News – Beaumont Trophy Road Races


Road racing back on the menu for the pros in Britain with the Beaumont Trophy Road Races (mens and womens)  in Northumberland next Sunday

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News – Beaumont Trophy Road Races

Road racing is back on the menu for the pros in Britain with the Beaumont Trophy Road Races in Northumberland next Sunday. In the last warm up race before the British Road Race Championships, the mens event also carries qualifying points for the Tour of Britain which will simply add to the pressure on teams to perform well in this event.

Start lists for both races below:

The BeaumHistoryont Trophy was first run in 1952, the year after the Gosforth Road Club was formed and over the next 63 years the race has been won by many famous riders including Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Newton, Russell and Dean Downing, Malcolm Elliott and Don Sanderson to name but a few.

The most prolific winner of the Trophy is Ray Wetherell who has won it 5 times. Sir Bradley Wiggins has won it twice, once as National Champion in 2011. The race was part of the Premier Calendar for seven years before gaining UCI status in 2013. It is now on the International calendar as a UCI 1.2 event and is one of only five UCI events in the UK

The race is centered around the village of Stamfordham and takes in the fearsome climb of the Ryals.

The race will start at 1.15pm and will be a combination of two circuits. The larger circuit is 22.3mls and includes the climb of the Ryals which will be tackled 4 times by the riders. The smaller circuit is 13.9 mls and this will be tackled twice. The race will start with one lap of the smaller circuit before going on to complete 4 laps of the larger circuit and then finish with a final lap of the small circuit. Total distance 117mls (187km).


Curlew Cup for Women
The 5th edition of the Curlew Cup Sponsored by Northumberland National Park will take place on the Sunday in the morning and will precede the Beaumont Trophy Road Race which will take place in the afternoon.

The race will be based around the villages of Stamfordham and Matfen with the start/finish in Stamfordham. These two villages successfully hosted the first four editions of the Curlew Cup which was launched in 2012.

In 2012 the Race was won by Dame Sarah Storey and in 2013 by Hannah Barnes. In 2014 the event was won by Katie Archibald who went on the represent Scotland in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The 4th Edition of the Race was won by Laura Massey.

Race HQ will be at Stamfordham Village Hall where there will be refreshments for spectators and toilet facilities. The Swinburne Arms will also be open for refreshments and food throughout the day.

The race will start at 9am. Competitors will complete 3 laps of the 22.3ml circuit which will also be used in the men’s race. The total distance will be 66mls (106kms) The riders will climb the Ryals three times on the circuit. This is a change from previous editions of the race and it is hoped that this change will provide a testing challenge for the riders.

The race will start and finish in Stamfordham and there will be KOM, Points, Team and U23 Competitions. The total prize fund is expected to be £2000.

1 Stewart, Mark (*) Team Gb
2 Wood, Oliver Team Gb
3 Cullaigh, Gabriel Team Gb
4 Burton, Germain Team Gb
5 Gibson, Matthew Team Gb
6 Draper, Nathan Team Gb
7 Barker, Yanto One Pro Cycling
8 Domagalski, Karol One Pro Cycling
9 Mccormick, Hayden (*) One Pro Cycling
10 Oram, James One Pro Cycling
11 Smith, Dion (*) One Pro Cycling
12 Williams, Peter (*) One Pro Cycling
13 Downing, Russell (*) Team Jlt Condor
14 Slater, Alistair Team Jlt Condor
15 Moses, Tom (*) Team Jlt Condor
16 Lawless, Christopher Team Jlt Condor
17 Laverack, Edward Team Jlt Condor
18 Mould, Jonathan Team Jlt Condor
19 Rowsell, Erik Madison Genesis
20 Stewart, Thomas (*) Madison Genesis
21 Blain, Alexandre Madison Genesis
22 Gunman, Taylor (*) Madison Genesis
23 Lewis, Gruffudd (*) Madison Genesis
24 Holmes, Matthew (*) Madison Genesis
25 Wallace, Craig (*) Raleigh Gac
26 Moreno Sala, Adria (*) Raleigh Gac
27 Kneisky, Morgan (*) Raleigh Gac
28 Pym, George (*) Raleigh Gac
29 Boulo, Matthieu (*) Raleigh Gac
30 Oliphant, Evan (*) Raleigh Gac
31 Kelly, Jake Team Wiggins
32 Christian, Mark Team Wiggins
33 Latham, Christopher Team Wiggins
34 Tennant, Andrew Team Wiggins
35 Doull, Owain Team Wiggins
36 Dibben, Jon Team Wiggins
37 Bibby, Ian Nfto Professional Cycling Team
38 Mcenvoy, Johnny Nfto Professional Cycling Team
39 Edmondson, Josh Nfto Professional Cycling Team
40 Appleby, Dale Nfto Professional Cycling Team
41 Partridge, Rob Nfto Professional Cycling Team
42 Lloyd, Rhys Nfto Professional Cycling Team
43 Paton, Alex Pedal Heaven
44 Gullen, James Pedal Heaven
45 Pullar, Jack Pedal Heaven
46 Steadman, Max Pedal Heaven
47 Gardias, Dexter Pedal Heaven
48 Tanfield, Harry Pedal Heaven
49 Anderson, David Wederkinck Team Soigneur
50 Busk, Elias Helleskov Team Soigneur
51 Sorensen, Emil Dam Team Soigneur
52 Hemmingsen, Stig Team Soigneur
53 Bonlykke, Marcus Team Soigneur
54 Siggaard, Soren Team Soigneur
55 Leigh, Andrew Superano Ham-Isorex-
56 Byrne, Dillen Superano Ham-Isorex-
57 Soenens, Alessandro Superano Ham-
58 Depypere, Mathias Superano Ham-
59 Terpstra, Mike Wpga Cycling
60 Asjes, Jelmerwpga Cycling
61 De Groot, Daan Wpga Cycling
62 De Haan, Binne Pier Wpga Cycling
63 Pot, Sebastiaan Wpga Cycling
64 Van Zijl, Dylan Wpga Cycling
65 Porter, Elliott Neon Velo Cycling Team
66 Maxwell, Oliver Neon Velo Cycling Team
67 Bjergfelt, William Neon Velo Cycling Team
68 Potts, Marc Neon Velo Cycling Team
69 Durrin, Jeremy Neon Velo Cycling Team
70 Yates, Liam Neon Velo Cycling Team
71 Fleeman, Dan Metaltek-Kuota Rt
72 Kenway, Adam Metaltek-Kuota Rt
73 Traviss-Pollard, Thomas Metaltek-Kuota Rt
74 Perry, Ryan Metaltek-Kuota Rt
75 May, Zach Metaltek-Kuota Rt
76 Lawley, Steven Metaltek-Kuota Rt
77 Baylis, Sebastian Zappis Racing Team
78 Auld, Scott Zappis Racing Team
79 Ferguson, Callum Zappis Racing Team
80 Fanshawe, Alex Zappis Racing Team
81 Davey, James Zappis Racing Team
82 Williams, Rhys Zappis Racing Team
83 Graham, Hamish Green Jersey Rt
84 Gilham, Kit Green Jersey Rt
85 Auty, Alex Green Jersey Rt
86 Mcparland, Edward Green Jersey Rt
87 Kay, Alastair Green Jersey Rt
88 Nieto, Daniel Green Jersey Rt
89 Swift, Connor Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
90 Hepworth, Alastair Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
91 Tanner, Jake Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
92 Clark, Joe Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield
93 Tiernan-Locke, Jonathan Saint Piran
94 Alderman, Jake Saint Piran
95 Feather, Andrew Saint Piran
96 Gooding, Richie Saint Piran
97 Heywood, Duncan Saint Piran
98 Lockett, Ben Saint Piran
99 Ogg, David Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
100 Verney, Pierre Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
101 Lamb, Ross Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
102 Burt, Greig Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
103 Fletcher, David Godfrey Bikewear Race Team
104 Wilson, Simon Bikehaus By Ridley
105 Woffindin, Martin Bikehaus By Ridley
106 Foster, Alex Bikehaus By Ridley
107 Booth, Jacob Bikehaus By Ridley
108 Lavery, Philip Bikehaus By Ridley
109 Wilcock, Tim G.S. Metro
110 Kipling, Matthew G.S. Metro
111 Donaldson, Carl G.S. Metro
112 Sleath, Chris G.S. Metro
113 Clark, Patrick G.S. Metro
114 Jagger, Freddie G.S. Metro
115 Hetherington, Ben Planet X – Northside
116 Tanfield, Charlie Planet X – Northside
117 Luhrs, Alex Planet X – Northside
118 Stokes, Brad Planet X – Northside
119 Bigham, Daniel Planet X – Northside
120 Orr, Robert Planet X – Northside
121 Jones, Alex Champion System Vcuk Rt
122 Baldwin, Lee Champion System Vcuk Rt
123 Hodgson, Ralf Champion System Vcuk Rt
124 Ashcroft, Ryan Champion System Vcuk Rt
125 Travis, Stuartspirit Bikes Rt
126 Clemens, Edward Spirit Bikes Rt
127 Woolsey, Cameron Spirit Bikes Rt
128 Harris, Joe Spirit Bikes Rt
129 Hennessy, Jacob Spirit Bikes Rt
130 Boast, Sam Wheelbase Altura Mgd
131 Barusevicus, Peter Wheelbase Altura Mgd
132 Orrell-Turner, Alex Wheelbase Altura Mgd
133 Lewis, Joel Wheelbase Altura Mgd
134 Moody, Levi Wheelbase Altura Mgd
135 Bates, David Wheelbase Altura Mgd
136 Shaw, Damien Irish National Team
137 Mckenna, Sean Irish National Team
138 Richardson, Ian Irish National Team
139 Morton, Eoin Irish National Team
140 Hennebry, Conor Irish National Team
141 Dowling, Mark Irish National Team
142 Fyfee, Angus Team Ulster
143 Mcauley, Craig Team Ulster
144 Mcglinchy, Christopher Team Ulster
145 Watson, Lindsay Team Ulster
146 Curry, James Team Ulster
147 Moore, Darnell Team Ulster
148 James, Owen Catford Cc Equipe/Banks Rt
149 Green, Josh Catford Cc Equipe/Banks Rt
150 Newey, Bertie Catford Cc Equipe/Banks Rt
151 Freeman, Ross Catford Cc Equipe/Banks Rt

1 Kay, Emily(*) Team Breeze
2 Nelson, Emily(*) Team Breeze
3 Lowther, Melissa(*) Team Breeze
4 Park, Annasley(*) Team Breeze
5 Barker, Megan(*) Team Breeze
6 Lloyd, Manon(*) Team Breeze
7 Dentus, Abigail(*) Team Breeze
8 Khan, Dannielle(*) Team Breeze
9 Storey, Dame Sarah Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
10 Moerig, Nicole Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
11 Rose, Claire Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
12 Headley, Sara Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
13 Harris, Elizabeth-Jane Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
14 Hayward, Bethany(*) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
15 Shaw, Gabriella Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
16 Gornall, Amy(*) Podium Ambition Pro Cycling Pb Club La Santa
17 Juniper, Nicola Team Ford Ecoboost
18 Erskine, Julie Team Ford Ecoboost
19 Joiner, Charline Team Ford Ecoboost
20 Brand, Melissa Team Ford Ecoboost
21 Broughton, Charlotte(*) Team Ford Ecoboost
22 Colborne, Henrietta(*) Team Ford Ecoboost
23 Murray, Clover(*) Team Ford Ecoboost
24 Holden, Elizabeth(*) Team Ford Ecoboost
25 Van Twisk, Abi(*) Drops Cycling Team
26 Simpson, Annie Drops Cycling Team
27 Womersley, Becky(*) Drops Cycling Team
28 Dickinson, Ellie(*) Drops Cycling Team
29 Cameron, Laura Drops Cycling Team
30 Osborne, Rose Drops Cycling Team
31 Shaw, Lucy(*) Drops Cycling Team
32 Boddy, Karla Drops Cycling Team
33 Boylan, Lydia Team Wnt
34 Grinczer, Natalie(*) Team Wnt
35 Tindley, Jo Team Wnt
36 Rimmington, Rebecca Team Wnt
37 Clark, Corinne Team Wnt
38 Mcvitty, Keira(*) Team Wnt
39 Burman, Sam Team Wnt
40 Weller, Chloe Army Cycling Race Team
41 Porter, Charmaine(*) Army Cycling Race Team
42 Wilson, Samantha Army Cycling Race Team
43 Mason, Chanel Army Cycling Race Team
44 Farquhar, Alexandra Army Cycling Race Team
45 Hoare, Becky Army Cycling Race Team
46 Fraser, Ashleigh(*) Fusion Rt Fierlan
47 Hibbs, Angela Fusion Rt Fierlan
48 Holden, Jennifer(*) Fusion Rt Fierlan
49 Hudson, Jennifer Fusion Rt Fierlan
50 Stedman, Elizabeth Fusion Rt Fierlan
51 Campbell, Eleanor(*) Fusion Rt Fierlan
52 Walsh, Rosie(*) Sunsport Velo Wrt
53 Edwards, Anouska Sunsport Velo Wrt
54 Hellewell, Jane(*) Sunsport Velo Wrt
55 Thackray, Sophie(*) Sunsport Velo Wrt
56 Mcfadden, Shauna(*) Sunsport Velo Wrt
57 Harrison, Eimear(*) Sunsport Velo Wrt
58 Callander, Rhona(*) Team Jadan Weldtite
59 Colclough, Charlotte Team Jadan Weldtite
60 Liesens, Karolien(*) Team Jadan Weldtite
61 Elizabeth, Burrows Team Jadan Weldtite
62 Burke, Sarah Team Jadan Weldtite
63 Dew, Monica(*) Boot Out Breast Cancer Cc
64 Taylor, Ruth Boot Out Breast Cancer Cc
65 Taylor, Bethany(*) Boot Out Breast Cancer Cc
66 Murphy, Kelly Boot Out Breast Cancer Cc
67 Matthews, Nikola Boot Out Breast Cancer Cc
68 Crighton, Rachel(*)Team 22
69 Alston, Charlotte(*) Team 22
70 Lee, Lucy(*) Team 22
71 Martin, Phoebe(*) Team 22
72 Swoboda, Claire Starley Racing
73 Nordin, Gabriella Starley Racing
74 Botteley, Sian(*) Starley Racing
75 Dixon, Eve(*) Starley Racing
76 Sargent, Gemma Aprire Bicycles / Hss Hire
77 Laker, Louise Aprire Bicycles / Hss Hire
78 Mellor, Harriet(*) Aprire Bicycles / Hss Hire
79 Lankford, Sophie(*) Aprire Bicycles / Hss Hire
80 Campbell, Madison(*) Team Footon Veloport
81 Guerrini, Suzetta Team Footon Veloport
82 Gilbert, Josephine(*) Team Footon Veloport
83 Weaver, Anna Team Vertex
84 Ilyinskaya, Evgenia Team Vertex
85 Reiner, Elisabeth Austria
86 Johnson, Rebecca Fast Test Race Team
87 Cobb, Alice(*) Matrix Fitness P/B Corley Cycles
88 Mottram, Stephanie Cliff Pratts Racing
89 Barr, Jane Velocity 44
90 Christian, Anna(*) Wiggle High5 Pro Cycling
91 Fraser, Chloe(*) Lointek
92 Macmahon, Holly(*) Wxc World Racing

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