News – Women’s Bedford 3 Day


Big entry of 90 for classic Bedford 3 Day (five stages) women’s team series race starting on April 30

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News – Women’s Bedford 3 Day

The longest standing Women’s race on the current calendar, the Bedford 3 Day starts on April 30 with an entry of 90 riders. Part of the Women’s Team Series, the race begins with a double header on April 30 with a prologue of 3k and then a road stage of 55 kilometres at Great Barford.

The stage race then has a Team Time Trial of ten kilometres followed by a 80 kilometre road stage before the final day (May 2nd) where the GC will be decided with another 80 kilometre road race at Thurleigh on the outskirts of Bedford.


Provisional Start Sheet
1. Chanel Mason Army Cycle Race Team
2. Alexandra Farquhar Army Cycle Race Team
3. Samantha Wilson Army Cycle Race Team
4. Chloe Weller Army Cycle Race Team
5. Elizabeth Dunne Army Cycle Race Team
6. Charmaine Porter Army Cycle Race Team
7. Wojtyra Malgorzata Planet X/BO GO Cycling Team
8. Austrine Trebaite Planet X/BO GO Cycling Team
9. Karolina Karasiewicz Planet X/BO GO Cycling Team
10. Edita Mazureviciute Planet X/BO GO Cycling Team
11. Alice Lethbridge Starley Racing
12. Sian Botteley Starley Racing
13. Gabriela Norden Starley Racing
14. Gaby Leveridge Starley Racing
15. Lauren Kirchel Starley Racing
16. Becky Raybould Liv CC – Epic Coaching
17. Jessica Roberts Liv CC – Epic Coaching
18. Lauren Murphy Liv CC – Epic Coaching
19. Emily Tillett Liv CC – Epic Coaching
20. Elizabeth Bennett Liv CC – Epic Coaching
21. Sophie Faulkner Fusion Racing Team
22. Jennifer Holden Fusion Racing Team
23. Asleigh Fraser Fusion Racing Team
24. Angela Hibbs Fusion Racing Team
25. Julie Hesselberg eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
26. Hetty Summerhayes eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
27. Alice Staniford eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
28. Hester Stembridge eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
29. Jennifer Powell eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
30. Sophie Williams eliteVelo – Kalas Sportswear
31. Louise Bernie GB Cycles
32. Katherine Broadbent GB Cycles
33. Amy Good GB Cycles
34. Charlotte Redden GB Cycles
35. Ruth Summerford GB Cycles
36. Alexis Barnes PMR@Toachim House
37. Maisie Duckworth PMR@Toachim House
38. Megan Chard PMR@Toachim House
39. Susan Freeburn PMR@Toachim House
40. Victoria Fern PMR@Toachim House
41. Natasha Reddy RP Racing
42. Emma Clark RP Racing
43. Sophie Black RP Racing
44. Maddie Gammons RP Racing
45. Connie Hudson RP Racing
46. Rachel Jary VC Londres
47. Charlotte Cole-Hossain VC Londres
48. Christine Robson VC Londres
49. Emma Jane Hornsby VC Londres
50. Lucy Harper Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
51. Gemma Sargent Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
52. Lucy Chittenden Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
53. Alex Jenkins Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
54. Emily McLoughlin Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
55. Agata Woznicka Aprire Cycles-HSS Hire
56. Freya Rawlins Adalta Cycling Club
57. Emma Lewis Adalta Cycling Club
58. Anna Marie Hughes Adalta Cycling Club
59. Alicia Clifford Adalta Cycling Club
60. Joanna Smith Adalta Cycling Club
61. Joy Lisney Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
62. Ellie Cadzow Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
63. Anna Carter Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
64. Rachel Heptonstall Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
65. Rebecca Maynard Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
66. Gaia Casciello Kinetic Cycles/Welwyn Racing
67. Michelle Vella Wood Team Malta
68. Stepanie Alden Team Malta
69. Lara Buttigieg Team Malta
70. Heidi Viles Team Malta
71. Rachel Crighton Team 22
72. Charlotte Alston Team 22
73. Sarah Rose Team 22
74. Savanah Morgan Team 22
75. Phoebe Martin Team 22
76. Samantha Verril Team 22
77. Helen Gravatt Twickenham CC
78. Rebecca Johnson Twickenham CC
79. Charlotte Heywood Twickenham CC
80. Claire Hammond Twickenham CC
81. Olivia Bentley Twickenham CC
82. Sophie Slaney Twickenham CC
83. Autumn Collins Squadra Donne
84. Niki Kovacs Squadra Donne
85. Hannah Newsham Squadra Donne
86. Jess Duffy Bikeshed Bianchi
87. Emma Cockcroft Bikeshed Bianchi
88. Alex Sheehan Bikeshed Bianchi
89. Bethan Stubbs Bikeshed Bianchi
90. Jenni Lake Squadra Donne






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