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After a race long break, some of the fastest sprinters in the world were upstaged by Jacob Hennessy who won the Skipton Pro Race from Liam Stones and Jack Pullar (Pedal Heaven)

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Live! Skipton Pro Crit

After a race long break, some of the fastest sprinters in the world were upstaged by Jacob Hennessy who won the Skipton Pro Race from Liam Stones and Jack Pullar (Pedal Heaven)

In a very strange race at Skipton on Wednesday night, a break of six riders escaped very early on in the hour long race around a 900 metre course, before the victory was decided after the pros made mistakes that allowed the unfancied riders in a sprint to take the podium places from under their noses.

Only a handful of laps had passed by on the Skipton town centre circuit when a break of six escaped. In it were series co leader Felix English (Madison Genesis), winner at Stafford Albert Torres (Raleigh GAC), legend Russell Downing, roadman Jack Pullar (Pedal Heaven), Liam Stones and Jacob Hennessy.


Riders begin their hour long race in Skipton

As Russell Downing explains in his interview, the race was then pretty uneventful as they continued to swap turns until the final approach to the line saw it all go wrong for the sprinters.

They contested the finish after the peloton had had their sprint, one where many were not sure when it was supposed to be, highlighting perhaps the need for a rule on when a group lapped or about to be lapped is to sprint and in the races I’ve been to for many years, that is with three laps to go and is when the riders expect to do that. Hence there were also a lot of dissapointed riders in the peloton!


Behind the break during the race in the peloton, sure there were attacks and Tom Moses and Seb Mora were just two of many who had a good go, once, twice and again but nothing was sticking on the fast circuit and so the positions behind the break were all settled in a sprint.

It was a lack lustre race in some ways and before the race I talked to a few season people in the pro teams who explained that the crits were suffering because the riders want to save themselves for the road races where Tour of Britain qualifying points are on offer and the four teams in contention for that are very motivated to make sure its them that gets the nod in September.

Full marks to the organisers though on a tight course with a big crowd shouting the riders on and here’s hoping the race continues to be held and grows in stature in the coming years.



Albert Torres of Raleigh GAC leads the break from Jack Pullar of Pedal Heaven.


The peloton was at times in a long line and others all bunched up ….



James Lowslsey-Williams wins the sprint for 7th from Richard Hepworth (Raleigh GAC) but behind no-one is sprinting due to confusion of when the sprint was supposed to be….

Video Interviews
(footnote – we did try and talk to the winner but he ignored our requests)

Russell Downing

Liam Stones

Series Leader Felix English (Madison Genesis)

Jack Pullar (Pedal Heaven)

Albert Torres (Raleigh GAC)

Riders are called to the line

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Provisional Result
1. Jacob Hennessy,
2. Liam Stones, NFTO
3. Jack Pullar, Pedal Heaven RT
4. Russell Downing, JLT Condor
5. Albert Torres, Raleigh GAC
6. Felix English, Madison Genesis
7. James Lowsely WIlliams, NFTO
8. Richard Hepworth, Raleigh GAC
9. Jake Womersley, Pedal Heaven RT
10. Evan Oliphant, Raleigh GAC
11. Tom Moses, JLT Condor
12. David McGowan, Pedal Heaven RT
13. Harry Tanfield, Pedal Heaven RT
14. Fraser Martin, Raleigh GAC
15. Seb Mora, Raleigh GAC
16. Adria Moreni, Raleigh GAC
17. Edward Clemens,
18. Steven Roach, Raleigh GAC
19. Tobyn Horton, Madison Genesis
20. Ian Bibby, NFTO
21. Jake Hales
22. Graham Briggs, JLT Condor
23. Jacob Tipper, Pedal Heaven
24. Matt Cronshaw, Madison Genesis
25. Sam Boast, Wheelbase
26. Alex Orrel-Turner, Wheelbase
27. Steve Lampier, JLT Condor
28. Rhys Lloyd, NFTO
29. George Atkins, JLT Condor
30. Ross Lamb, Godfrey bikewear
31. Chris Sherrifs, Pendle Forest
32. Joe Evans, Madison Genesis
33. Davie Lines, Wheelbase
34. Levi Moody, Wheelbase
35. Mar Potts, Neon Velo
36.Stevie Williams, JLT Condor
37. Fraser Rounds
38. Peter Barusevicus, Wheelbase
39. Ben Rowe, Wheelbase
40. Luke Grivell Mellor, JLT Condor
41. David Ogg, Godfrey Bikewear
42. Dan Whelan, Onimpex Bioracer RT




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