Report: Brooks Cycles Track League


Large turnout for the final round of the 2016 Brooks Cycles Track League in Staffordshire

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Report: Brooks Cycles Track League

The Final week of the 2016 season of the Brooks Cycles Track League took place on Thursday 8th September with a large turnout. As appears to happen every year the weather is far more settled in September with the league run off under clear blue skies at the start then when under the floodlights were turned on the temperatures stayed warm.

The night started with the Freewheelers League and with the schools back the numbers went up to the best of the year with 29 riders taking part. All 18 races were keenly contested and the top point’s scorers on the night were as follows;

Group 1 Zac Edwards/Thomas Mould Lyme RC 9 points
Group 2 Nathan O’Donovan Lyme RC 12 Points
Group 3 James Swinnerton Lyme RC 12 Points

In the main league A Class events Joel Partington ( Swinnerton Cycles ) completed a first ever overall double as his points on the night ensured he won both the Endurance and Sprint Leagues. In the endurance events he won the 10 laps scratch and was a member of the winning team sprint event before he won the final 30 laps scratch race at the end of the night. In between last years overall Endurance winner Jacob Booth won the devil race.

In the Sprint races Joel won the Keiren League race event on the night and clinched his hat trick of titles. The team of Dan Cooper ( Lichfield CCC) Josh Spendelow ( Brooks Cycles) and Aleshia Mellor ( Lyme Rc ) took the team sprint with ½ lap winners being Steve Cronshaw( Brooks Cycles ) Barney Swinnerton ( Swinnerton Cycles ) and Phil Houlton ( Brooks Cycles.

In the B Class events Dan Cooper won the opening 10 laps race with Farley Barber ( Lyme RC ) won the devil. Charlie Fisher ( Newport CC) took the 30 laps scratch race. The overall league leader Alex Coates ( Lyme ) missed the nights races however he had a large enough lead to take the overall title for this year.

The final C class league event saw nick Moore ( Newcastle RC ) take the win in the scratch race and also the overall title.

In the youth Joel Ackers ( Sportcity Velo ) won the 200m TT, scratch and Keiren to cement his overall title win for this year which has seen him ride superbly throughout and he is a deserved winner.
Newcastle Track Cycling association would like to thank all the officials and helpers for giving up their valuable time this year and to make 2016 another successful season. We would also like to thak all the riders who took part and look forward to seeing you all next year for the 2017 season.

A date for your diary is Friday 21st October when the Prize Presentation takes place at Silverdale Football Club.
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Freewheelers Results
Group 1
Race 1
1st Zac Edwards Lyme RC
2nd Brandon McMillan Lyme RC
3rd Izaak Curtis Lyme RC

Race 2
1st Thomas Wheaver Lyme RC
2nd Evie Davis Lyme RC
3rd Jacob O’Donovan

Race 3
1st Thomas Mould Lyme RC
2nd Ruby Jennings Lyme RC
3rd Minnie McKenzie Lyme RC

Race 4
1st Zac Edwards
2nd Thomas Wheaver
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 5
1st Aaron Hardy
2nd Thomas Mould
3rd Natasha Sandbach

Race 6
1st Jacob O’Donovan
2nd Zac Edwards
3rd Izaak Curtis

Race 7
1st Thomas Mould
2nd Minnie McKenzie
3rd Ruby Jennings

Group 2

Race 1
1st Nathan ODonovan Lyme RC
2nd Daniel Jones Lyme RC
3rd Harry Clewlow

Race 2
1st Jacob Darly
2nd Nathan ODonovan
3rd Harry Clewlow

Race 3
1st Olly Davis Lyme RC
2nd James Flye
3rd Scarlet Swinnerton Lyme RC

Race 4
1st Nathan ODonovan
2nd Daniel Jones
3rd Harry Clewlow

Race 5
1st Olly Davis
2nd Holly Edwards Lyme RC
3rd Scarlet Swinnerton
Race 6
1st Nathan O’Donovan
2nd Daniel Jones
3rd Euan White Lyme RC

Race 7
1st Olly Davis
2nd Nicholas Sandbach
3rd Scarlet Swinnerton

Group 3

Race 1
1st Charlie Clewlow
2nd James Swinnerton Lyme RC
3rd Harley Johns Newcastle RC 2001

Race 2
1st James Swinnerton
2nd Hugh Darly
3rd Harley Johns

Race 3
1st James Swinnerton
2nd Hugh Darly
3rd Harly Johns

Race 4
1st James Swinnerton
2nd Charlie Clewlow
3rd Harley Johns


Sprinters League 200m Standing Starts Heat Winners
Phil Houlton Brooks Cycles
Barney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
Steve Cronshaw Brooks Cycles

Youth 200m TT
1st Joel Ackers Sportcity Velo
2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn Lyme RC
3rd Brandon Fraser-Thomson Sportcity Velo
A Class Endurance 10 lap scratch
1st Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles
2nd Joe Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
3rd Jacob Booth

B Class 8 Lap Scratch
1st Dan Cooper Lichfield CCC
2nd Farley Barber Lyme RC
3rd Charlie Fisher Newport CC

Sprinters League Team Sprint
1st Dan Cooper
Josh Spendelow Brooks Cycles
Aleshia Mellor Lyme RC
2nd Paige Dutton Swinnerton Cycles
Joel Partington
Barney Swinnerton Swinnerton Cycles
3rd Charlie Fisher
Chris Pyatt Brooks Cycles
Joe Swinnerton

Youth Slow Race
1st Harry Ledingham-Horn
2nd Harry Jordan Eastlands Velo
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

A & B Team Sprint
1st Ethan Davis Wolverhampton Wheelers
Alex Simmons Mammouth
Charlie Fisher
Tom Hughes Lyme RC
Sallie Birchall Lyme RC
Mike Boston Uttoxeter CC
Neil Batten Newcastle RC 2001
Joel Partington
Megan Williams Newcastle RC 2001

Youth Keiren
1st Joel Ackers
2nd Harry Ledingham-Horn
3rd Brandon Fraser-Thomson

A Class Devil
1st Jacob Booth
2nd Joe Swinnerton
3rd Alex Simmons

B devil
1st Farley Barber
2nd Tom Hughes
3rd Charlie Fisher

Keiren Final
1st Joel Partington
2nd Barney Swinnerton
3rd Josh Spendelow
4th Phil Houlton
5th Dan Cooper
6th Chris Pyatt

C Class Scratch
1st Nick Moore Newcastle RC 2001
2nd Neil Batten
3rd Phil Powell Newcastle RC 2001
Richard Coates Lyme RC

Youth Scratch
1st Joel Ackers
2nd Brandon Fraser-Thomson
3rd Harry Ledingham-Horn

Roy Swinnerton Scratch Race
1st Joel Partington
2nd Jacob Booth
3rd Joe Swinnerton

B Class
1st Charlie Fisher
2nd Farley Barber
3rd Tom Hughes

B Class Devil
1st George Mills-Keeling Wolverhampton Wheelers
2nd Alex Coates
3rd James Duncalf Lyme RC

C Class 5 lap scratch
1st Richard Coates Lyme RC
2nd Neil Batten Newcastle RC 2001
3rd Mick Stubbs Newcastle RC 2001

Youth Team Sprint
1st Harry Jordon Eastlands Velo
Aleshia Mellor
Ross Hooley Lyme RC
Aaron Mansell Lyme RC
Sam Hall
Max Girdwood Sportcity Velo
Bradley Hall Lyme RC

A Class Devil
1st Matt Walls
2nd Jake Stewart
3rd Adam Lewis

B Class Corse de Primes
1st Andrew Bradshaw VC Londres
2nd Steve Hall Lyme RC
3rd Alex Coates

Sprinters League Kieren Final
1st Joel Partington Swinnerton Cycles
2nd Josh Spendelow
3rd Phil Houlton
4th Sean Mayer
5th Sophie Capewell
6th George Hancock

Youth Scratch Race
1st Aleshia Mellor
2nd Adam Mitchell
3rd Sam Hall Lyme RC

20 lap Scratch
1st Jake Stewart
2nd Matt Walls
3rd Adam Lewis

B Class
1st Alex Coates
2nd Josh Spendelow
3rd Steve Hall



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