Preview – Tour Series Heads for Redditch


Today sees the Tour Series head back to Redditch where the battle to get the hands in the air will come continue as will the one to be top team

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Preview – Tour Series Heads for Redditch

After the crashfest in a wet and windy round 3 at Edinburgh, better weather is expected at Redditch in Worcestershire on Thursday for the next battle between Britain’s top cycling teams.


Edinburgh winner Graham Briggs is down to ride in Redditch on Thursday

The race takes place in the heart of Redditch where it will be the fifth successive Summer that the town has hosted Britain’s top televisied circuit series. The day will see both mens and women’s rounds held on a 1.4-kilometre circuit based around the Church Green West finish area, including the climb of Unicorn Hill every lap.

So far in the series, a rider from JLT Condor has won each round with Jon Mould, Chris Lawless and Graham Briggs each having won individually whilst the team has won two of three with Madison Genesis the other team to win a Team prize. This year, with Tour of Britain selection points on the line, the racing does seem closer and despite the men in black’s domination of the top steps, all the other teams are in the mix.


One of the stars of the race in Redditch will be Tom Stewart of Madison Genesis, winner of the Lincoln GP and the Velothon UCI 1.1 race.

Pedal Heaven were impressive in Edinburgh with numbers at the front and off the front whilst Raleigh-GAC too had numbers up front until a crash and punctures dealt then a bitter blow. With the weather expected to be drier, and therefore less of a luck element involved, the racing is expected to be hotter than ever after some very tacticals rounds so far.

Going down the start sheet, its hard not to look at Tom Stewart of Madison Genesis after his sensational win at Velothon on Sunday, a few weeks after his Lincoln GP win. He obviously has great form, can go up hill rapidly and has won in the Tour Series before, solo, before.


Winner in Redditch, Matthieu Boulo (Raleigh  GAC) returns on Thursday with good form.

The next team on the list, Pedal Heaven, are enjoying more success with a stage in the An Post RAS for James Gullen and Rory Townsend taking the Points jersey after second place in Edinburgh. Looking at the ITV4 coverage, it was easy to see the Pedal Heaven riders are a level up from last years and not just in the mix but making the racing a lot of the time.

The third team, Raleigh GAC, is a completely foreign line up with three Spanish and two French. Matthieu Boulo was all over the race in Edinburgh and whilst he was distanced late in the race, he’s won solo at Redditch before and his 8th at Velothon shows he has great form. Morgan Kniesky will perhaps be the rider with the most hunger after his slip up last year that ‘gifted’ the win to Jon Mould.


Rory Townsend (Pedal Heaven) showed he’s got some speed beating Chris Lawless (round 1 winner) to second in Edinburgh.

Seb Mora is okay after his crash in Edinburgh where he picked himself up and raced to the finish whilst Torres and Adria Moreno both have had outstanding debuts for the team in 2016.

Whilst Raleigh-GAC had bad luck in Edinburgh, NFTO certainly had some as well with a crash for Bradbury followed by a mechanical whilst Ian Bibby too had a puncture and spent the race chasing. ‘Bibs’ is wearing the stripes and will be keen to get the hands in the air whilst having the champion’s jersey on his back.

When it comes to JLT Condor, anyone of them could win and three of them have done so. A new name, Ali Slater is on the list whilst faller in Edinburgh, Kiwi Alex Frame who banged his knee on the cobbles, is also down to ride which is good news for the team.

Team Wiggins, who so far have only had one rider on the start, if at all, have three entries but we’ll need to see if they indeed ride whilst the other teams are guest teams, Catford CC with Eddie Soens winner Bertie Newey, H.R. Owen Maserati RT, Nuun-Sigma Sport and Richardsons Trek RT.

Before the men’s race, will be a Women’s Tour Series race with Britain’s top teams. A start sheet has just been received for this event and is included below:


2 Lauren Creamer Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
3 Grace Garner Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
4 Amy Gornall Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
5 Bethany Hayward Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
11 Gabriella Shaw Podium Ambition p/b Club La Santa
20 Lydia Boylan Team WNT
21 Sam Burman Team WNT
23 Corinne Clark Team WNT
27 Jo Tindley Team WNT
28 Hannah Walker Team WNT
41 Sarah Bradford Team Jadan-Weldtite
43 Laura Cheesman Team Jadan-Weldtite
46 Annabel Fisher Team Jadan-Weldtite
51 Louise Scupham Team Jadan-Weldtite
61 Lucy Chittenden Aprire HSS Hire
64 Sophie Lankford Aprire HSS Hire
65 Louise Laker Aprire HSS Hire
68 Gemma Sargent Aprire HSS Hire
69 Agata Woznika Aprire HSS Hire
80 Ellie Coster Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club
84 Nikola Matthews Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club
85 Kelly Murphy Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club
87 Bethany Taylor Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club
88 Ruth Taylor Boot Out Breast Cancer Cycling Club
103 Rebecca Durrell Drops Cycling Team
105 Laura Massey Drops Cycling Team
108 Lucy Shaw Drops Cycling Team
109 Annie Simpson Drops Cycling Team
120 Lou Bates Velo Schills – Interbike RT
121 Caroline Guest Velo Schills – Interbike RT
124 Sandra MacKay Velo Schills – Interbike RT
125 Iona Sewell Velo Schills – Interbike RT
126 Nicola Soden Velo Schills – Interbike RT
140 Megan Barker Team Breeze
142 Hayley Jones Team Breeze
143 Emily Kay Team Breeze
147 Annasley Park Team Breeze
148 Emily Nelson Team Breeze
160 Madison Campbell Team Footon Velosport
161 Verena Eberhardt Team Footon Velosport
163 Suzetta Guerrini Team Footon Velosport
180 Nikki Juniper Team Ford Ecoboost (British champion)
182 Melissa Brand Team Ford Ecoboost
183 Charlotte Broughton Team Ford Ecoboost
184 Lizzie Holden Team Ford Ecoboost
187 Charline Joiner Team Ford Ecoboost
203 Josie Knight Sunsport Velo
205 Alice Sharpe Sunsport Velo
206 Maddy Scott Sunsport Velo
209 Charlotte Redden Sunsport Velo
221 Lauren Humphreys Bonito Squadra Corse
228 Clemence Copie Les Filles Racing Team
234 Becky Raybould Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching
235 Jessica Roberts Liv Cycling Club – Epic Coaching
241 Amber Joseph PMR@Toachim House
244 Jennie Tillott St Ives CC
245 Sian Botteley Starley Racing
246 Tanya Griffiths Starley Racing
255 Charlotte Alston Team 22

Men’s Line Up

2 Alex Blain Madison – Genesis
3 Matt Cronshaw Madison – Genesis
4 Felix English Madison – Genesis
9 Gruff Lewis Madison – Genesis
12 Tom Stewart Madison – Genesis
20 Alex Paton Pedal Heaven
23 Will Fox Pedal Heaven
24 David McGowan Pedal Heaven
25 Jack Pullar Pedal Heaven
29 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven
41 Matthieu Boulo Team Raleigh GAC
45 Morgan Kneisky Team Raleigh GAC
47 Sebastian Mora Team Raleigh GAC
48 Adria Moreno Team Raleigh GAC
51 Albert Torres Team Raleigh GAC
61 Dale Appleby NFTO
62 Ian Bibby NFTO
67 James Lowsley-Williams NFTO
68 Rhys Lloyd NFTO
70 Johnny McEvoy NFTO
82 Graham Briggs JLT Condor P/B Mavic
84 Alex Frame JLT Condor P/B Mavic
87 Chris Lawless JLT Condor P/B Mavic
89 Jon Mould JLT Condor P/B Mavic
90 Alistair Slater JLT Condor P/B Mavic
100 Liam Holohan Team Wiggins
104 Sam Harrison Team Wiggins
111 Kian Emadi Team Wiggins
172 Owen James Catford CC Equipe Banks
174 Sean McGovern Catford CC Equipe Banks
179 Laurence Kirby Catford CC Equipe Banks
180 George Clark Catford CC Equipe Banks
219 Bertie Newey Catford CC Equipe Banks
183 Adam Moore H.R. Owen Maserati RT
184 Tom Kirk H.R. Owen Maserati RT
185 Mikey Mottram H.R. Owen Maserati RT
186 Scott Probert H.R. Owen Maserati RT
191 David Prickett H.R. Owen Maserati RT
193 Chris McNamara Nuun-Sigma Sport – London Race Team
198 Tom Hargreaves Nuun-Sigma Sport – London Race Team
199 Chris Snook Nuun-Sigma Sport – London Race Team
200 Rob Moore Nuun-Sigma Sport – London Race Team
201 Lawrence Carpenter Nuun-Sigma Sport – London Race Team
203 Jez McCann Richardsons Trek RT
204 Luke Ryan Richardsons Trek RT
206 Dante Carpenter Richardsons Trek RT
207 Simon Alexander Richardsons Trek RT
209 Kieran Brady Richardsons Trek RT





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