Results: Notts & Derby Cyclo-Cross 2


Tom Stewart of Madison Genesis uses Tour of Britain form to solo to victory in Notts & Derby Cyclo-Cross league at Alfreton

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Results: Notts & Derby Cyclo-Cross 2

One of the leading riders  during the British road racing season with wins in the Lincoln GP, the Welsh GP and the Velothon UCI 1.1. race, Tom Stewart of Madison Genesis took the form from the Tour of Britain where he was in two of the race long breaks, off road and into a victory at the Notts and Derby Cyclo-Cross League.

He said afterwards “I really enjoyed the race. I had no idea how I was going to go to be honest so I asked a few people on the start line who was likely to win and they pointed a few guys out so I sat with them for the first few laps, watching their lines round corners, and then I thought I would give them a bit of a tester to see what was happening. On this little drag here, I hit them after a couple of laps and I got a gap and that was it. It was bit confusing because I didn’t know what the gap was because when you look round for them, I can’t tell whether its those I have lapped or those on the same lap. I rolled a tub at one point and didn’t know if I was still in the lead so  I just carried on as hard as I could. I’ll probably do another race but won’t do many because it when it gets really muddy, I’m not interested in that. I just want to come here with one bike on my own so while the weather is good, I’ll keep doing them.”

1 Thomas Stewart Madison Genisis MS
2 Lee Shunburne Fossa Racing MS
3 Mark Cotton VC Lincoln MS
4 Joshua Waters Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles MU23
5 Kieren Brown Bolsover & District Cc MU23
6 Andrew Stuart Nottingham Clarion CC MS
7 Gareth Whittall RT MS
8 Matthew Ellis Sram Youth Development MJ
9 Alan Duncan Jakrabbit MS
10 Andrew Vaughan Matlock CC MS
11 Stefan Partridge University of Sheffield CC MU23
12 Tom Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC MJ
13 Nathan Miller Heanor Clarion CC MS
14 Alex Whiting Bolsover & District Cc MS
15 Daniel Clist Norton Wheelers MS
16 Simeon Young Pedalsport Cycling Club MJ
17 David Earth MS
18 Mark Proudman Unattached MS
19 Lewis Tarnai-Wilson Ashfield RC MS
20 Leigh Andrews MS
21 James Harman Giant Sheffield Poppycock MS
22 Neil Halliday RAMcc MS
23 Bailey Wilmot EM Velocita MJ
24 Scott Morton Specialized Midlands MS
25 Daniel Preece Army Cycling Race Team MS
26 Matthew Marriott Army Cycling Race Team MU23
27 Ben Eedy Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MS
28 Gavin Hardwicke Fossa Racing MS
29 James Swadling Nottingham Clarion CC MJ
30 Craig Preece Army Cycling Race Team MS
31 Aaron Chambers-Smith Bolsover & District Cc MJ
32 Robert Wallace Derby Mercury RC MS
33 John Spanner Rutland Rouleur MS
34 Alastair Parker Long Eaton Cycles MU23
35 Luke Hind Bolsover & District Cc MJ
36 Lawrence Green Windmill Wheels Cycling Club MS
37 Kyle Burleigh Fossa Racing MS
38 Diane Lee Cannondale Girls FS
39 John Webster Matlock CC MJ
40 Hamish Haas Uttoxeter Cycling Club MJ
41 Mike McCartan Unattached MS
42 Sam Bradley Alford Wheelers MS
43 Samuel Marriott Bolsover & District Cc MU23
44 Thomas Weeds Derby Mercury RC MU23
45 Taylor Marshall Belper BC MJ
46 Leon Plews Unattached MS
47 Kate George Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FS
48 Maddi Smith Bolsover & District Cc FV40
49 Jonah Drake Ashfield RC MJ
50 Luke Bonnett Beeston RC MS
51 Andrew Ramsdale Leisure Lakes MS
52 Nick Blower Chapeau The Peoples Bicycle MS
53 Philip Gleave Unattached MU23
54 Luke Farrell Bolsover & District Cc MU23
55 Xan Crees Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FJ
56 Madeleine Gammons RP Vision Racing Team FJ
57 Tracey Fletcher Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FV50
58 Matt Rus Long Eaton Cycles MS
59 Malachi Lowe VC Long Eaton MU23
60 Michael Westwell Mapperley CC MS
61 Will Havercroft Matlock CC MS
62 Peter Rus Beeston Cycling Club MS
63 Jacob Hubner Nottingham Clarion CC MJ
64 Joni Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC FJ
65 Rob Wild VC Long Eaton MS
66 Tiffany Fletcher Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FU23
67 Helen Dussek Nottingham Clarion CC FV40
68 Cheryl Vaughan Matlock CC FS
69 David Cole Cleveland Wheelers CC MS
70 Phoebe Sneddon Cannondale Girls FS
71 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles MJ
72 David Anning RPD Racing MS
73 Sarah Naylor Fossa Racing FS
74 Jane Roberts Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt FV40
75 Caroline Mansfield The MI Racing Academy FV40
76 Zoe Codd Nottingham Clarion CC FV40
77 Paul Borlase-Hendry Unattached MS
78 Emma Martin Full Speed Events FV40
79 Ruth Sutherland Bolsover & District Cc FV50
80 Charlotte Jolly Derby Mercury RC FV40
81 Anthony Callaby Unattached MS
82 Andrea Atkinson Matlock CC FV40
83 Abi Waterfall Matlock CC FS
84 Clementine Bird Nottingham Clarion CC FU23
85 Alice Warbrick Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FJ
86 Hilary Johnson Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FV60
87 Sharon McCarthy Bolsover & District Cc FV40
88 Julie Parker Matlock CC FV40
89 Susan Herriman Plan B Racing FV40
90 Claire Tomlinson Sherwood Pines Cycling Club FV40
91 Jane Falconer-White Matlock CC FV40
92 Karen Lifford UDCC FV50
93 Oliver Dakin Bolsover & District Cc MU23
94 Allison Preece Bolsover & District Cc FS
95 Joanne Lifford Velo Club Nottingham FS
96 Lindsey Mannion Derby Mercury RC FV40
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1 Matthew Barrett Renvale RT MV40
2 James Bryan RT MV45
3 Daniel Alexander RT MV45
4 Pete Middleton RT MV50
5 Chi Tang RT MV40
6 Andy Collis Bicicielo MV40
7 Chris Bradley RT MV40
8 Timothy Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV40
9 Jason Marriott Army Cycling Race Team MV45
10 Michael Davies Pedal Power Loughborough MV55
11 Nigel Gregory Leicestershire Road Club MV50
12 John Shaw Colnago / BBB / Morgan Blue MV45
13 Andrew Wainwright Bolsover & District Cc MV45
14 Harvey Levann Team Jewson-M.I.Racing MV50
15 George Richardson NFTO Race Club MV40
16 Michael Leaney Bolsover & District Cc MV45
17 Richard Edge Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
18 Peter Steed Bolsover & District Cc MV40
19 Peter Harris Pearce Cycles RT MV55
20 Matt Ingram Matlock CC MV45
21 Sean Beswick RT MV50
22 Stephen Ingram Buxton CC/Sett Valley C MV45
23 Neil Mansfield The MI Racing Academy MV45
24 Christopher Green Matlock CC MV50
25 Lee Edmonds Mercedes AMG PETRONAS MV50
26 David Shaw VCUK PH-MAS Cycling Team MV40
27 Eric Varley Derby Mercury RC MV45
28 David Brown Bolsover & District Cc MV45
29 Stuart Ream Pro Vision Cycle Clothing MV40
30 Julian Gould RT MV50
31 Andrew Tilford Ashfield RC MV45
32 Karl Webster Matlock CC MV45
33 Pascal Arnoux Cadence Sport MV55
34 Robert Wimble Cadence Sport MV40
35 James Sutherland Bolsover & District Cc MV55
36 Ian Drake Ashfield RC MV45
37 David Varley Black Horse Velo MV45
38 Christian Nightingale Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
39 Simon Whitham Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV50
40 Carl Jackson Arrow Cycles MV45
41 Nigel Smith Team Argi + MV50
42 Andrew Briggs Matlock CC MV45
43 Stephen Seamark Beeston Cycling Club MV50
44 Ian King VC Long Eaton MV50
45 Nigel Dilks Cycle Derby CC MV40
46 Antony Ryder Derby Mercury RC MV40
47 David Smith Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MV60
48 Andrew Prince VC Long Eaton MV50
49 Simon Hale Army Cycling Race Team MV50
50 John Terrell Ipswich Bicycle Club MV55
51 Richard Reeve RPD Racing MV40
52 Darren Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC MV40
53 Chris Watts Matlock CC MV55
54 Adrian Dobson Unattached MV45
55 Stephen Vaughan Cadence Sport MV45
56 William Speake Derby Mercury RC MV45
57 Darren Jones Unattached MV40
58 Jess Elliott RT MV45
59 David Smith Ashfield RC MV45
60 Carl McDonagh RT MV60
61 Simon Avery Nottingham Clarion CC MV50
62 Mark van Adrichem Uttoxeter Cycling Club MV40
63 Phillip Galpin Bourne Whls CC MV45
64 Edward Sarmiento MV50
65 Richard Shenton-McQueen Beeston Cycling Club MV50
66 Ricky Wildman Nottingham Clarion CC MV45
67 Nicholas Pine Matlock CC MV40
68 Stephen Mannion Derby Mercury RC MV40
69 Russ Forsdick Ashfield RC MV50
70 Ian Bradley Heanor Clarion CC MV45
71 Kevin Fearnshaw Beeston RC MV40
72 Steven Hilbert Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MV55
73 Mark Boothman Unattached MV45
74 Antony Gray Unattached MV45
75 Craig Turner Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MV55
76 David Riley Stoke Cycling Club MV55
77 Richard Brown Bolsover & District Cc MV40
78 Alan Parsons Bolsover & District Cc MV50
79 Ian Mullins Bolsover & District Cc MV40
80 Matt Smith Bolsover & District Cc MV40
81 David Barber Derby Mercury RC MV50
82 Michael McDermott Heanor Clarion CC MV65
83 John Birkett Unattached MV40
84 Kevin Hancock Uttoxeter Cycling Club MV45
85 Mervyn Dudley Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MV55
86 Glen Allison Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MV55
87 Graham Whiting Bolsover & District Cc MV65
88 Brian Swindell Derby Mercury RC MV55
89 Robert Prue Ashfield RC MV50
90 Richard Oakes Beeston Cycling Club MV55
91 Gary Little Ashfield RC MV60
92 Charles Price Derby Mercury RC MV55
93 Martin Peffers Unattached MV45
94 Christopher Riley Heanor Clarion CC MV55
95 Robin Cummings Buxton CC/Sett Valley C MV45
96 Neil Buddo RPD Racing MV45
97 Ian Fairy Ashfield RC MV50
98 Jason Cross Dinnington Racing Club MV45
99 John Hind Bolsover & District Cc MV50
100 Peter Mooney Rugby Velo MV65
101 Simon Hookway Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MV45
102 Paul Parker Long Eaton Cycles MV50
103 John Wright VC Long Eaton MV50
104 Gerard Doherty Dinnington Racing Club MV55
105 Michael Bradley Matlock CC MV45
106 Martin Bailey Heanor Clarion CC MV50
107 Michael Townend Coalville Whls CC MV45
108 Martin Holmes Matlock CC MV50
109 Stephen Herriman Unattached MV50
110 Nicholas Weatherall Heanor Clarion CC MV45
111 David Belcher Ratae RC MV40
112 Andrew Woolf Matlock CC MV45
113 Andrew Burns Unattached MV40
114 Michael Simpson Ashfield RC MV50
115 Peter Lifford Becontree Whls CC MV50
116 Anthony Gill Beeston Cycling Club MV45
117 Christopher Thacker Ashfield RC MV55
118 Jonathan Burch Matlock CC MV40
119 David Rudin Unattached MV50
120 Adrian Waters Mercia CC – Lloyds Cycles MV65
121 Paul Bellamy Ashfield RC MV40
122 Tim Kniveton Matlock CC MV60
123 John Dowell Heanor Clarion CC MV70

1 Jenson Young Pedalsport Cycling Club MU16
2 Alec Gregory Leicestershire Road Club MU16
3 Timothy Elsmore-Martin Fossa Racing MU16
4 Finn Mansfield The MI Racing Academy MU16
5 Jake Norton Spalding Cycling Club MU16
6 Christian Boon Derby Mercury RC MU16
7 Nick Edwards Matlock CC MU16
8 Joshua Giddings The MI Racing Academy MU14
9 Louis Evans Lyme RC MU16
10 Ben Chilton Derby Mercury RC MU14
11 Jack Husselbee Derby Mercury RC MU16
12 Bryn Richards Bourne Whls CC MU14
13 Will Beech Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
14 Peter Averry Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
15 Joseph Kininmonth Derby Mercury RC MU14
16 Jack Brough The MI Racing Academy MU14
17 Alfie Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
18 Christopher Hilbert Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt MU14
19 Thomas Wilkinson Mansfield Triathlon Club MU16
20 Zack Harrop Mossley CRT MU14
21 Michael Newall Cycle Derby CC MU14
22 Owen Lightfoot The MI Racing Academy MU14
23 Isaac Russell Derby Mercury RC MU16
24 Oliver Bradley Heanor Clarion CC MU16
25 Flynn Gregory Derby Mercury RC MU14
26 William Longden Matlock CC MU14
27 Carter Howe Heanor Clarion CC MU16
28 Ethan Wilmot Derby Mercury RC MU16
29 Sam Marsh Heanor Clarion CC MU14
30 Matt Nicholson Matlock CC MU14
31 Alexander Gordon Matlock CC MU14
32 Amelie Wayte Team Empella Cyclo-Cross FU16
33 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC MU14
34 Benjamin Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
35 Finlay Preece Bolsover & District Cc MU14
36 Austin Mee Leicester Forest CC MU14
37 Lucas Wolf-Pudney 4 Life Triathlon Club MU14
38 Louis Dunne Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
39 Lotta Mansfield The MI Racing Academy FU14
40 Sarah Briggs Matlock CC FU16
41 Sam Gould Matlock CC MU14
42 Madeleine Hubner Nottingham Clarion CC FU16
43 Dylan Snoek Bourne Whls CC MU14
44 Ewan Berry Team Empella Cyclo-Cross MU14
45 Daniel Carter Nottingham Clarion CC MU14
46 Olivia Ingham Pedalsport Cycling Club FU16
47 Alice Crane Derby Mercury RC FU16
48 Rafael Abrahams Matlock CC MU16
49 Ethan Rastall Heanor Clarion CC MU14
50 Lewis Holmes Matlock CC MU14
51 Finley Hill Matlock CC MU14
52 Emily Richards Bourne Whls CC FU14
53 Dylan Richardson Bolsover & District Cc MU14
54 Ella Rastall Heanor Clarion CC FU16
55 Annabel Parker Matlock CC FU14
56 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC MU14
57 Peter Avery Nottingham Clarion CC MU16
58 Ellie Dilks Cycle Derby CC FU16
59 Max Saunby Derby Mercury RC MU16
60 Jessica Tiffney Derby Mercury RC FU14
61 Beth Stevens Cycle Derby CC FU16
62 Lucy Buckley Cycle Derby CC FU14
63 Codie Strickland VC Long Eaton FU16
64 Holly Bailey Heanor Clarion CC FU14
66 Archie Mercer Matlock CC MU14
67 Annabel Shunburne Matlock CC FU14
68 Alice Orgill Cycle Derby CC FU14
69 Faron Quinn Unattached FU14

Under 12
1 Ben Marsh Heanor Clarion CC U12
2 Beeden Oliver U12
3 Otto Chilton Derby Mercury RC U12
4 George Amor-Hughes DMRC U12
5 Luke Kininmonth Derby Mercury RC U12
6 Thomas Prince Cycle Derby CC U12
7 Adam Lea Team MK U12
8 Ben Mellor Matlock CC U12
9 Flo Lissaman Newark Castle CC U12
10 Jude Du Toit Bolsover & District CC U12
11 Sebastian Varley Derby Mercury RC U12
12 Harriet Limb Matlock CC U12
13 Kai Buckley Cycle Derby CC U12
14 Samuel Thomas Derby Mercury RC U12
15 Douglas Main Derby Mercury RC U12
16 Jack Lofthouse Nottingham Clarion CC U12
17 Lewis Billington U12
18 Libby Bell Leicester Forest CC U12
19 Noah Inman Bolsover & District CC U12
20 Oliver Lyons Cycle Derby CC U12
21 Oliver Roberts Derby Mercury RC U12
22 Isaac Milward DMRC U12
23 Jasper Dilks Cycle Derby CC U12
24 Sam Hadfield Matlock CC U12
25 Thomas Woolf Matlock CC U12
26 Jacob Milward DMRC U12
27 Owen Prince Cycle Derby CC U12
28 Fergus Shackleton U12
29 Evie Steed Bolsover & District CC U12
30 Toby Elliott Derby Mercury RC U12
31 Dillon Air Cycle Derby CC U12
32 Henry Barker-Pine Heanor Clarion CC U12
33 Caitlyn Beardsmore Nottingham Clarion CC U12
34 Sam Wilkinson Mansfield Triathlon Club U12
35 Grace Longden Matlock CC U12
36 Connor Macarthur Team MK U12
37 Eleanor Hughes Matlock CC U12
38 Anthony Cook Nottingham Clarion CC U12
39 Ivan Underwood Unattached U12
40 Joshua Williams Matlock CC U12
41 Thomas Logan Matlock CC U12
42 George Parker Matlock CC U12
43 Cole Elweey Nottingham Clarion CC U12
44 Charles Hoyle Newark Castle CC U12
45 Filey Isaac KetteringCC U12
46 Callum Jkones Cycle Derby CC U12
47 Daisy Nicholson Matlock CC U12
48 Lara Husselbee Derby Mercury RC U12
49 Evangeline Kininmonth Derby Mercury RC U12
50 Lola Waniq Derby Mercury RC U12
51 Jacob Kerry Nottingham Clarion CC U12
52 Daniel Jones Lyme RC U12
53 Callum Burch Unattached U12
54 Laochlann Cotton-Dew U12
55 Niamh Campbell Williams Derby Mercury RC U12
56 Harry Steel Nottingham Clarion CC U12
57 Lucy Kuszywsk Matlock CC U12
58 Ellis Fletcher Bolsover & District CC U12
59 Daniel Parr Nottingham Clarion CC U12
60 Thomas Silvester Derby Mercury RC U12
61 Ewan Shackleton Unattached U12
62 Isabelle Lester U12
63 Rory Burch Unattached U12
64 Freya Lester U12
65 Rosie Billsborrow DVATC U12
66 Dasy Wilson Newark Castle CC U12
67 James Hepburn Newark Castle CC U12
68 George Orgill Cycle Derby CC U12
69 Madelaine Kojdic Ride Direct U12
70 Elizabeth Bramwaite Chivley U12
71 Evan Williams Matlock CC U12
72 Robyn Jarvis 4Life U12
73 Max Willoughby U12

Under 9
1 Jacob Steed M
2 Samuel Syms M
3 Daniel Ward M
4 Thomas Wray M
5 Fraser Cummings M
6 William Brown M
7 Oliver Crane M
8 Oliver Brown M
9 Edward Lyons M
10 Reuben Sutton M
11 Thomas Benson M
12 Jack Saul M
13 Isla Woolf F
14 Max Mannion M
15 Arthur Limb M
16 Robert Alcock M
17 George Cooper M
18 Rocco Schumacher M
19 Ewan Shackleton M
20 Pascal sutton M
21 Felix Wislson M
22 William McCristal M
23 Edie Bott F
24 Murphy Hamilton M
25 Ruby Isaac F
26 Frazer Macarthur M
27 Louis Inman M
28 Gabriel Falconer-White M
29 Eleanor Gordon F
30 Ethan Ellam M
31 Oscar Shaw M
32 Gemma Newall F
33 Jet Du Toit M
34 Max Horsfield M
35 Louie Burton M
36 Joseph Taylor M
37 Stanley Jones M
38 Ethan Burch M
39 Lottie Lissaman F
40 Dillon Preece M
41 Susie Air F
42 Gracie Day F
43 Isla Cotton-Dew F
44 Freddie Smith M
45 Jessica Hayes F
46 Ted Limb M
47 Laurie Peeling M
48 Joshua Bennett M
49 Zakk Wilson M
50 Robbie Dexter M
51 Megan Kojdic F
52 Rosie Coxhead F
53 Joshua Clarke M
54 Rowan Richardson F
55 Leon Wilkes M
56 Leila Crookes F
57 Hery Jack M
58 Jonathan Buss M
59 Shauna Hamilton F
60 Jamie Brown M
61 Taylor Hinchliffe M
62 Isaac Falconer-White M
63 Benj Wray M
64 Herny Buss M
65 Molly Prarker F
66 Felix Jarvis M
67 Daniel Clayton M
68 Oliver Alcock M
69 Hugo Ridgway M
70 Iris Billsbrorrow F
71 Ella McCristal F



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