Report: Brooks Cycles Track League


Full programme of racing at the Brooks Cycles Track League last Thursday (Lyme Valley Velodrome) despite rain in the area

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Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

For the second week on the trot rain threatened to wash out the latest round of the Brooks Cycles Track League at the Lyme Valley Velodrome, Newcastle, Staffs. However with it raining heavily 2 miles away no rain fell on the track so a full program of racing was held.

After last week’s Go Ride Freewheelers League was cancelled this week the event took place with all riders enjoying the racing. The top point’s scorers on the night were as follows;
Group 1 Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC 11 points
Group 2 Reuben Withington Lyme RC 8 Points
Group 3 Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001 5 Points

Mark Love ( Tuxford Clarion) was the top points scorer in the A Class league in winning the 8 lap scratch and devil. Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles ) won the 10 mile scratch at the end of the night.

The sprinters league races saw wins for Josh Spendelow (Brooks Cycles ) and Phil Houlton (Brooks Cycles ) in the half lap standing start, Joel Partington and Barney Swinnerton in the Team Sprint and then Phil Houlton again in the Kieren final.
In the B Class events Paul Jones ( Ellmore FRT ) won the 8 lap scratch and longest lap while Alex Coates ( Lyme RC ) won the devil and the 10 mile scratch.

The youth races saw Joel Acker ( Sportcity Velo ) won the block handicap and the longest lap while first time rider at the league Thomas Lord ( Eastlands Velo ) won the devil. Teammate Harry Jordan won the unknown distance.


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Freewheelers Results

Group 1
Race 1
1st Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
2nd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC
3rd Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Harry Brayford Lyme RC
2nd Thomas Wheaver
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 3
1st Brandan McMillan
2nd Thomas Wheaver
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 4
1st Thomas Wheaver
2nd Harry Brayford
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 5
1st Brandon McMillan
2nd Thomas Wheaver
3rd Izaak Curtis

Group 2

Race 1
1st Reuben Withington Lyme RC
2nd Thomas Mould Lyme RC
3rd Ruby Jennings Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Reuben Withington
3rd Thomas Mould

Race 3
1st Thomas Mould
2nd Ruby Jennings
3rd Harley Johns

Race 4
1st Thomas Mould
2nd Reuben Withington
3rd Ruby Jennings


Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners

Josh Spendelow Brooks Cycles
Phil Houlton

Youth Block Handicap
1st Joel Ackers Sportcity Velo
2nd Thomas Lord Eastlands Velo
3rd Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC

B Class Endurance 8 lap scratch
1st Paul Jones Ellmore FRT
2nd Alex Coates Lyme RC
3rd Sallie Birchall Lyme RC

A Class 8 Lap Scratch
1st Mark Love Tuxford Clarion
2nd Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles

Sprinters League Team Sprint
1st Barney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles

Youth Devil
1st Thomas Lord
2nd Brandon Frasert-Thomson
3rd Harry Ledingham-Horn

B Class Longest lap
1st Paul Jones
2nd Reuben Blakeman Derby Mercury
3rd Alex Coates

Sprinters Longest lap
1st Joel Partington
2nd Phil Houlton
3rd Barney Swinnerton

Youth Longest lap
1st Joel Ackers
2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn
3rd Harry Jordan Eastlands Velo

A Class Devil
1st Mark Love

B Class Devil
1st Alex Coates
2nd Sallie Birchall
3rd Paul Jones

Sprinters League Kieran Final
1st Phil Houlton
2nd Chris Pyatt Brooks Cylces
3rd Barney Swinnerton
4th Josh Spendelow
5th Joel Partington

Youth Unknown Distance
1st Harry Jordan
2nd Joel Ackers
3rd Thomas Lord

40 lap Scratch
1st Barney Swinnerton
2nd Joel Partington
3rd Mark Love

B Class
1st Alex Coates
2nd Paul Jones
3rd Neil Batten Newcastle RC 2001



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