Results: Week 3 Tameside Circuit Races


Robert Crampton and Robert Vials winners at week 3 of the Tameside Circuit Races in Greater Manchester on Tuesday

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Results: Week 3 Tameside Circuit Races
(thanks Kathy England)

1 Robert Crampton Terra Safety Shoes
2 Lee Brown Holmfirth Cycling Club
3 Jim Brown VCUK PH-MAS Cycling Team
4 Joe Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
5 Jim Adamson Ilkley Cycling Club
6 Christopher Green East Lancashire RC
7 Sami Al Hadid Private Member
8 Jack Stanton-Warren Halesowen A & CC
9 Simon Mayfield Sowerby Brothers CRT
10 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion
11 Alexander Pierce Willesden Cycling Club
12 Samuel Wilson East Lancashire RC
13 Ben Whitehead ABC Centreville
14 Phil Guest Private Member
15 William Lewis High Peak Cycles RT
16 Joshua Ruddiman HD Revolutions (HDR)
17 Joss Bennett University Of Manchester CC
18 Jack Ford Albion Cycling Co
19 Matthew Doheny Lancashire RC
20 Joseph Dobson Manchester BC
21 Glen Hale Holmfirth Cycling Club
22 David Stammers Bury Clarion Cycling Club
23 Peter Oakes Manchester Wheelers Club
24 Karl Freeman Team Wheelguru
25 Joseph Bowers Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
26 Daniel Thut Chorlton Velo
27 Przemyslaw Kowalski Chorlton Velo
28 Martin Jalowiec North Cheshire Clarion
29 Anthony Orrell SunSport Velo
30 Sarah Lomas Nutcracker Racing

Category 4
1 Robert Vials Ribble Valley CRC
2 Paul Ashworth East Lancashire RC
3 Felman Mehari Mossley CRT
4 Benedict Harper Private Member
5 James Leeming Cheshire Maverick CC
6 Mark Twiss North Cheshire Clarion
7 Paul Blundell Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
8 Chris Dwyer Lancashire RC
9 Alice Sharpe Private Member
10 Mark Halloway Macclesfield Wheelers
11 William Neill Leek Cyclists Club
12 Tom Allen Planet X – Northside Cycling
13 Callum Robinson University Of Manchester CC
14 Liam Fullard Private Member
15 Tim Sharpe Manchester Wheelers Club
16 Rob Ellis East London Velo
17 Callum Belfield East Lancashire RC
18 Paul Young Tunstall Wheelers
19 Adam Westwell BodyTorq Racing
20 Adam Burns Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles
21 Nigel Modlinsky SunSport Velo
22 Martin Phillips Cyclesport International RT
23 Oliver Wade University Of Manchester CC
24 Josh Decamps East Lancashire RC
25 Jake Holder Private Member
26 Martyn McGrillen Lancashire RC
27 Jane Helliwell SunSport Velo
28 Tommy McCosmack SunSport Velo
29 Paul Brown Airedale Olympic
30 Martin Cloudsdale Albarosa Cycling Club
31 Matt Adams University Of Manchester CC
32 Philip E-Maffei Glossop Kinder Velo
33 Matthew Riddiough Boylan Glossop Kinder Velo
34 Phran Ryder Sportcity Velo
35 Alexander Wiseman East Lancashire RC
36 Kristopher Dunn 7 Hills Cycling Club
37 Ewan Peters Holmfirth Cycling Club
38 Vicki O’Brien Team Jadan
39 Caroline Item Cheshire Maverick CC

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Category B
1 Junior Jackson Mossley CRT B
2 Tyler Koch Mossley CRT B
3 George Southby B
4 Thomas Bates Mossley CRT B
5 Euan Davies Pedalsport Cycling Club B
6 Kyle Braun Mossley CRT B

Category C Girls
1 Leah Wilcox Mossley CRT Cg
2 Harriet Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club Cg
3 Lola Ellis Eastlands Velo Cg

Category B girls
1 Melissa Baylin Bolton Hot Wheels CC Bg
2 Darcey Ellis Eastlands Velo Bg

Category A
1 Joe Burns Sportcity Velo A
2 Rob Waite Sportcity Velo A
3 Charlie Craig SCOTT Racing A
4 Matthew Warhurst Glossop Kinder Velo A
5 Loius Cook Holmfirth Cycling Club A
6 Karl Richter Mossley CRT A
7 James Storey Sportcity Velo A
8 Ed Young Mossley CRT A

Category A Girls
1 Corinne Side Cycle Sport Pendle Ag

Category C
1 Ross Hooley Lyme RC C
2 Oliver Akers Eastlands Velo C
3 William Longden Matlock CC C
4 Thomas Davidson Mossley CRT C

Category D
1 Michael Postlethwaite Mossley CRT D
2 Adam Smith West Pennine RC D
3 Harrison Dainty Team Cystic Fybrosis D
4 Sebastian Kinsey Glossop Kinder Velo D
5 Guy Breakey Holmfirth Cycling Club D
6 Ben Warriner Bolton Hot Wheels CC D
7 Benjamin Pitlovits Bolton Hot Wheels CC D
8 Caspar Ellis Private Member D

Category E Girls
1 Ciara Postlethwaite Mossley CRT Eg

Category E
1 Fraser Cummings Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles E
2 Patrick Mannion Glossop Kinder Velo E
3 Elliott Pitlovits Bolton Hot Wheels CC E

Category D Girls
1 Grace Longden Matlock CC Dg




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