Result: Litherland Circuit Race League


James Wilkinson and David McGowan Pedal Heaven RT winners at the Litherland Circuit Race League on Wednesday night (Liverpool)

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Result: Litherland Circuit Race League

1 David McGowan Pedal Heaven
2 Chris Fallon Kuota – Spinergy – GSG
3 Dan Whelan Onimpex Bio Racer RT
4 Charlie Critchley High on Bikes
5 Ryan Pike High on Bikes
6 Andrew Martin Champion System VCUK RT
7 James Wilkinson Audlem Cycling Club
8 Rob Shirley Harry Middleton CC
9 Morgan Hughes Pro Vision SJ Academy

3rds/4ths Distance: 16 Laps
1 James Wilkinson Audlem Cycling Club 3rd 25m. 16s.
2 David Grindley North Cheshire Clarion 3rd @ 8 secs.
3 Marc Heuston Liverpool Century RC 3rd st
4 Ross Prescott LJMU Cycling Team Jnr-3rd st
5 Luke Jackson Harry Middleton CC 3rd st
6 Thomas McRoyall North Cheshire Clarion 3rd @ 42 secs.
7 Graig Ball St Helens CRC 3rd st
8 Robin Hennessy Liverpool Phoenux CC Aintree 3rd st
9 Craig Eden RT 3rd st
10 Martin Jalowiec North Cheshire Clarion 3rd st
11 Andrew Brookfield Liverpool Century RC 4th st
12 Alex Carley Liverpool Century RC 4th st
13 Lee Steele BC Private Member 3rd st
14 Mark Howard L’pool Braveheart Bicycle Club 4th st
15 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC 3rd st
16 Freddy Frost Liverpool Century RC 3rd st
17 Stan Boyd St Helens CRC 4th @ 53 secs.
18 Sam Allen BC Private Member 4th @ 1 Lap
19 Alex Smith Port Sunlight Whls CC 4th same
20 Peter Hailwood PBK – Santini 3rd same
21 Geoff Darbyshire St Helens CRC 4th same
22 Neil Laing Southport CC 4th @ 2 Laps
23 Tom Green Ludlow CC 4th same

Women Distance: 14 Laps
1 Rosie Walsh High on Bikes Jnr-3rd 25m 42s.

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Youth A – Boys Laps: 10

1 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC 16m. 12s.
2 George Elliott Liverpool Century RC st
3 Joe Pink Liverpool Century RC @ 19 secs.
4 Max Moss Birkenhead North End CC st
5 David Unsworth Southport CC @ 21 secs.
6 Thomas Stewart Liverpool Century RC st
7 Jake Owens En Velo @ 41 secs.
8 Conor McKinnon Southport CC @ 1 Lap

Youth A – Girls Laps: 9
1 Lizzie McDermott Birkenhead North End CC 17m. 12s.
2 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion st
3 Hannah Wiggins Sportcity Velo @ 1 Lap

Youth B – Boys Laps: 10
1 Adam Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion 17m. 38s.
2 Adam McClorey North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 26s.
3 Ben Wells Liverpool Century RC @ 1m. 35s.
4 James Ford Liverpool Century RC st
Youth B – Girls Laps: 9
1 Isabelle McKinnon Southport CC 17m. 55s.

Youth C – Boys Laps: 9
1 Eddie McHugh Team Terminator 17m. 25s.
2 Thomas Purcell Liverpool Century RC @ 6 secs.
3 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion @ 17 secs.
4 Tom Elliott Liverpool Century RC @ 40 secs.
5 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century RC @ 48 secs.
6 Gareth McClorey North Cheshire Clarion st

Youth C – Girls Laps: 9
1 Kitty Cunniffe Southport CC 18m. 53s.
2 Hannah McClorey North Cheshire Clarion @ 2 secs.
3 Libby Peers Liverpool Century RC @ 2m. 2s.

Youth D – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 8
1 Sebastian Grindley North Cheshire Clarion 8m. 49s.
2 Joseph Cosgrove Southport CC st
3 Matthew Johnson North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap

Youth E – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Daniel Cosgrove Southport CC 7m. 07s.
2 Tom Murphy L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 58 secs.
3 Kaden Williams Harry Middleton CC @ 1 Lap
4 James Miller BC Private Member same
5 Tyler Williams Harry Middleton CC same




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