Report: Golden Night in Rio


Double Gold for Great Britain as engaged couple Jason Kenny and Laura Trott celebrate memorable victories, Silver for James, Bronze for Marchant

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Report: Golden Night in Rio

The final night of track cycling saw double Gold for Great Britain as engaged couple Jason Kenny and Laura Trott celebrate memorable victories, Silver for James, Bronze for Marchant

Jason Kenny wins his Sixth Gold Medal
Jason Kenny has drawn level with Sir Chris Hoy with six gold medals after victory in the Men’s Keirin. On a different level to his rivals all the way through the competition, Kenny’s long hours in the saddle in the build up gave him the endurance to use his devastating sprint time and time again throughout the competition.

In none of the rounds of the Men’s Keirin did Kenny ever look in danger no matter where he sprinted from because he always had the speed and ability to hold that speed that was a gear higher than the rest. From round 1, when his teammate Callum Skinner didn’t fair so well and was eliminated, Kenny took it on the front the front, leaving gaps to his rivals to eliminate danger and sprinting to victory.

Kenny went into the final as the clear favourite but it took a while for the race to start proper. With so much at stake, the riders were nervous and eager for position and the final for Gold was restarted not once but twice and in the third run, Kenny sprinted to the line to claim his sixth Olympic Gold medal.

It could have been so different however had he been DQ’d for having gone past the pace bike. Kenny appeared to have overtaken the back wheel of the derny before it left the track to signal the start of the sprint for the finish line but, after a delay of several minutes, he was allowed to continue.

“How close was Jason Kenny to not contesting that final? I’d say very close given they had already fired the gun to stop the race,” British Cycling head coach Iain Dyer told BBC Sport.

“Ordinarily, procedure would dictate you have stopped the race and you make a disqualification if the rider’s front wheel has been adjudged to have overtaken the wheel of the derny.

“I don’t want to make it sound too coercive. They had a good front view but needed a lateral view.

“You want the photo-finish view but they don’t have that here. That’s a major error on their part, but all of our performance analysts had a bird’s eye view of it so we could see both Awang and Jason hadn’t crossed the line.

“And exactly the same proved to be the case with Joachim Eilers in the next rerun. He hadn’t crossed the line either. It’s just playing fair really.”

Find out more about the reasons the race was restarted here

Speaking to BBC Sport, Kenny said it was an incredible feeling. “I turned up in a funny mood, I was happy, I don’t know what was wrong today. It felt like a dream. I was so tired I was floating through it. It was brilliant. It is pretty mental (matching Sir Chris Hoy). I was there in Bejing and knew it was special and as the years have gone by, I appreciated how amazing he was then and to do same it is amazing.”

On the restarts, he explained “Usually when they shoot the gun it means someone has got disqualified and I know it was really tight between me and Awang, and Eilers wasn’t far behind. Ultimately it was the right decision. It was ridiculously tight and someone was a bit trigger-happy today,” he said to the Guardian.

Kenny also told Sky sports how it felt to win with Laura there as well. “The thing about being together for me that’s special is that we get to share these moments. I couldn’t understand a word she was saying. She was bawling her eyes out. But that was special and it is nice to share it with the people you love.”

Women’s Omnium

Whilst Kenny equalled Chris Hoy’s tally, Laura Trott again put herself alone on the top step of the podium as the country’s most successful Olympic athlete with her fourth Gold medal. Having dominated the competition, Trott went into the Points race with a clear lead and she used that well. Marking her closest rivals, shutting down dangerous moves every bit as easy as her fiancé Jason Kenny had done in his races, and riding not just a smart race but a physically dominate race to win overall.

The Welwyn Wheeler who has been ‘treading’ the boards since she was in single figures, was second in the 500 metre time trial and then won the flying lap but the Points race is always a danger because no matter what lead a rider has points wise going into it, there are enough points in that final race to see an upset if things should go wrong. Trott though, winner in London of the event, is quite simply the best of her generation on the boards and never looked in trouble.

“I can’t believe it” Trott said afterwards. “I don’t want to cry. I did not expect that at all. I am so happy that it came together and can’t thank everyone at home that you don’t see enough. They really help me and I couldn’t have done it without everyone, especially Paul Manning my coach. He puts up with me on a daily basis and today I am literally over the moon”.

“You think of people like Sir Chris Hoy who have come and done it time and again, to repeat my success I can’t explain I am so, so, happy. I am so proud at what I achieved. I always thought how special London was. I went there without expectations, so to win two golds was just incredible. Then I thought, how on earth am I going to top that?”

On watching Jason in his races, Laura told the Mirror, “It’s always more stressful watching Jason because I’m not in control of it,” said Trott. “I guess I’m not always in control of an omnium, either, but at least you sort of know how you are feeling. I’ve no idea what he was going through while.”

Women’s Sprint
The final chance for Gold was the Women’s Sprint where Becky James had come back from a career threatening injury and straight into the Gold medal final in her first Olympic Games. Katy Marchant was in the Bronze medal final after losing her semi final. In the final for Gold, James came up against a rider with the speed and experience to challenge her and that Vogels did, beating James two rides to nil. In the final for Bronze, former heptathlete Marchant bounced back from her semi-final defeat to beat Keirin champion Elis Ligtlee 2-0 to book her place on the podium with James.

James admitted afterwards “I gave it my all. I really wanted to win so I’m disappointed. I felt so good but Kristina Vogel just had the legs on me. She has been an incredible rider and she deserved it. I didn’t expect to come here and win two silvers so I’m over the moon.”
Marchant said: “I cannot believe it, I am so so happy that all the hard work, tears, sweat paid off and I couldn’t be happier. To finish with a bronze medal I cannot believe it.”  … continued after advert



1 KENNY Jason 10.113 GBR
2 BUCHLI Matthijs +0.040 NED
3 AWANG Azizulhasni +0.085 MAS
4 EILERS Joachim +0.110 GER
5 PUERTA ZAPATA Fabian Hernando +0.113 COL
6 ZIELINSKI Damian +0.594 POL

Final 7-12
7 WEBSTER Sam 10.206 NZL
8 D’ALMEIDA Michael +0.009 FRA
9 MAKSEL Krzysztof +0.107 POL
10 GLAETZER Matthew +0.322 AUS
11 PERVIS Francois +0.406 FRA
12 VOLIKAKIS Christos +0.514 GRE

Round 2
Heat 1
1 KENNY Jason 10.163 GBR
2 BUCHLI Matthijs 0.261 NED
3 AWANG Azizulhasni 0.271 MAS
4 GLAETZER Matthew 0.325 AUS
5 VOLIKAKIS Christos 0.482 GRE
6 D’ALMEIDA Michael 1.088 FRA

Heat 2
1 EILERS Joachim 10.239 GER
2 ZIELINSKI Damian 0.071 POL
3 PUERTA ZAPATA Fabian Hernando +0.073 Qualified COL
4 MAKSEL Krzysztof +0.130 POL
5 PERVIS Francois +0.137 FRA
6 WEBSTER Sam +1.524 NZL

Round 1
Heat 1
1 D’ALMEIDA Michael 10.237 FRA
2 EILERS Joachim 0.123 GER
3 BOS Theo 0.387 NED
4 VOLIKAKIS Christos 0.467 GRE
5 CONSTABLE Patrick 0.637 AUS
6 IM Chaebin 0.859 KOR

Heat 2
1 ZIELINSKI Damian 10.522 POL
2 GLAETZER Matthew 0.033 AUS
3 KANG Dongjin 0.063 KOR
4 DAWKINS Edward 0.076 NZL
5 WATANABE Kazunari 0.155 JPN
6 KELEMEN Pavel 0.214 CZE

Heat 3
1 WEBSTER Sam 10.346 NZL
2 BUCHLI Matthijs 0.034 NED
3 PERVIS Francois 0.035 FRA
4 MAKSEL Krzysztof 0.378 POL
5 AWANG Azizulhasni +0.484 MAS
6 SKINNER Callum +1.069 GBR
7 PULGAR Angel W (warning) VEN

Heat 4
1 KENNY Jason 10.238 GBR
2 PUERTA ZAPATA Fabian Hernando +0.014 COL
3 LEVY Maximilian 0.103 GER
4 BARRETTE Hugo 0.11 CAN
5 BARANOSKI Matthew 0.237 USA
6 WAKIMOTO Yuta 0.345 JPN
7 CANELON Hersony 0.986 VEN

Final Overall
1 TROTT Laura GBR 230
2 HAMMER Sarah USA 206
3 D’HOORE Jolien BEL 199
4 ELLIS Lauren NZL 189
6 WILD Kirsten NED 183
8 EDMONDSON Annette AUS 168
9 SHARAKOVA Tatsiana BLR 164
10 BERTHON Laurie FRA 163
11 BEVERIDGE Allison CAN 104
12 DIAO Xiao Juan HKG 100
13 KNAUER Anna GER 99
14 PIKULIK Daria POL 92
15 LUO Xiaoling CHN 68
17 HSIAO Mei Yu TPE 64
18 GONZALEZ Angie Sabrina VEN 61

Points (round 6)
2 ELLIS Lauren 73 NZL
4 SHARAKOVA Tatsiana 50 BLR
5 WILD Kirsten 43 NED
6 HAMMER Sarah 34 USA
7 TROTT Laura 34 GBR
8 D’HOORE Jolien 27 BEL
9 BERTHON Laurie 23 FRA
10 DIAO Xiao Juan 22 HKG
11 KNAUER Anna 3 GER
12 LUO Xiaoling 2 CHN
13 GONZALEZ Angie Sabrina 1 VEN
18 HSIAO Mei Yu -20 TPE

Flying Lap (Round 5)
1 TROTT Laura 13.708 GBR
2 EDMONDSON Annette 13.878 AUS
3 BERTHON Laurie 13.903 FRA
4 WILD Kirsten 14.023 NED
5 HAMMER Sarah 14.081 USA
6 BEVERIDGE Allison 14.14 CAN
7 D’HOORE Jolien 14.195 BEL
8 PIKULIK Daria 14.409 POL
9 MEJIAS GARCIA Marlies 14.441 CUB
10 KNAUER Anna 14.447 GER
11 DIAO Xiao Juan 14.499 HKG
12 HSIAO Mei Yu 14.532 TPE
13 SHARAKOVA Tatsiana 14.564 BLR
14 ELLIS Lauren 14.574 NZL
15 TSUKAGOSHI Sakura 14.638 JPN
16 GONZALEZ Angie Sabrina 14.66 VEN
17 LUO Xiaoling 14.74 CHN
18 DIDERIKSEN Amalie 14.94 DEN

Round 4 Time Trial (500 metres)
1 EDMONDSON Annette 34.938 AUS
2 TROTT Laura 35.253 GBR
3 BERTHON Laurie 35.275 FRA
4 D’HOORE Jolien 35.326 BEL
5 HAMMER Sarah 35.366 USA
6 TSUKAGOSHI Sakura 35.625 JPN
7 HSIAO Mei Yu 35.636 TPE
8 MEJIAS GARCIA Marlies 35.655 CUB
9 BEVERIDGE Allison 36.247 CAN
10 KNAUER Anna 36.37 GER
11 ELLIS Lauren 36.427 NZL
12 GONZALEZ Angie Sabrina 36.535 VEN
13 WILD Kirsten 36.562 NED
14 PIKULIK Daria 36.69 POL
15 LUO Xiaoling 36.944 CHN
16 DIAO Xiao Juan 36.945 HKG
17 SHARAKOVA Tatsiana 37.007 BLR
18 DIDERIKSEN Amalie 38.032 DEN


Gold Silver
1 VOGEL Kristina Winner Winner GER
2 JAMES Rebecca +0.016 0.004 GBR

3 MARCHANT Katy Winner Winner GBR
4 LIGTLEE Elis+0.087 0.007 NED

Semi Finals
Heat 1
1 JAMES Rebecca Winner Winner GBR
2 LIGTLEE Elis +0.038 0.4 NED

Heat 2
1 VOGEL Kristina Winner Winner GER
2 MARCHANT Katy +0.065 0.089 GBR


1/4 Finals
Heat 1
1 JAMES Rebecca GBR
2 ZHONG Tianshi 0.025 0.016 CHN

Heat 2
2 KRUPECKAITE Simona +1.139 0.232 LTU

Heat 3
1 VOGEL Kristina GER
2 LEE Wai Sze +0.044 0.189 HKG

Heat 4



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