Result: LVRC Ciclos Uno “Last of the Summer Wine” Series 3


Tony Wilkins and Antony Wallis winners at round 3 of the LVRC Ciclos Uno “Last of the Summer Wine” Series at Redbridge

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Result: LVRC Ciclos Uno “Last of the Summer Wine” Series 3

1st, Tony Wilkins, Wolsey RC, E
2nd, Keith Gross, Glendene CC, E
3rd, Pete Constable, Velo Schils / Interbike, E
4th, Phil Cooper, LVRC Private Member, F
5th, Phil Bull, Colour Tech RT, E
6th, Oliver MacPherson, Planet Velo, F
7th, Andy Tebbutt, LVRC Private Member, O/C
8th, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, G
9th, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC, F
10th, John Duckworth, Kingsnorth International, G
11th, Dave Williams, Kingsnorth International, F
12th, Dan Tape, Southend Wheelers, E
13th, Barry Jones, Epsom CC, G
14th, Trevor Mills, Ford CC, G
15th, Fred Jefcoate, Victoria CC / Ciclos Uno, H

“E” Race Result
1st, Tony Wilkins, Wolsey RC
2nd, Keith Gross, Glendene CC
3rd, Pete Constable, Velo Schils / Interbike
4th, Phil Bull, Colour Tech RT
5th, Dan Tape, Southend Wheelers

“F” Race Result
1st, Phil Cooper, LVRC Private Member
2nd, Oliver MacPherson, Planet Velo
3rd, Richard Fraczek, Essex Roads CC
4th, Dave Williams, Kingsnorth International

“G” Race Result
1st, Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC
2nd, John Duckworth, Kingsnorth International
3rd, Barry Jones, Epsom CC
4th, Trevor Mills, Ford CC

“H” Race Result
1st, Fred Jefcoate, Victoria CC / Ciclos Uno
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1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno, B
2nd, David Farrow, Eagle RC, B
3rd, Kevin Wolff, Old Portlians CC, B
4th, Mickael Metayer, Chavalia CC, A
5th, Antonius Wubben, Condor / JLT, C
6th, Craig Steven, Ciclos Uno, C
7th, Martin Meades, Ciclos Uno, C
8th, Spencer Nash, Pro Active . Com, C
9th, Phil Hoffman, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC, C
10th, Jamie Dicks, Met Police CC, B
11th, Stephen Sorba, Dulwich Paragon CC, D
12th, Julian Niles-Cunnington, Condor / JLT, D
13th, Dan Fentiman, LVRC Private Member, B
14th, David Nelson, LVRC Private Member, C
15th, Emmerk Hurault, LVRC Private Member, B
16th, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC, D
17th, Jonathan Donald, Pearson CC C
18th, Nick Symes, Look Mum No Hands, C
19th, Ian Hawthorn, Old Portlians CC, B
20th, Pete Shanney, Redbridge CC D
21st, Jonathan McColl, Central London CTC, D
22nd, Chris Symes, Dulwich Paragon CC, D
23rd, John Molloy, London Pheonix CC, C

“A” Race Result
1st, Mickael Metayer, Chavalia CC

“B” Race Result
1st, Antony Wallis, Ciclos Uno
2nd, David Farrow, Eagle RC
3rd, Kevin Wolff, Old Portlians CC
4th, Jamie Dicks, Met Police CC
5th, Dan Fentiman, LVRC Private Member
6th, Emmerk Hurault, LVRC Private Member
7th, Ian Hawthorn, Old Portlians CC

“C” Race Result
1st, Antonius Wubben, Condor / JLT
2nd, Craig Steven, Ciclos Uno
3rd, Martin Meades, Ciclos Uno
4th, Spencer Nash, Pro Active . Com
5th, Phil Hoffman, Abellio / San Fairy Ann CC
6th, David Nelson, LVRC Private Member
7th, Jonathan Donald, Pearson CC
8th, Nick Symes, Look Mum No Hands
9th, John Molloy, London Pheonix CC

“D” Race Result
1st, Stephen Sorba, Dulwich Paragon CC
2nd, Julian Niles-Cunnington, Condor / JLT
3rd, Carlito Rendora, Eagle RC
4th, Pete Shanney, Redbridge CC
5th, Jonathan McColl, Central London CTC
6th, Chris Symes, Dulwich Paragon CC



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