Result: Litherland Circuit Races


Paul Wilkinson and Ross Prescott two of the winners at the Dolan Bikes Litherland Circuit Race league on Wednesday night in Liverpool

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Result: Litherland Circuit Races

1 Paul Wilkinson North Cheshire Clarion
2 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC
3 Stephen Stuart Liverpool Century RC
4 David Murphy L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC
5 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC
6 Andy Brookfield Liverpool Century RC
1 Ross Prescott LJMU Cycling Team
2 Andrew Brookfield Liverpool Century RC
3 Stephen Stuart Liverpool Century RC
4 George Growcott LJMU Cycling Team
5 Ian Kendall Liverpool Century RC
6 Rosie Walsh High on Bikes
7 Graeme Veevers Liverpool Century RC
8 David Murphy L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC
9 Jake Holder BC Private Member
10 Samantha Wilson ACRT
11 Lewis Edwards LJMU Cycling Team
12 Neil Laing Southport CC
13 Tom Green Ludlow CC


Youth A – Boys Laps: 10
1 George Higgins Birkenhead North End CC 15m. 47s.
2 Thomas Mitchell Birkenhead North End CC @ 8 secs
3 George Elliott Liverpool Century RC st
4 Brendan Thompson Liverpool Century RC st
5 Joe Pink Liverpool Century RC @ 16 secs.
6 Thomas Stewart Liverpool Century RC st
7 Alexander Whittle L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC st
8 David Unsworth Southport CC st

Youth A – Girls Laps: 9
1 Helen Osguthorpe North Cheshire Clarion 17m. 00s.

Youth B – Boys Laps: 10
1 Daniel Vincent Eastlands Velo 16m. 53s.
2 Adam Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion st
3 Alex Dobrowolski Harry Middleton CC @ 58 secs.
4 Ben Wells Liverpool Century RC @ 1m. 30s.
5 Adam McClorey North Cheshire Clarion @ 1m. 40s.

Youth B – Girls Laps: 10
1 Isabelle McKinnon Southport CC 18m. 26s.

Youth C – Boys Laps: 10
1 Eddie McHugh Team Terminator 18m. 42s.
2 Thomas Purcell Liverpool Century RC st
3 Tom Elliott Liverpool Century RC @ 18 secs.
4 Sam Kendall Liverpool Century RC st
5 Simeon Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion @ 54 secs.
6 Gareth McClorey North Cheshire Clarion @ 58 secs

Youth C – Girls Laps: 8
1 Hannah McClorey North Cheshire Clarion 17m. 10s.

Youth D – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 8
1 Joseph Cosgrove Southport CC 6m. 47s.
2 Sebastian Grindley North Cheshire Clarion st
3 Oliver Hodgkinson North Cheshire Clarion @ 1 Lap
4 Harry Roberts Liverpool Century RC same

Youth D – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 6
1 Cydney Shields L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC 7m. 04s.
2 Charlotte Kendall Liverpool Century RC @ 43 secs.

Youth E – Boys (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Daniel Cosgrove Southport CC 7m. 46s.
2 Tom Murphy L’pool Mercury (Dolan) CC @ 37 secs.
3 James Miller BC Private Member @ 1 Lap.

Youth E – Girls (Small Circuit) Laps: 7
1 Charlotte Kilroy North Cheshire Clarion 7m. 23s.
2 Elizabeth Grindley North Cheshire Clarion @ 7 secs.
3 Millie Baptista Mid Lancs BMX st
4 Holly McHugh Team Terminator @ 23 secs.




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