Results: CC Hackney Circuit Races


Andy Lyons and Adam Colvin two of CC Hackney Circuit Races at the Olympic VeloPark in London

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Results: CC Hackney Circuit Races

1 Andy Lyons Richardsons-Trek RT
2 Luke Hattersley Richardsons-Trek RT
3 Joshua Andrews Fast Test Racing Team
4 Tristan Grigalis Handsling Racing
5 James Ambrose-Parish Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
6 Rhys Clegg PMR@Toachim House
7 Charles Page Team Corley Cycles
8 Matthew Anderson API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
9 Tom Neale Metaltek Kuota Racing Team
10 Graeme Garner Easterley RC
11 Julian Mills Club Corley Cycles
12 Adam Cotterell G.S.GREENWICH
13 Hector Corey Velo Schils – Interbike RT
14 Jali Packer Strada-Sport
15 Matt Thompson VC Londres
16 Matthew Shepherd Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club

1 Sian Botteley Starley Racing
2 Clover Murray Team Ford Ecoboost
3 Lucy Harper Aprire Bicycles/HSS Hire

4th cat
1 Adam Colvin VC Revolution
2 Pjotrs Suhovs London Dynamo
3 Charlie Forgham-Bailey Islington Cycling Club
4 Thomas Glynn UEA – Streetlife Cycles
5 Maurice Banerjee Palmer CC London
6 Thomas Battrum Rapha Cycling Club
7 Ashley Scillitoe Cambridge University CC
8 Euan Baines London Dynamo
9 Alex Barlow Rapha Cycling Club
10 Henry Chow Islington Cycling Club
11 Matthew Hardcastle Cycling Club Hackney
12 Ev Sekkides Islington Cycling Club
13 Jason Davis East London Velo
14 Johnathon Bird Dulwich Paragon CC
15 Calum O’Neill Finchley Racing Team
16 Jack Marshall Barking & Dagenham CC
17 Rob Graham Cycling Club Hackney
18 Alex Chapman East London Velo
19 Bryan Tsui Rapha Cycling Club
20 Philip Procter Barnsley RC
21 Jonny Cheatle VC Londres
22 Peter Ritchie London Dynamo
23 Sergio Jensen Rapha Cycling Club
24 Aistis Simaitis London Dynamo
25 John Wootton
26 Oliver Charles Islington Cycling Club
27 John Appleby API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
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U16 Boys
1 Louis Bilyard Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
2 Jamie Lloyd Team Corley Cycles
3 Leo Hayter VC Londres
4 Fraser Elsworth West Suffolk Wheelers & Tri Cl…
5 Freddy Ball Andover Whls
6 Joshua Jones VC Londres
7 Liam Hanley Lucan Cycling Road Club
8 Milo Chapman Cambridge Junior Cycling Club
9 Alexander Ashman Thanet RC
10 Liam Hanks Barking & Dagenham CC
11 Zak Stucke
12 Samuel Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
13 Alfie Kennard
14 Henry Wyn-Jones Welwyn Wheelers CC
15 Conor Dash Cycling Club Hackney
16 Logan de Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney
17 Alex Percival

U16 Girls
1 Megan Panton Woolwich CC
2 Kate Wootton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Millie Gage Welwyn Wheelers CC
4 Hannah Graveney Kent Velo Race Team
5 Connie Hayes Hub Vélo
6 Rosie Wallace Wigmore CC
7 Jessica Elliot Cycling Club Hackney

U14 Boys
1 Klaidas Lazickas Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Ritchie Selfe Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
3 Tom Pughe-Morgan Preston Park Youth CC
4 Max Bolton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
5 Adam Churchill Preston Park Youth CC
6 Frederick Newman Preston Park Youth CC
7 Luke Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
8 Luca Stone Preston Park Youth CC
9 Charlie Marshall Barking & Dagenham CC
10 Harrison Powell Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
11 Matt Watson Verulam CC
12 Oliver Wollaston VC Londres
13 Ewan McNicol Cycling Club Hackney
14 Alfred Bedson VC Londres
15 William Green Cycling Club Hackney

U14 Girls
1 Melissa Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Iona Moir Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Charlotte-Louise McGreevy WXC World Racing
4 Maya Teufel Tarlton Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
5 Charlie Dash Cycling Club Hackney

U12 Boys
1 Noah Hobbs Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Joseph O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Alfie Salmon Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
4 Owen Prenelle Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
5 Thomas Bardill Cycling Club Hackney
6 Mack Mooney Hub Vélo
7 Peter Drabble VC Meudon
8 Jack Charlton-Hunt Lee Valley Youth Cycling Club
9 John Appleby API-Metrow/Bodyby JR
10 Alessandro Sella Hub Vélo
11 Robin Steer Cycling Club Hackney
12 Oliver Hunt Cycling Club Hackney
13 Robert De Monchaux-Irons Cycling Club Hackney
14 Stanley Boyd Hub Vélo
15 Joseph Tristram
16 Conrad Couzins Cycling Club Hackney
17 Reuben Couzins Cycling Club Hackney

U12 Girls
1 Leah Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Anoushka Minale Cycling Club Hackney

U10 Boys
1 Henry Hobbs Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Stanley Kent Hillingdon Slipstreamers
3 Alfie Cullender Barking & Dagenham CC
4 Finn O’Brien Hillingdon Slipstreamers
5 Elliot Marsden Cycling Club Hackney
6 Serafino Sella Hub Vélo

U10 Girls
1 Livy Harvey

U8 Boys
1 James Warrilow Barking & Dagenham CC
2 Devon Vyas Barking & Dagenham CC
3 Teddy Kent

U8 Girls
1 Abbey Thompson Ipswich Velo
2 Eva Thompson Ipswich Velo



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