Result: Wigmore CC Hill Climb


James Hayward of Woolwich CC fastest in the Wigmore CC Hill Climb up Hollinbourne Hill on Sunday

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Result: Wigmore CC Hill Climb

1st James Hayward Woolwich CC 03:04.0
2nd Bill Bell Bigfoot CC 03:16.1 Vet 40-44
3rd Neil Lauder 4 T+ Velo Club 03:17.5
4th Richard Cartland Team Boardman 03:21.0
5th Peter Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 03:21.1 Vet 45-49
6th Joshua  Aiken Stowmarket & District CC 03:24.0
7th Ewan Tuohy Catford CC 03:25.5
8th Daniel McDermott GS Avanti 03:26.6
9th John Cockrill Abellio – SFA Racing Team 03:33.4
10th Jon Hughes Velo Club Godalming & Haslemere 03:34.2 Vet 40-44
11th Daniel Pink GS Avanti 03:34.9
12th Lewis Taylor Ashford Roads CC 03:36.5
13th Tom Hampshire Paceline RT 03:38.5
14th Alex Pearson Woolwich CC 03:39.3 Vet 40-44
15th Tom Rowing TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 03:41.3
16th Christopher Hovenden Arctic Tacx RT 03:42.8
17th Neil Harrigan Gravesend CC 03:43.9 Vet 40-44
18th Steven Melia-Chamberlain Quick Release Cycling Club 03:44.5
19th Kevin Armstrong Woolwich CC 03:45.7
20th Matt Jones Adalta Cycling Club 03:45.8
21st Tom Haines East London Velo 03:47.2
22nd Keith Walker Wigmore CC 03:52.6 Vet 50-59
23rd Dan Motterham Quick Release Cycling Club 03:53.4
24th Luke Coleman Quick Release Cycling Club 03:58.1
25th David Smith Swindon Road Club 03:58.9
26th Dan Miller Quick Release Cycling Club 03:59.3
27th Matt Field Larkfield AC 04:00.0
28th Phillip Knell Ashford Roads CC 04:00.9
29th Jordan Field Wigmore CC 04:02.3
30th Tim Williams Quick Release Cycling Club 04:03.7 Vet 40-44
31st Dean Chapman Ashford Roads CC 04:05.9
32nd Sam Dorkings GS Avanti 04:06.0
33rd Matthew Lewis Ashford Roads CC 04:06.2
34th Steven Smith Medway Velo Club 04:07.8
35th Simon Bromfield Charlotteville Cycling Club 04:10.3 Vet 45-49
36th Adam Mumford Medway Velo Club 04:11.1
37th Alan Newman Wigmore CC 04:12.1
38th Theo Tadros In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 04:13.3 Juv
39th Lee Russell VC Elan – Harry Perry Cycles 04:13.9 Vet 40-44
40th Robin Jarvis Wigmore CC 04:15.8 Jun
41st Steven Penny Rochester Cycling Club 04:20.2 Vet 50-59
42nd Alex Hamilton Dulwich Paragon CC 04:21.5
43rd Nigel Smith Southborough & Dist. Whs 04:22.1 Vet 45-49
44th Cameron Kemp Quick Release Cycling Club 04:22.2 Juv
45th Ewan Muir Wigmore CC 04:24.4 Jun
46th Paul Simmons Ashford Roads CC 04:28.4
47th George Martin Woolwich CC 04:28.8 Jun
48th William Murtagh Rye & District Wheelers CC 04:29.0
49th Debbie Percival 34 Nomads CC 04:29.9 Lady/Vet 50-59
50th Matthew Reuter West Kent RC 04:32.5 Vet 40-44
51st David Paine Quick Release Cycling Club 04:32.9
52nd Megan Panton Woolwich CC 04:41.1 Lady/Juv
53rd Jacintha Hamilton-Love Dulwich Paragon CC 04:42.7 Lady
54th Harvey Pope Medway Velo Club 04:44.2 Vet 50-59
55th Carolyn Swan Kent Velo Girls/Boys 04:46.8 Lady/Vet 45-49
56th Michael Newman Ashford Whs 04:54.3 Vet 50-59
57th Jack  Hill Thanet RC 04:55.2 Juv
58th Mick Claydon Ashford Whs 04:57.4 Vet 45-49
59th David Bishop Wigmore CC 04:57.5 Vet 45-49
60th Julien Barton Wigmore CC 05:00.7 Vet 45-49
61st Gemma Hayes East Grinstead CC 05:02.1 Lady
62nd James Butler 100% ME 05:02.1
63rd Samantha Walker 100% ME 05:05.0 Lady/Vet 40-44
64th Jamie Harris Wigmore CC 05:05.1
65th Trevor Benton West Kent RC 05:11.8 Vet 60-69
66th Rosie Wallace Wigmore CC 05:13.2 Lady/Jun
67th Hannah  Graveney Kent Velo Girls/Boys 05:13.6 Lady/Jun
68th Robert Philbrook Wigmore CC 05:19.4 Vet 50-59
69th Karen Florey Medway Velo Club 05:32.8 Vet 50-59
70th Jordan Williams Quick Release Cycling Club 05:39.8
71st Finn Dunton Wigmore CC 05:40.9 Juv
72nd Franco Della Mura Wigmore CC 06:57.5 Vet 50-59
73rd Lee Kingston Medway Velo Club 09:23.5 Vet 40-44




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