Olympics: Gold number 5 for Kenny


Olympic Gold number 5 for Kenny who beats Skinner in Sprint final, James & Marchant fastest in Women’s sprint and Cav in third in the Omnium after three events

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Olympics: Gold number 5 for Kenny

Another day at the track and another Gold medal for Great Britain after Jason Kenny won the Men’s Sprint Gold medal final in two straight rides against Scotland’s Callum Skinner.

Kenny, winner of five Golds now, admitted later that the scare in losing against Dmitriev of Russia in an early round had woken him up and in the final he had no trouble beating his British teammate Skinner who admitted the Silver was a bonus after the Gold in the Team Sprint.

Jason Kenny: “It is special, really special,” Kenny told BBC Sport. “I’m really grateful, everyone works so hard for us. When we win it feels like the team is winning and we have everyone behind us, pushing us. We saw it as just another race in one way. It’s been hard the wait between races.”

“I was hurting a lot this morning and I know Callum is in good condition so it was just a case of coming here and focusing on the process” he told the Guardian.

He told Tom Cary of the Telegraph it felt strange to have to race his own room-mate, but having gone through it once already added that he had enjoyed the experience. “It did take me back to Beijing,” he said afterwards. “I remember sitting having breakfast with Chris that morning. It was a bit the same this time. I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it.”

“After just being on my own in London, with it being only one per nation, it’s much better to share that experience and to be with someone who’s going through the same thing.”

On having won five Golds, he told Cary, “People keep saying I have won five but I don’t feel any different from the other day when I only had three. It’s not sunk in yet. I’ve still got the keirin to go. I probably won’t let it sink in. I’ll go back, relax as much as possible and hopefully give myself the best chance possible.”

In the Guardian, he said of what it was like the morning he was to face his roomate in the final for an Olympic Gold. “We got up, we had breakfast, we had lunch and we came here.” Was the race discussed the Guardian asked? “We just talked about normal stuff. The heptathlon, Greg Rutherford, Andy Murray … the same thing everyone was talking about, probably.”

Callum Skinner: “The whole journey has been incredible. I got beaten by the world champion and he had the tactics and the legs. The main focus has been the team sprint, so to come away with anything else was a bonus.”

Women’s Sprint

In the Women’s sprint, the country was left to wonder what would have happened had James and Marchant had been allowed to ride the Team Sprint when they, like Kenny and Skinner in the mens sprint, qualified first and second. The two British girls then dispensed with their rivals in the 1/16th finals to move forward in the competition.

In the Men’s Omnium, Tour de France sprint star, Mark Cavendish, got his Olympic challenge off to a good start with third overall after three events. He began with a sixth place in the Scratch race, the same position he filled at the worlds in London. The winner of 30 stages in the Tour de France missed a move of four that took a lap but used his sprint to finish second in the sprint between the riders who had also lost a lap.

The Manx Missile then came out and produced a Pursuit which was nothing short of stunning. In the end, only good enough for second, the 4.16 by Cavendish would have won him many a world title in the event had it not been so cruelly axed from the Olympics. The track work he has done could be seen by the fact the time was no less than ten seconds quicker than his previous best.

The time was only beaten by Lasse Hansen (Denmark) who set a new Olympic record. The final race of the evening was the Devil take the Hindmost or, Elimination race. With red boxes on the handlebars to tell them where they were eliminated, Cavendish saw the rider who beat him in the Pursuit eliminated first which was a relief to the challengers for a medal.

But Cavendish didn’t escape and the best he could manage was seventh to leave him in third overall in the competition led Thomas Boudat on 106 from Elia Viviani on 104.

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1 KENNY Jason **
2 SKINNER Callum 0.113 0.086

1 DMITRIEV Denis **
4 GLAETZER Matthew 0.072 0.044


1 JAMES Rebecca 10.721 GBR
2 MARCHANT Katy 10.787 GBR
3 LEE Wai Sze 10.8 HKG
4 LIGTLEE Elis 10.803 NED
5 ZHONG Tianshi 10.82 CHN
6 VOGEL Kristina 10.865 GER
7 HANSEN Natasha 10.871 NZL
8 MORTON Stephanie 10.875 AUS
9 MEARES Anna 10.947 AUS
10 KRUPECKAITE Simona 10.978 LTU
11 VOINOVA Anastasiia 10.985 RUS
12 O’BRIEN Kate 11.02 CAN
13 VAN RIESSEN Laurine 11.023 NED
14 WELTE Miriam 11.038 GER
15 GONG Jinjie 11.068 CHN
16 CUEFF Virginie 11.099 FRA
17 SULLIVAN Monique 11.143 CAN
18 ISMAYILOVA Olga 11.152 AZE
19 CALVO BARBERO Tania 11.162 ESP
20 GUERRA RODRIGUEZ Lisandra 11.171 CUB
21 MUSTAPA Fatehah 11.207 MAS
22 SHMELEVA Daria 11.23 RUS
23 PODMORE Olivia 11.315 NZL
24 GAVIRIA RENDON Juliana 11.505 COL
25 CLAIR Sandie 11.517 FRA
26 CASAS ROIGE Helena 11.707 ESP
27 MOHAMED Ebtissam 12.92 EGY

1/16 Final
1 JAMES Rebecca 11.377 GBR

Heat 2
1 MARCHANT Katy 11.499 GBR
2 SULLIVAN Monique 0.15 CAN

Heat 3
1 LEE Wai Sze 11.355 HKG
2 CUEFF Virginie 0.089 FRA

Heat 4
1 LIGTLEE Elis 11.425 Qualified NED
2 GONG Jinjie 0.104 CHN

Heat 5
1 ZHONG Tianshi 11.31 CHN
2 WELTE Miriam 0.499 GER

Heat 6
1 VOGEL Kristina 11.279 GER
2 VAN RIESSEN Laurine 0.179 NED

Heat 7
1 HANSEN Natasha 11.4 NZL
2 O’BRIEN Kate W (warning) 0.183 CAN

Heat 8
1 VOINOVA Anastasiia 11.503 RUS
2 MORTON Stephanie 0.097 AUS

Heat 9
1 KRUPECKAITE Simona 11.308 LTU
2 MEARES Anna 0.408 AUS


Round 1 Scratch Race

1 HANSEN Lasse Norman 40 DEN
2 KLUGE Roger 38 GER
3 BOUDAT Thomas -1 36 FRA
4 O’SHEA Glenn -1 34 AUS
5 GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando -1 32 COL
6 CAVENDISH Mark -1 30 GBR
7 VIVIANI Elia -1 28 ITA
8 SUTER Gael -1 26 SUI
9 PARK Sanghoon -1 24 KOR
10 KENNETT Dylan -1 22 NZL
11 VELDT Tim -1 20 NED
12 ZAKHAROV Artyom -1 18 KAZ
13 KUBOKI Kazushige -1 16 JPN
14 PRADO Ignacio -1 14 MEX
15 MONTEIRO Gideoni -1 12 BRA
16 LEUNG Chun Wing -1 10 HKG
17 LEA Bobby -1 8 USA
18 DE BUYST Jasper -1 6 BEL

Round 2 – Pursuit
1 HANSEN Lasse Norman 04:15.0 40 OR DEN
2 CAVENDISH Mark 04:16.9 38 GBR
3 VIVIANI Elia 04:17.5 36 ITA
4 KLUGE Roger 04:18.9 34 GER
5 BOUDAT Thomas 04:19.9 32 FRA
6 KENNETT Dylan 04:20.2 30 NZL
7 VELDT Tim 04:22.9 28 NED
8 LEA Bobby 04:23.9 26 USA
9 MONTEIRO Gideoni 04:25.8 24 BRA
10 GAVIRIA RENDON Fernando 04:26.6 22 COL
11 O’SHEA Glenn 04:28.4 20 AUS
12 PARK Sanghoon 04:29.1 18 KOR
13 LEUNG Chun Wing 04:29.2 16 HKG
14 PRADO Ignacio 04:29.4 14 MEX
15 ZAKHAROV Artyom 04:32.5 12 KAZ
16 DE BUYST Jasper 04:36.2 10 BEL
17 SUTER Gael 04:36.7 8 SUI
18 KUBOKI Kazushige 04:39.9 6 JPN

Round 3 – Elimination Race
2 BOUDAT Thomas 38 FRA
4 KUBOKI Kazushige 34 JPN
5 ZAKHAROV Artyom 32 KAZ
6 MONTEIRO Gideoni 30 BRA
8 SUTER Gael 26 SUI
9 PRADO Ignacio 24 MEX
10 O’SHEA Glenn 22 AUS
11 LEA Bobby 20 USA
12 KLUGE Roger 18 GER
13 LEUNG Chun Wing 16 HKG
14 PARK Sanghoon 14 KOR
15 DE BUYST Jasper 12 BEL
16 VELDT Tim 10 NED
17 KENNETT Dylan 8 NZL
18 HANSEN Lasse Norman 6 DEN

1 BOUDAT Thomas FRA 106
2 VIVIANI Elia ITA 104
4 KLUGE Roger GER 90
6 HANSEN Lasse Norman DEN 86
7 O’SHEA Glenn AUS 76
8 MONTEIRO Gideoni BRA 66
9 ZAKHAROV Artyom KAZ 62
10 KENNETT Dylan NZL 60
11 SUTER Gael SUI 60
12 VELDT Tim NED 58
13 KUBOKI Kazushige JPN 56
14 PARK Sanghoon KOR 56
15 LEA Bobby USA 54
16 PRADO Ignacio MEX 52
17 LEUNG Chun Wing HKG 42
18 DE BUYST Jasper BEL 28



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