Report: Isle of Man’s Youth League 9


288 competitors turned out at the NSC last Tuesday night for round nine of Team RL360 Isle of Man’s youth league

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Report: Isle of Man’s Youth League 9
(thanks to Dot Tilbury)

A total of 288 competitors turned out at the NSC last Tuesday night for round nine of Team RL360 Isle of Man’s youth league. Conditions were near perfect except for a slight head wind along the finishing straight.

In the novices race Jasper Whalley outsprinted breakaway partner Lucas Wootton to notch up his third win of the series. Charlie Christian ousted Daniel Coates for third and Austin Baglow grabbed fifth ahead of Eli Dawson, Jack Monaghan and James Cope. Jackson Roberts was a lonely ninth and Tallulah Wilson led Daisy Teare, Evie Lund and Isla Mulholland over the line to take the girls’ prize in a very good tenth place. Holly Davies was the best of the newcomers in a respectable 30th position.

Carter Kneale powered away from the field for a fine maiden victory in the born 2011 & later age group, ending runner-up Finbar McSevney’s unbeaten run in the process. Charlie Dormer was a solid third and Bobby Kewley held off Bobby Kerruish in the battle for fourth.

Abigail Cowell was the leading girl in sixth place and Joshua Moffitt won the ten-strong bunch gallop for seventh. Dylan Honeyman, Joel Prentice and Jacob Callister completed the top ten leader board.

Bagging maximum points for the fourth week in succession, Stanley Kinnish outgunned Brad Le Geyt and the ever improving Conor Madsen-Mygdal for the top slot in the born 2010 class. Kylan Murphy and best girl Lula Kinnish lost contact with the three frontrunners in the closing stages but stayed ahead of the chasers to claim fourth and fifth respectively.

Daniel Minay got the better of Ffinlo Thomas in the dash for sixth and Liam Blake snatched eighth from travelling companions Archie Mulholland, Illiam Thomas, Hugh Osborn and Max Messenger.

Four riders contested the finish of the 2009 event with Eddie Dillon edging out Cameron Hounsell, Tom Pickavance and Zach Jones for the honours. First girl Abi Clayton was just behind in fifth place, while Jonah Kenny was too strong for May-Saa Smith and Harry Beattie in the rush for sixth. Ethan Edge was a safe ninth and Henry Dormer pipped Max Davies for tenth.

Alec Sorby dropped fellow escapee Freddie Griffin on the final lap to secure the victory in the born 2008 category. Deaglan Blake got past Charlie Williams and Joel Long on the final circuit to fill the remaining place on the podium, with Fearne Bregazzi heading Ryan Nelson and Edward Field in the scrap for sixth. Tiana Kelly and Ella Darnill came in separately to round off ten.

In the born 2007 three lapper Cian Howard strengthened his grip on the overall honours, outsprinting main rivals Orry Lund and Rio Kelly to take the win and preserve his unbeaten record.

Charlie Scarffe was fourth and James Kinrade eased away from top girl Florence Griffin to nab fifth. Jemma Quayle was seventh and Jordan Carter maintained his position at the front of the chasing pack to claim eighth.

Bouncing back from the crash that put him out of the previous week’s race, Owen Collins overcame Ivan Sorby, Aaron Corfield and Nicola Quaye in the charge for the top slot in the born 2006 class. Samuel Devereau was fifth and Tom Caine kept the fast finishing Sophie Smith at bay for sixth.

Jonty Bregazzi overtook Dylan Sewell in the final few metres to pick up his fifth success in the born 2005 & earlier grouping. Nathan Slack was third and Ella Griffin the first girl home in seventh spot.

Cian Jackson continued his winning ways in the combined under-8 and under-10 racing bikes, outpacing Cian Howard, Ivan Sorby, Drystan Sewell, Owen Collins and Orry Lund in the lunge for the chequered flag. Alec Sorby was the top under 8 in seventh spot and Sophie Smith the first girl in 11th position.

In the under-12 racing bikes Zac Walker attacked from the gun and time trialled to the finish for another impressive solo win. Ralf Holden broke free from a chasing group of six riders to secure the runners-up spot, with the hard working Niall Colquitt getting the verdict over Tyler Annis, James Devereau , Cameron Dudley and lead girl Kiera Prentice in the dash for third.

A fast pace kept any meaningful breakaway attempts to a minimum in the under-14 and under-16 racing bikes. At one quarter distance a group of thirteen riders were circulating at the front of the race where they stayed to the finish. Thomas Bostock came out on top in the final gallop, closely followed by Will Draper and Adam Kelly in second and third positions. Tosh Teare, Max Walker and Ben Christian wrapped up the top six, while Amelia Sharpe picked up the girls’ honours in tenth spot.


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ROUND 9 – TUESDAY, 21st JUNE 2016
1. Jasper Whalley
2. Lucas Wootton
3. Charlie Christian
4. Daniel Coates
5. Austin Baglow
6. Eli Dawson
7. Jack Monaghan
8. James Cope
9. Jackson Roberts
10. Tallulah Wilson – 1st Girl
11. Daisy Teare
12. Evie Lund
13. Isla Mulholland
14. Noah Leece
15. Leighton Halsall
16. Holly Foster
17. Lewis De Backer
18. Orry McSevney
19. Safiya Laagayed
20. Harlow Moore
21. Connor McIver
22. Harry Kinrade
23. Alfie Love
24. Ewan McCubbin
25. Emily Kneen
26. Lewis Roosenbroek
27. Oliver Bates
28. Benjamin Bradshaw
29. Harper Quayle
30. Holly Davies
31. Johnny Summers
32. McKenzie Howard
33. Nancy Nolan
34. Zach Johnson
35. Aoife Dowd-Williams
36. Sophia Browning
37. Aditya Varshney
38. Matan Shani
39. Ilay Shani
40. Harvey Wagstaffe
41. Magnus Jones
42. Tobyn Speight
43. Tibby O’Toole
44. Orry Larkham
45. Elliott Dowd-Williams
46. Ryan Cartwright
47. Xania Munoz-Fite
48. Layton Kelly
49. Isaac Fee
50. India Smith
51. Hili Alon
52. Connell O’Toole
53. Isla Kennington
54. Maizie Hawkins

1. Carter Kneale
2. Finbar McSevney
3. Charlie Dormer
4. Bobby Kewley
5. Bobby Kerruish
6. Abigail Cowell – 1st Girl
7. Joshua Moffitt
8. Dylan Honeyman
9. Joel Prentice
10. Jacob Callister
11. Bernat Munoz-Fite
12. Macaulay Teare
13. Poppy Clayton
14. Tara Nelson
15. Noah Hutchinson
16. Erin Morgan
17. Cameron Eyres
18. Cal Joyce
19. Evan Christian
20. Sam Wolstencroft
21. Edith Berry
22. Toby Costain
23. Antony Aspell
24. Millie Ward
25. Daniel Spitsyn
26. Harry Leece
27. Luke Chadwick
28. Aoife Cooper
29. Eva Pavola
30. Elliott Edge
31. Harry Quayle
32. Oscar Maddrell
33. Josie Quirk
34. Henry Kinrade
35. Yuval Alon
36. Oliver Kennington
37. Teddy Price
38. Finlo O’Neill
39. Finley Quirk
40. George Berry
41. Lewis Barks
42. Max Wardle
43. Finlo Larkham
44. Jake Clarkson
45. Kieran Binns
46. Charlie Simpson
47. Heidi Kelly

BORN 2010
1. Stanley Kinnish
2. Brad Le Geyt
3. Conor Madsen-Mygdal
4. Kylan Murphy
5. Lula Kinnish – 1st Girl
6. Daniel Minay
7. Ffinlo Thomas
8. Liam Blake
9. Archie Mulholland
10. Illiam Thomas
11. Hugh Osborn
12. Max Messenger
13. Daniel Quine
14. Noah Hughes
15. Thomas Kellett
16. Alfie Kinrade
17. Oliver Kellett
18. Zac Lund
19. Jake Naylor
20. William Wilson
21. Grace Robinson
22. Pierre Christian
23. Taylor Joughin
24. Zachary Bowen
25. Chloe Barks
26. Graihagh O’Neill
27. Patrick Jones
28. Itamar Shani
29. Holly Cowell

BORN 2009
1. Eddie Dillon
2. Cameron Hounsell
3. Tom Pickavance
4. Zach Jones
5. Abi Clayton – 1st Girl
6. Jonah Kenny
7. May-Saa Smith
8. Harry Beattie
9. Ethan Edge
10. Henry Dormer
11. Max Davies
12. Charlie Clarkson
13. Jarno Davidson
14. Finn Collister
15. Matthew Hooper
16. Florrie Thomas
17. Harry Jones
18. Louis Piggin
19. Alex Hayes
20. Max Masson-Whittaker
21. Aedan Larkham
22. William Ditchfield
23. Kyle Roosenbroek
24. Hugo Howland-Smith
25. Alice Elkins
26. Noah Fee
27. Grace Wolstencroft
28. Jazzy Dillon
29. Tristan Speight
30. Kadie Watterson
31. Travis Bradshaw
32. Finlay Taggart
33. Thomas De Carte
34. Christopher Hazell
35. Rufus Whalley
36. Isabella Browning
37. Alex Harrison
38. Sorcha O’Brien
39. Niamh Smith
40. James Corlett
41. Aden Dunkley-Nation

BORN 2008
1. Alec Sorby
2. Freddie Griffin
3. Deaglan Blake
4. Charlie Williams
5. Joel Long
6. Fearne Bregazzi – 1st Girl
7. Ryan Nelson
8. Edward Field
9. Tiana Kelly
10. Ella Darnill
11. Leon Murphy
12. George Kinnish
13. Lewis Quirk
14. Ryan Batty
15. Jamie Gibson
16. Jonty Shimmin
17. Leah Prentice
18. Deane Aspell
19. Tristan Welch
20. Oscar Christian
21. Thomas Kerruish
22. Emily Rewsin
23. Rhys Jones
24. Amy Caine
25. Lucy Cartwright
26. Cara Leadley
27. Geoff Jones
28. Elissa Meenagh
29. Imogen Fargher-Sayle
30. Isobel Lowther

BORN 2007
1. Cian Howard
2. Orry Lund
3. Rio Kelly
4. Charlie Scarffe
5. James Kinrade
6. Florence Griffin – 1st Girl
7. Jemma Quayle
8. Jordan Carter
9. Thomas Monaghan
10. Ben Davies
11. Jess Pickavance
12. William Kennish
13. Joseph Devereau
14. Jessica Falconer
15. Abigail McCulloch
16. Katie-Rose Hughes
17. Ethan Naylor

BORN 2006
1. Owen Collins
2. Ivan Sorby
3. Aaron Corfield
4. Nicola Quaye – 1st Girl
5. Samuel Devereau
6. Tom Caine
7. Sophie Smith
8. Tom Darnill
9. Rebecca Cooil
10. Nathan Kinrade
11. Stephen Halliwell
12. Lucy Field
13. Lula Thomas
14. Ella Jones
15. Aaron Rielly
16. Gabriella Corkish.

1. Jonty Bregazzi
2. Dylan Sewell
3. Nathan Slack
4. James Devereau
5. Frank Kinnish
6. Tyler Annis
7. Ella Griffin – 1st Girl
8. Callum Salisbury
9. Emily Kinley
10. James Scott
11. Sam Cunningham
12. Chloe Dillon
13. James Harrison
14. Harley Howland-Smith
15. Rachael Kelly

1. Cian Jackson
2. Cian Howard
3. Ivan Sorby
4. Drystan Sewell
5. Owen Collins
6. Orry Lund
7. Alec Sorby
8. Myles Le Geyt
9. Charlie Scarffe
10. Rio Kelly
11. Sophie Smith – 1st Girl
12. Nicola Quaye
13. Freddie Griffin
14. Fearne Bregazzi
15. Joel Long
16. Charlie Williams
17. Rebecca Cooil
18. Florence Griffin
19. Tom Caine
20. Thobert Kerruish
21. Bethany Turner-Priest
22. Jack Christian
23. Thomas Kerruish
24. Jonty Shimmin
25. George Kinnish
26. Joseph Devereau
27. Abi Clayton
28. Noah Hughes
29. Deane Aspell

1. Zac Walker
2. Ralf Holden
3. Niall Colquitt
4. Tyler Annis
5. James Devereau
6. Cameron Dudley
7. Kiera Prentice – 1st Girl
8. Frank Kinnish
9. Nathan Slack
10. Mairi Harrison
11. James Scott
12. Callum Salisbury
13. Leo Hayes
14. Harley Howland-Smith
15. Ella Griffin

1. Thomas Bostock
2. Will Draper
3. Adam Kelly
4. Tosh Teare
5. Max Walker
6. Ben Christian
7. Adam Scarffe
8. Harry Cain
9. Lucas Mudie
10. Amelia Sharpe – 1st Girl
11. Will Corkill
12. Tyler Hannay
13. Aaron Lund
14. James Harrison
15. Matthew Cooil
16. Corrin Leeming
17. Jack Christian
18. Dan Sowerby
19. Brayden Roche
20. Dylan Sewell
21. Matthew Black
22. Shellan Leeming
23. Darcy Cain
24. Ellie Warren
25. Tom Kermode



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