Report: Women’s Team Series


Laura Cameron, Drops Cycling Team, won her first Team Series race in a trouble free event which was staged for the first time at the Kent Cyclopark

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Report: Women’s Team Series
from Jon Miles


Photo:  Simon Blackwell

Laura Cameron, Drops Cycling Team, won her first Team Series race in a trouble free event which was staged for the first time at the Kent Cyclopark. Very well organised by Alan Denman in what must be the best cycle race circuit in the country this was the penultimate event in this season long series.

As is usual for this course blustery wind kept tugging at the riders although in the first lap Charlotte Colclough tried to get away but was brought back by Army Cycle Race Team.

It was noticeable that the Army team and Les Filles tried to keep the race together and were mostly on the front each lap. It was Nicole Oh of Les Filles who attacked with an hours racing covered but again it was not to stick. With 3 laps to the finish Jayne Paine, Les Filles tried to get a gap but the Army were not going to allow that to happen so she was caught.


Photo:  Simon Blackwell

One lap to go with the main bunch waiting for the sprint Phoebe Martin, Team 22 flew out of the bunch but with the speed high she was again caught.

With the mass sprint inevitable Sophie Coleman managed to get ahead of Sian Botteley, Starley Racing.

Happy winner Sophie said” it was very windy today but it was a good race, There was a big presence from the Army and Les Filles and I did not want to expend too much knowing I was completely outnumbered but I was not alone in that as there we other teams”

“With about 5 laps to go I knew it was going to be a bunch sprint so I got myself on some good wheels which keep the pace high from the bottom of the hill and then I was able to click the gears up and hope no one came past me . Real pleased to have finally won a Team Series race”  … continued after advert


1 Laura Cameron
2 Sian Botteley
3 Clemence Copie
4 Mathilde Pauls
5 Tamara Davenne
6 Sophie Lankford
7 Charlotte Colclough
8 Jennifer Powell
9 Francesca Cutts
10 Isabella Stone
11 Chanel Mason
12 Gabriella Nordin
13 Emily Meakin
14 Nicole Oh
15 Phoebe Martin
16 Jayne Paine
17 Chole Weller
18 Olivia Campbell
19 Claire Hammond
20 Alexandra Farquhar
21 Charmaine Porter
22 Florence Cox
23 Lucy Harper
24 Sophie Black
25 Tracy Corbett
26 Olivia Bentley
27 Elizabeth Dunne
28 Sophie Holmes
29 Louise Moriarty
30 Holly MacMahon
31 Molly Patch
32 Emily McLoughlin
33 Harriet Mellor
34 Lauren Murphy
35 Eryn Nolan


1 Sophie Slaney Twickenham CC
2 Charlotte Burford King’s College London
3 Samantha Fawcett Lovelo Cinelli RT
4 Olivia Bentley Twickenham CC
5 Deena Blacking CC London
6 Louise Hart G.S. Henley
7 Kerry Middleton King’s College London
8 Jennifer Andrews Cycle Club Ashwell (CCA)
9 Charlotte Verrinder Lovelo Cinelli RT
10 Danielle Forshaw WyndyMilla
11 Carla Button Medway VC
12 Connie Hayes Hub Vélo
13 Carolyn Swan Kent Velo Girls CC
14 Jessica Finney
15 Lillian Choy London Dynamo
16 Mareike Suesse CC London
17 Bethany Rolf University of Bristol CC
18 Grace Dent Woolwich CC
19 Vivienne Tomlin CC London
20 Michelle Debono Army Cycling Race Team (ACRT)
21 Florence Collins 4T+ Velo Club
22 Connie Turner WyndyMilla
23 Bernadette Henry Greenwich Tritons
24 Sarah Stewart Greenwich Tritons
25 Linda Endicott Kent Velo Girls CC
26 Lucinda Kerr London Phoenix CC
27 Nancy Staniland London Phoenix CC
28 Katherine Kimber Velo Schils – Interbike RT


1 Les Filles Racing Team 228 points
2 Starley Racing 179 points
3 Army Cycle Race Team 156 points
3 Aprire Cycles 151 points
4 Drops racing Team 150 points
5 Sigma Sport 100 points
6 C C London 82 points
7 Team Jadan 70 points
8 EliteVelo 65 points
9 Twickenham CC 62 points
10 Team 22 43 points
11 Dulwich Paragon 37 points
12 RP Vision 29 points
13 Liv CC 19 points



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