham Wheelers CC 0h52’07”
8. C Mitchell A3crg 0h52’09”
9. M Charlton Farnborough & Camberley CC 0h52’37”
10. A Langdown Blazing Saddles RT 0h52’50”
11. J Rix Crawley Wheelers 0h52’56”
12. S Healey Andover Wheelers 0h52’59”
13 Dr A Napier Blazing Saddles RT 0h53’03”
14. T Lane Blazing Saddles RT 0h53’11”
15. T Allen RP Vision Racing Team 0h53’27”
16. S Berogna VC St Raphael 0h53’58”
17. H Persson Kingston Wheelers CC 0h53’59”
18. A Stanton VC St Raphael 0h54’04”
19. S Ader A3crg 0h54’05”
20. L Keightley Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 0h54’25”
21. M Parfitt Charlotteville CC 0h54’37”
22. J Hughes VC Godalming & Haslemere 0h54’45”
23. A Bidwell Kingston Wheelers CC 0h54’58”
24. P Watts North Hampshire RC 0h55’00”
25. M Rose Oxonion CC 0h55’06”
26. A Smith Fareham Wheelers CC 0h55’34”
27. K Grimshaw Bigfoot CC 0h55’37”
28. J Brickell Fareham Wheelers CC 0h55’42”
29. M Williamson London Dynamo 0h55’48”
30. R Claridge GA Cycles 0h56’00”
31. T Duncan-Booth Farnborough & Camberley CC 0h56’04”
32. P Ember Paceline RT 0h56’13”
33. N Austin Sotonia CC 0h56’20”
34. J Coulson Sydenham Wheelers 0h56’24”
35. M Stanley Didcot Phoenix CC 0h56’36”
36. R May Islington CC 0h56’38”
37. C Beardshaw VC Equipe 0h56’49”
38. D Shepherd GS Stella 0h56’57”
39. M Whitaker Paceline RT 0h56’58”
40. G Parmenter Andover Wheelers 0h57’18”
41. R Weatherstone GS Stella 0h57’26”
42. S Thompson Andover Wheelers 0h57’35”
43. A Payne Maidenhead & District CC 0h57’42”
44. L Turner Sigma 0h57’56”
45. P Brennan A3crg 0h58’04”
46. T Summerhayes Kingston Wheelers CC 0h58’10”
47. M O’Gorman Worthing Excelsior CC 0h58’19”
48. R Gilmour Hounslow & District Wheelers 0h58’27”
49. D Warne Bigfoot CC 0h58’29”
50. M O’Sullivan Kingston Wheelers CC 0h58’32”
51. R Williams Bigfoot CC 0h58’34”
52. J Hobby North Hampshire RC 0h58’36”
53. J Burdett Addiscombe CC 0h59’00”
54. R Brooke Farnham Triathlon Club 0h59’01”
55. P Franks Charlotteville CC 0h59’28”
56. R Sewell Hounslow & District Wheelers 0h59’31”
57. R Moore Wyndymilla 0h59’32”
58. L Boehmer London Dynamo 0h59’41”
59. S Day CS Grupetto 0h59’51”
60. B Eeles North Hampshire RC 0h59’54”
61. J Thomas Epsom CC 1h00’03”
62. T Day Bigfoot CC 1h00’12”
63. D Patten Bognor Regis CC 1h00’14”
64. J Smith Fareham Wheelers CC 1h00’15”
65. J Curry VC Equipe 1h00’16”
66 Mrs H Martin-Dye Maidenhead & District CC 1h00’42”
67. S Richards Clapham Chasers 1h00’47”
68. S Thurgood Sydenham Wheelers 1h01’07”
69. M Sanders Mid Devon CC 1h01’26”
70. S Crossley Dulwich Paragon CC 1h01’27”
71. C Nilsson Rye & District Wheeleers 1h01’31”
72. M Sterling I-Team CC 1h01’36”
73. A Lang Hartlepool CC 1h01’40”
74. M Draper Charlotteville CC 1h01’50”
75= . D Sharp Charlotteville CC 1h01’52”
75= . A Emmott Fareham Wheelers CC 1h01’52”
77. D Twin Sydenham Wheelers 1h01’53”
78. R Watson North Hampshire RC 1h02’10”
79. A Ermolenko Clapham Chasers 1h02’41”
80. B Crick East Grinstead CC 1h02’42”
81. K Revell London Dynamo 1h02’47”
82. D Guy OV Cycling Club 1h02’53”
83. R Woodward East Grinstead CC 1h02’54”
84. N Ford Hargroves Cycles CC 1h03’07”
85 Miss A Mathew Clapham Chasers 1h03’11”
86. T Davies Hitchin Nomads CC 1h03’55”
87. A Fadero Sussex Nomads CC 1h04’02”
88. R Philp Hounslow & District Wheelers 1h04’46”
89. D Welling Farnham RC 1h05’15”
90. A Smith Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers 1h05’43”
91 Ms E Nyirenda A3crg 1h05’49”
92. M Harrison North Hampshire RC 1h06’07”
93. D Haggart De Laune CC 1h06’09”
94 Ms M McDowall Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h06’10”
95= . R Chapman Farnham RC 1h06’13”
95= Ms J Chasin Twickenham CC 1h06’13”
97. D Clifford Farnham RC 1h06’36”
98. J Davies BadTri 1h07’02”
99. V Schutte Farnborough & Camberley CC 1h07’14”
100. I Austin Alton CC 1h07’15”
101 Miss M Pike Clapham Chasers 1h07’41”
102. B Smith North Hampshire RC 1h08’01”
103. H Lloyd Farnham RC 1h08’05”
104 Mrs V Place 7Oaks Triathlon Club 1h08’12”
105 Mrs V McGee Charlotteville CC 1h08’55”
106 Miss R Haley Bigfoot CC 1h09’07”
107 Mrs J Bartlett Hounslow & District Wheelers 1h09’47”
108. M Balk 3C Cyclexperience 1h10’17”
109= . R Jolliffe New Forest CC 1h13’34”
109= Mrs F Wright Clapham Chasers 1h13’34”
111. C Summers Sotonia CC 1h16’40”





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