Advertorial: Aero Clothing for Road Race


When it comes to cycle clothing, Bioracer have their’s on everyone from club riders to Olympic champions

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Advertorial: Aero Clothing for Road Race

When it comes to cycle clothing, Bioracer have their’s on everyone from club riders to Olympic champions. In the UK, Ken Jones and Chris Spencer of Onimpex have made the Bioracer brand one of the most popular for clubs and as everyone knows, I’m at a lot of events and I see a lot of Bioracer in all sorts of designs!


Dan Whelan racing in the ‘suit’ at Sheffield in July

Gone are the days when road race jerseys were loose fitting and flapping in the wind. Tight with multiple fabrics, the clothing of today is as complex if not more so than the bike itself and the key word is ‘aero’. The aim to be as aero as possible sees riders changing their position on the bike to get low and save watts and it was around ten years ago I was seeing riders here in the UK, like the ‘boy’ Rob Hayles, wearing skinsuits frin time trials in full length road races.

No doubt some one will come up with stories of that going back even further in time but the point for club riders is that ‘speedwear’ is available for the masses. An example of that was at Sheffield where Chris Spencer of Onimpex was racing in the Bioracer Race Proven RR Suit as per the image below.


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This is available in both custom team wear (for clubs for example) and in the ‘off the peg collection’. The new Light version from the graphic below will be available shortly for custom team wear as this is a new product developed for the Olympics and has already been used by a British stage winner in the Tour de France.

We all know that road racing is a sport where physical ability and technology go hand in hand. One hundreth of a second can make or break a race and be the difference between winning and losing. The pros especially are always looking for marginal gains and go to Bioracer with a lot of questions and demands.

“How can I save some watts?“; “How can I be more aerodynamic?“; or “I want a suit that provides cooling in hot and humid climates.”

So Bioracer are constantly developing their ‘suits’. In the graphic above are two versions of their ‘suits’ – the Race Proven Road Race Suit Light and the Race Proven Road Race Suit.

The shorts part is made of Sirio, a lightweight, stretchable and supportive fabric, in combination with a Speedsilk aero back panel. For extra wearing comfort and a good, irritation-free fit round the legs, they‘ve used a a widegrip powerband leg gripper.


Above: Chris Spencer of Onimpex racing in the ‘suit’ at Sheffield

The sleeves are made of their renowned Airstripe fabric. Since we started using it in our suits, lots of our competitors are implementing it in certain parts of their clothing. What makes Bioracer special is their expertise in cutting and placing it in a way that makes riders faster. Look at the nations who use the clothing – Belgium and Germany to name but two.

The torso part of both suits is slightly different. The Light version features an Airmesh back and front torso panel that provides extra cooling in hot and humid circumstances. This is the ideal road race suit in tropical climates.

The regular version features Speedsilk torso panels that provide a bit more aero efficiency in races where the cooling factor isn’t the biggest of concerns. This is the suit riders use in moderate climates. Bioracer say:

– It will make you faster because the Airmesh, Airstripe and Speedsilk panels provide an aerodynamic advantage
– It will keep you cooler because the open structure of the Airmesh fabric keeps transpiration longer on the fabric, providing a natural way of cooling down when going hard
– It will keep you more stable on your bike because the cut, the fabrics and the pad in the shorts are tailored around your optimal aerodynamic position.

At Sheffield when I was able to see this suit being raced, I saw first hand just how complex it was. Not just this mixture of fabrics but a one piece suit with a full length front zip and back pockets for those gels or bars. So aero, well fitted but also practical for a road race.

Contact: Onimpex (UK) Ltd – Tel: 01925 570 916 (Warrington in the North West)


The back of the jersey with pockets … all we need are aero numbers now!







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