Feature Report – CiCLE Classic 2016


The country’s biggest race so far in 2016, the CiCLE Classic is blessed with a start studded line-up. VeloUK will provide updates when possible as it darts about to get the action

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Feature Report – CiCLE Classic 2016
(preview here) | Results from Mark Young of myeventtiming



Conor Dunne has won his biggest race to-date after attacking in the final kilometre as everyone was looking at each other and held on to win handsomely from Gruff Lewis (Madison Genesis) who found himself chasing alone after putting the hammer down at the front  and Chris Lawless, who won the group sprint for third.

In summary, the race was as many describe, a wearing down process. The first two laps of Rutland Water were active but nothing was going clear and a crash at the back saw several riders requiring ambulance attention.


Riders roll out behind the car with former winner Alex Blain (Madison Genesis) ready for the first moves

That caused the race to be stopped for ten minutes or more as there were no other medical services to cover the rest of the race. The race resumed all together and the pace saw the action at the back as rider after rider slipped away from the front. It was in the final half hour that the gas was lit and the pace went through the roof, over Somerberg and then over Sawgate with only five miles to go.

What was left of the peloton, 40 or so riders, split, came back together and then split again with ten riders going clear. They didn’t have much of a lead but still there was some messing about and Conor Dunne took full advantage by attacking and opening a gap that no-one was able to close and he took the victory!


Zero kilometre and the riders are warming up for the attacks to follow


Ben Hetherington of Planet X Northside has a dig through Whitwell


Lots of favourites at the front of the race having a go on the second loop of Rutland Water


Feedzone first time and yet again the TV motorbike was too close to the riders looking for team staff to get a bottle of musette


Stygate after a few hours of racing and Rory Townsend of Pedal Heaven RT (right) getting ready for a solo move – watch his video interview below where he explains what happened


It was a long solo move that netted him ten stone in beer. Rory pictured on Somerberg


At the head of the peloton were Yorkshireman Graham Briggs (left) and Tom Stewart (Madison Genesis)


After Somerberg, a small group with Russell Downing, Seb Mora (Raleigh GAC), Ian Bibby (NFTO) and Tom Stewart (Madison Genesis)


But ten minutes later, the front group was back together led here by Pete Williams and Alex Paton (Pedal Heaven)


Ryan Perry (Metaltek Kuota) then launched a solo move and was joined by Pete Williams but with the riders about to start the finishing circuit, the peloton was right on there wheels. Two riders crossed to them, Russell Downing and Tom Stewart (Madison Genesis) to make a group of four leaders ….


…. but the four were not going quick enough for the Fonz, Russell Downing, who lit it up on the final sector of the race, Sawgate.


Sprint for third won by Chris Lawless


L-R: Chris Lawless (3rd), Conor Dunne (1st) and Gruff Lewis (Madison Genesis, 2nd)


Video Interview with Conor Dunne

Video Interview Gruff Lewis of Madison Genesis

Video Interview with Chris Lawless

Video Interview with Ryan Perry of Metaltek Kuota

Video with Russell Downing who attacked across Sawgate and was part of the winning team

Video with Tom Stewart of Madison Genesis, winner of the Pork Pie award!

Video interview with Rory Townsend of Pedal Heaven, winner of the 10 stone plus of beer!

Video interview with Raleigh GAC rider Evan Oliphant

Video interview with Tour of Reservoir winner Joe Fry of Pedal Heaven


1 Conor DUNNE JLT Condor pb Mavic 4h48’30”,00″”
2 Gruffudd LEWIS Madison- Genesis 4h48’44”,14″”
3 Christopher LAWLESS JLT Condor pb Mavic 4h48’54”,24″”
4 Jake KELLY Team Wiggins 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
5 Dion BEUKEBOOM Park Hotel Continental Team 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
6 Nicolas VEREECKEN An Post-Chain Reaction 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
7 Alexander BLAIN Madison- Genesis 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
8 Hayden MCCORMICK ONE Pro Cycling 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
9 Dan FLEEMAN Kuota – Metaltek 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
10 Ian BIBBY NFTO Pro Cycling 4h48’54”,’ ‘”
11 Alberrt TORRES Team Raleigh 4h49’08”,38″”
12 Russell DOWNING JLT Condor pb Mavic 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
13 Alex PATON Pedal Heaven RT 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
14 Jacob TIPPER Pedal Heaven RT 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
15 Jonathan MCEVOY NFTO Pro Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
16 Dion SMITH ONE Pro Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
17 Dale APPLEBY NFTO Pro Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
18 Jack WILSON An Post-Chain Reaction 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
19 Jim VAN DEN BERG Park Hotel Continental Team 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
20 Ian WILKINSON Pedal Heaven RT 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
21 Maris BOGDANOVICS Reitumu-Delfin 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
22 Ryan PERRY Kuota – Metaltek 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
23 Armands BECIS Reitumu-Delfin 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
24 Jacob HENNESSY Spirit Bikes Race Team 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
25 Erik ROWSELL Madison- Genesis 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
26 Thomas STEWART Madison- Genesis 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
27 Edmund BRADBURY NFTO Pro Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
28 Alistair SLATER JLT Condor pb Mavic 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
29 Stephen LAWLEY Kuota – Metaltek 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
30 Jelmer ASJES WPG Amsterdam Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
31 Peter WILLIAMS ONE Pro Cycling 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
32 Derk Abel BECKERINGH Park Hotel Continental Team 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
33 Thomas TRAVISS-POLLARD Kuota – Metaltek 4h49’08”,’ ‘”
34 Michael THOMPSON Team Wiggins 4h49’13”,43″”
35 Thomas MOSES JLT Condor pb Mavic 4h49’13”,’ ‘”
36 Evan OLIPHANT Team Raleigh 4h49’16”,46″”
37 Morgan KNEISKY Team Raleigh 4h49’16”,’ ‘”
38 Sebastian MORA Team Raleigh 4h49’16”,’ ‘”
39 Joe FRY Pedal Heaven RT 4h49’29”,59″”
40 Kristian HOUSE ONE Pro Cycling 4h49’42”,01’12″”
41 Rory TOWNSEND Pedal Heaven RT 4h53’03”,04’33″”
42 Oliver MAXWELL Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h53’03”,’ ‘”
43 Michael O’LOUGHLIN Team Wiggins 4h53’07”,04’37″”
44 Peeter PRUUS Reitumu-Delfin 4h53’07”,’ ‘”
45 Andris VOLSEKALNS Reitumu-Delfin 4h53’07”,’ ‘”
46 Juan MATA Dare – Gobik 4h53’07”,’ ‘”
47 Wouter SYBRANDY Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT 4h53’07”,’ ‘”
48 Rhys LLOYD NFTO Pro Cycling 4h53’10”,04’40″”
49 Steve YOUNG Giant Rutland Water-Wattbike 4h56’19”,07’49″”
50 Marc POTTS Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h56’19”,’ ‘”
51 Ed CLEMENS Spirit Bikes Race Team 4h57’04”,08’34″”
52 Arthur DIDELOT Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
53 Phil TRODDEN Team Bikehaus 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
54 Luke RYAN Richardsons – Trek 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
55 Lawrence CARPENTER Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
56 Bradley STOKES Planet X Northside Pro Cycling 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
57 Will BJERGFELT Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
58 Kieran SIMCOX Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
59 Kieran BRADY Richardsons – Trek 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
60 Zach MAY Kuota – Metaltek 4h57’04”,’ ‘”
61 Daan DE GROOT WPG Amsterdam Cycling 4h57’07”,08’37″”
62 Jeremy DURRIN Neon Velo Cycling Team 4h57’07”,’ ‘”
63 Harry TANFIELD Pedal Heaven RT 4h57’09”,08’39″”
64 Andrew HAWDON Team Raleigh 4h57’09”,’ ‘”
65 Jasper BOVENHUIS An Post-Chain Reaction 4h57’09”,’ ‘”
66 Rhys WILLIAMS British Cycling East Midlands Region 4h57’09”,’ ‘”
67 Oscar VAN WIJK WPG Amsterdam Cycling 4h57’11”,08’41″”
68 Josh EDMONDSON NFTO Pro Cycling 4h57’13”,08’43″”
69 Jonathan TIERNEN-LOCKE Audlem Cycling Club 4h57’13”,’ ‘”
70 Edward MCPARLAND All Terrain Cycles 5h02’05”,13’35″”
71 Elliott PORTER British Cycling East Midlands Region 5h02’46”,14’16″”

Hot Spot Sprints

Hot Spot Sprint 1 Oakham 45.6km
1 Ian Wilkinson Pedal Heaven RT
2 Andrew Hawdon Team Raleigh
3 Andris Volsekalns Reitumu-Delfin

Hot Spot Sprint 2 Owston 129km
1 Tom Stewart Madison-Genesis
2 Sebastian Mora Team Raleigh
3 Dion Smith One Pro Cycling

Hot Spot Sprint 3 Owston 139km
1 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven RT
2 Peter Williams One Pro Cycling
3 Ian Bibby NFTO Pro Cycling

20 Bottles of Grainstore Beer
1 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT

Special Pork Pie
1 Tom Stewart Madison-Genesis


KOB 1 Cold Overton Hill 56km
1 Kristian House One Pro Cycling 5
2 Thomas Traviss-Pollard Kuota Metaltek 3
3 Josh Edmondson NFTO Pro Cycling 2
4 Pete Williams One Pro Cycling 1

KOB 2 Burrough-on-the-Hill 73km
1 Kristian House One Pro Cycling 5
2 Tom Stewart Madison-Genesis 3
3 Conor Dunne JLT Condor p/b Mavic 2
4 Michael Thompson Team Wiggins 1

KOB 3 Cold Overton Hill 96km
1 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 5
2 Michael Thompson Team Wiggins 3
3 Matthjs Koedijk WPG Amsterdam Cycling 2
4 Kristian House One Pro Cycling 1

KOB 4 Burrough-on-the-Hill 107km
1 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 5
2 Kristian House One Pro Cycling 3
3 Adria Moreno Team Raleigh 2
4 Sebastian Mora Team Raleigh 1

KOB 5 Burrough-on-the-Hill 123km
1 Peeter Pruus Reitumu-Delphin 5
2 Dion Smith One Pro Cycling 3
3 Ian Bibby NFTO Pro Cycling 2
4 Ian Wilkinson Pedal Heaven RT 1


DNF Graham BRIGGS JLT Condor pb Mavic ‘ ‘
DNF Felix ENGLISH Madison- Genesis ‘ ‘
DNF Jake ALDERMAN Audlem Cycling Club ‘ ‘
DNF Christopher LATHAM Team Wiggins ‘ ‘
DNF Lawrence KIRBY Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF Sam WILLIAMS ONE Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Adam DUGGLEBY The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Martin MORTENSEN ONE Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Milan VELTMAN Park Hotel Continental Team ‘ ‘
DNF Peter COCKER Giant Rutland Water-Wattbike ‘ ‘
DNF Adria MORENO Team Raleigh ‘ ‘
DNF Charlie TANFIELD Planet X Northside Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Alex ORRELL-TURNER Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Adam KENWAY Kuota – Metaltek ‘ ‘
DNF Thijs VAN BEUSICHEM Park Hotel Continental Team ‘ ‘
DNF Deins KANEPEJS Reitumu-Delfin ‘ ‘
DNF Eriks Toms GAVARS Reitumu-Delfin ‘ ‘
DNF Matt CRONSHAW Madison- Genesis ‘ ‘
DNF Luke HATTERSLEY Richardsons – Trek ‘ ‘
DNF Dante CARPENTER Richardsons – Trek ‘ ‘
DNF Martin WOFFINDEN Team Bikehaus ‘ ‘
DNF Elliot HARRISON Leisure Lakes Bikes Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Jordan STANNUS An Post-Chain Reaction ‘ ‘
DNF Harro GROENVELD WPG Amsterdam Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Bertie NEWEY Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF Ben JOUGHIN Pro-Vision ‘ ‘
DNF James WILKINSON Audlem Cycling Club ‘ ‘
DNF Jez MCCANN Richardsons – Trek ‘ ‘
DNF Luc HALL Team Wiggins ‘ ‘
DNF David MONTGOMERY An Post-Chain Reaction ‘ ‘
DNF Craig NICHOLSON Audlem Cycling Club ‘ ‘
DNF Matthijs KOEDIJK WPG Amsterdam Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Steve COLLOBY All Terrain Cycles ‘ ‘
DNF Robert MOORE Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT ‘ ‘
DNF James JOBBER Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF Stuart REID Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Simon WILSON Team Bikehaus ‘ ‘
DNF Hamish GRAHAM All Terrain Cycles ‘ ‘
DNF Cameron WOOLSEY Spirit Bikes Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Chris EMSLEY All Terrain Cycles ‘ ‘
DNF Josh GREEN Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF Ben HETHERINGTON Planet X Northside Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Alex TOUCHE Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF George THOMPSON Giant Rutland Water-Wattbike ‘ ‘
DNF Antonio DOMENE Dare – Gobik ‘ ‘
DNF Brad MORGAN Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Edward PICKARD Leisure Lakes Bikes Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Kai KAUTZ Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNF Josh HOUSLEY PB Performance ‘ ‘
DNF Dan BIGHAM Planet X Northside Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Ross SIMMONDS PB Performance ‘ ‘
DNF Jordan DOIG Pro-Vision ‘ ‘
DNF Javier VALERO Dare – Gobik ‘ ‘
DNF Pierre VERNIE Godfrey Bikewear Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Florien NOWAK Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNF James SMITH Audlem Cycling Club ‘ ‘
DNF Robert HOGG Team Corley ‘ ‘
DNF Bradley SYMONDS PB Performance ‘ ‘
DNF Paul COX Giant Rutland Water-Wattbike ‘ ‘
DNF Alejandro SILUS Guerciotti ‘ ‘
DNF Chris SNOOK Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT ‘ ‘
DNF Anthony MOYE Spirit Bikes Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Sebastian POT WPG Amsterdam Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Carlos LORENTE Dare – Gobik ‘ ‘
DNF Danny SMITH Pro-Vision ‘ ‘
DNF John GILDEA The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF William SCOTT Team Corley ‘ ‘
DNF Oscar JUSTO Guerciotti ‘ ‘
DNF Ben ROWE Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Andrew WEBSTER Team Bikehaus ‘ ‘
DNF Jack CUTSFORTH All Terrain Cycles ‘ ‘
DNF David BREARLEY The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Andy BETTS Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT ‘ ‘
DNF Peter ANDERSON The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF David OGG Godfrey Bikewear Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF David BATES Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Damien SHAW An Post-Chain Reaction ‘ ‘
DNF Greig BURT Godfrey Bikewear Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Ross LAMB Godfrey Bikewear Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Andrew MAGNIER Leisure Lakes Bikes Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Sam HARRISON Team Wiggins ‘ ‘
DNF Andrew BRINKLEY British Cycling East Midlands Region ‘ ‘
DNF David RANO Guerciotti ‘ ‘
DNF Jonathan HORNBLOW Leisure Lakes Bikes Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Juan Jesus MARTINEZ Dare – Gobik ‘ ‘
DNF Wim STROETINGA Park Hotel Continental Team ‘ ‘
DNF Fernando LOPES Guerciotti ‘ ‘
DNF Jesus VALLES Guerciotti ‘ ‘
DNF Chris MCNAUGHTON British Cycling East Midlands Region ‘ ‘
DNF Tom HARGREAVES Nunn-Sigma Sport -London RT ‘ ‘
DNF Matt EXLEY Team Corley ‘ ‘
DNF Hamish CARRICK Pro-Vision ‘ ‘
DNF Robert ORR Planet X Northside Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNF Ryan FENWICK Team Bikehaus ‘ ‘
DNF Jamie SCOTT Team Corley ‘ ‘
DNF Tom FITZPATRICK Spirit Bikes Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Simon ALEXANDER Richardsons – Trek ‘ ‘
DNF Matthew BULMER All Terrain Cycles ‘ ‘
DNF Pete NICHOLLS PB Performance ‘ ‘
DNF Ben MCKINTOSH Audlem Cycling Club ‘ ‘
DNF Matthew CLEMENTS Catford CC-Equipe Banks ‘ ‘
DNF Mathias KRIGBAUM Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNF Frederik ZEUNER Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNF Joe HARRIS Spirit Bikes Race Team ‘ ‘
DNF Jacob BOOTH Team Bikehaus ‘ ‘
DNF Ashley MARSHALL Wheelbase-Altura-MGD ‘ ‘
DNF Alistair RUTHERFORD The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Benjamin MANFIELD-YORK The Nab Racing ‘ ‘
DNF Richard JONES Planet X Northside Pro Cycling ‘ ‘
DNS Morten GADGAARD Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNS Stefan SCHUMACHER Christina Jewelery -Team Stuttgart ‘ ‘
DNS John ARCHIBALD Pro-Vision ‘ ‘
DNS Jason ROBERTS Pro-Vision ‘ ‘

Video Interview – Pre race with Ian Wilkinson (Pedal Heaven)
Video – See what the riders have to endure with Video of Sawgate sector
Video Interview – Andy Hawdon (Raleigh GAC)

 More videos on the morning of the race in the live updates feed above ….



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