Results: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2


Steve Konrad and Thomas Power two of the winners at the second of the Lotus Cars Cycle Race League on Wednesday

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Results: Lotus Cars Cycle Race League 2


1 Finn Lomax
2 Fern Rutterford Iceni Velo

1 Harry Smith Iceni Velo
2 Mia Rutterford Iceni Velo

1 Edward Cole Iceni Velo
2 Joseph Smith Iceni Velo
3 Cameron Hansell
4 Callum Laborde Iceni Velo
5 Barney Walters Ipswich Bicycle Club
6 Daisy Grantham

1 Jordan Rumbles East Coast Riders
2 Angus Toms Iceni Velo
3 Oscar Allen Iceni Velo

1 Josun Cole Iceni Velo
2 Oliver Wood Strada-Sport
3 Sophie Holmes Team Terminator
4 Jack Parrish Ipswich Bicycle Club
5 Freddie Grover Stowmarket & District CC
6 Fraser Elsworth West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
7 Connor Rumbles East Coast Riders
8 Thomas Pask Iceni Velo
9 Oliver Grantham
10 Eleanor Kershaw

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1 Thomas Power Strada-Sport
2 Dale Johnston VC Norwich
3 Charlie Wright VC Norwich
4 Darren Rutterford Iceni Velo
5 Zak Coleman Strada-Sport
6 Fabian Horrocks RP Vision Racing Team
7 Mark Richards Velo Club Baracchi
8 Morris Bacon Strada-Sport
9 Joshua Andrews Fast Test Racing Team
10 Stephen Grant Strada-Sport
11 Bradley Nelson QSW-Etixx
12 Benjamin Beynon KASSEI.CC – TEKNOFUEL
13 Owen Chapple Haverhill Cycling Club
14 David Harrison Cambridge CC
15 Adrian Healey Stowmarket & District CC
16 Neal Hughes Stowmarket & District CC
17 Peter Blenkinsop Fast Test Racing Team
18 Kieran Jarvis St Ives CC
19 Hector Corey Velo Schils – Interbike RT
20 Daniel Drewery Fast Test Racing Team
21 Alexander Leeder Iceni Velo
22 Matthew Kerr Ipswich Bicycle Club
23 Gary Freeman Fast Test Racing Team
24 Daniel Zagni Ipswich Bicycle Club
25 Jake Towler West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
26 James Moore Velo Club Baracchi
27 Nicholas Esser Velo Club Baracchi
28 William Dunn Cambridge CC
29 Patrick Manning Strada-Sport
30 Andrew Elderfield VC Revolution
31 Chris Parker Ipswich Bicycle Club
32 Lewis Pendle VC Norwich
33 Aaron McGrady VC Norwich
34 Tom Fitzpatrick Spirit Bikes Racing Team
35 Andrew Elliott Iceni Velo
36 Ben Keeley VeloVelocity/Risbygate Solicit…
37 Simon Millard Iceni Velo
38 Dougal Toms Iceni Velo
39 Louis Julian Gt Yarmouth CC
40 Isla Rush Matrix Fitness p/b Corley Cycl…
41 Timothy Snook Ipswich Bicycle Club

4th Cat Only
1 Steve Konrad Gt Yarmouth CC
2 Charles Jones
3 Robin White Velo Schils – Interbike RT
4 Matthew Denny West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
5 Peter Gregg Stowmarket & District CC
6 Jamie Roberts
7 Thomas Glynn UEA – Streetlife Cycles
8 Robert Anderson Gt Yarmouth CC
9 James Palmer Diss & District CC
10 Simon Loombe Aylsham Road Club
11 Jonathan Vaughan Iceni Velo
12 Malcolm Borg West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
13 James Fletcher Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich
14 James Newton CC Sudbury
15 Matthew Flynn Stowmarket & District CC
16 Tom Carter
17 Christopher Starr
18 Aaron Frisby Aylsham Road Club
19 Stephen De Boltz Ipswich Bicycle Club
20 Fred Hamlin
21 Matthew Baker VC Norwich
22 Stuart French
23 David Wilby Diss & District CC
24 Christopher Errington Ipswich Velo
25 Peter Farrell East Coast Riders
26 Clive Julian Gt Yarmouth CC
27 Leighton Bannister Stowmarket & District CC
28 Graham Denny East Coast Riders
29 Paul Flack Mildenhall CC
30 Martin Page Ipswich Bicycle Club
31 Mark Nickerson Gt Yarmouth CC
32 Charles Stringer
33 Richard Walter
34 Tim Hansell
35 Leon Woodcock Rapha Cycling Club
36 Oliver Howe Strada-Sport
37 Michael Bell Stowmarket & District CC
38 Brandon-James Thorne Norfolk Cycling Academy
39 Lewis Knights Ipswich Bicycle Club
40 Marc Humphries VC Norwich
41 Daniel Wood Stowmarket & District CC
42 Owen Geeson
43 Matthew Eaglen West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
44 Charlie Sopp
45 Tom Lawrence VC Norwich
46 Ben Moore East Coast Riders
47 Matthew Whitaker East Coast Riders
48 Kevin Stronach Stowmarket & District CC
49 Steven Palmer West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
50 Oliver Gardiner

1 Sophie Holmes Team Terminator
2 Cindy Berry UEA – Streetlife Cycles
3 Alice Codling Gt Yarmouth CC




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