Report/Result: Iceni Velo Duff Morgan Road Race


Debut win for nineteen-year old Elliot Fullerton of the Kassei CC in the 50 mile Iceni Velo Duff Morgan Road Race

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Report/Result: Iceni Velo Duff Morgan Road Race

Shotesham near Norwich, Sun 1st May 2016
From Fergus Muir


There was a debut win for nineteen-year old Elliot Fullerton of the Kassei CC in the 50 mile Iceni Velo Road Race on the picturesque Shotesham Circuit just south of Norwich. The bunch was brought to a halt on the third lap by Chief Comm Derek Lusher who made it clear that riding into blind bends on the wrong side of the road will not be tolerated in the East.

The race featured two long lone breaks by on-form VC Baracchi man Mark Richards. But the Lowestoft rider was brought back by the efforts of a chasing group of six including Lewis Pendle (VC Norwich), John Swindells (Iceni), Ian Lee (RAF CC), Simon Hazelby (Iceni Velo) and Fullerton.

On the climb soon after Shotesham Globe, Fullerton attacked and came over the top of the finish hill with two 4.8 mile laps to go with a lead of 20 seconds. Later Lewis Pendle went clear of the chasers to take second spot, while Junior Dougal Toms (Iceni) took off from the bunch to secure seventh place.


1 Elliot Fullerton Kassei CC
2 Lewis Pendle VC Norwich @ 16 secs
3 Ian Lee RAF CA
4 Mark Richards VC Baracchi
5 Simon Hazelby Iceni Velo @ 28ses
6 John Swindells Iceni Velo @ 35secs
7 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo @ 1:15
8 Spencer Laborde Iceni Velo @ 1:22
9 Tim Guy Iceni Velo
10 Kieran Jarvis St Ives CC
11 James Browne VC Norwich
12 David Warwick Orwell Velo @ 1:30
13 Liam Gentry VC Baracchi
14 Tom Begg Cambridge CC
15 Ben Locke Maldon & Dist
16 Phil Hetzel Ipswich BC @ 1:35
17 Ian Perry Colchester Rovers
18 Vincent Christan ELV
19 Jamie Roberts
20 Steven Hubbard CC Sudbury
21 Toby Miles Finchley RT
22 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
23 Robert Anderson Gt Yarmouth CC
24 Ian Sandall Gt Yarmouth CC
25 Patrick Warren Elmore FR
26 Adam Colbert Ipswich BC
27 Ian Newby Diss & Dist
28 Nigel Hobday Cambridge CC
29 Tony Meader Eagle RC
30 Phillip Large Iceni Velo
31 Thomas King CC Ashwell
32 Isaac Bowers-Barnard IBC
33 Travis Pell CC Ashwell






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