Result: Cog Set Youth Series

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Jack Barton, Dylan Edwards and Morgan Williams winners at the penultimate round of the Cog Set Youth Series in Lancashire

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Result: Cog Set Youth Series

Category D/E
1 Morgan Williams Cog Set D boy
2 Archie Honeysett Cog Set D boy
3 Matthew Bell Beacon Wheelers D boy
4 Monty Nelhams Cog Set D boy
5 Joshua Grogan Cog Set D boy
6 Trayden Jarrett Cog Set D boy
7 Oliver Oldham Cog Set D boy
8 Coen Edwards Cog Set E boy
9 Felix Cooper Furness Flyers E boy
10 Oliver Ball Cog Set E boy
11 Rohan Maher Cog Set D boy
12 Niamh Barnsley-Ryan Cog Set D girl
13 Jasper Cummins Cog Set E boy
14 Louis Cornwall Cog Set E boy
15 Sam Oldham 0 E boy
16 Charlotte Bell Beacon Wheelers E girl

C Race Club
1 Dylan Edwards Cog Set C boy
2 Isaac Atkinson Cog Set C boy
3 Dennis Kay Eastlands Velo C boy
4 Deetry Jarret Cog Set C boy
5 Henry Hunter Cog Set C boy
6 John Bardsley Cog Set C boy
7 Luke Oates Cog Set C boy
8 Emilia Wood Cog Set C girl
9 Bobby Dobson Cog Set C boy
10 Freddie Dobson Cog Set C boy
11 Hannah Dykes Cog Set C girl

A/B Race
1 Jack Barton Speedflex A boy
2 Matti Egglestone Beacon Wheelers B boy
3 Bobby Horton Cog Set A boy
4 Ben Barlow Cog Set A boy
5 Sam Wedgwood VC Cumbria B boy
6 Andrew Lemm Eastlands Velo B boy
7 Archie Irving Beacon Wheelers B boy
8 Amy Monkhouse Cog Set A girl
9 Malcolm Neil Cog Set A boy
10 Hannah Edwards Cog Set A girl
11 Callum Queen Cog Set A boy
12 Ruby Frankland COLT A girl
13 William Dykes Cog Set B boy
14 Jake Edwards Cog Set B boy
15 Flora Knight Kendal CC B girl




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