Day 7: World Masters Track Champs


There were ten races and thirteen titles on day 7 of the 2016 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Manchester

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Day 7: World Masters Track Champs

October 1-8, 2016 | LIVE VIDEO: Index to Each Day Here

DAY 7, OCT 7

There were ten races and thirteen titles on day 7 of the 2016 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Manchester where the race programme was dominated by bunch races.


Erin Criglington of New Zealand winner of the 45 – 49 Women’s Points

The Gold medals were won by no less than ten different nations led by Britain, USA and Australia with two each and one for France, Denmark, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and Switzerland.

The final race of the night was the Scratch Race for 40 – 44 men and was won by Switzerland’s Martin Ruepp ahead of Karl Baumgart of the USA and Argentina’s Rolando H Ahumada in third. The Men’s Scratch Race (35 – 39) saw South Africa’s Gert Fouche get his hands on a rainbow jersey denying a winner already this week at the Worlds, Britain’s Alistair Rutherford with Frenchman Julien Muselet getting the bronze.

The night also saw seven Points races for Men and Women. In the Masters oldest men’s age category, 75 Plus, Guido Lupo of Italy added another title to his collection, scoring better than Vince Freeley (GBR) and Roland Crayford (GBR) who got the silver and bronze medals respectively.

In the Men’s 70 – 74, another prolific winner year in, year out at the championships, Steffen Munch Hansen of Denmark, denied Frenchman Marcel Le Quere (Silver) and John Moss (Bronze, South Africa) the rainbow jersey.

In the next category down, Men 65 – 69, France’s title on the day came courtesy of Gerard Louis Robert, another rider who has won already at the championships, after he saw off the challenge from Patrick Gellineau (Silver, USA) and Jean Louis Duble (Bronze, France) for the Gold medal.


Laurel Green (USA), Erin Criglington (NZL) and Nicola Toms (GBR)

In the Women’s Points races, where multiple categories in the one race saw more than one set of medald awarded, there were many familiar faces on the top step of the podium and none more than Janet Birkmyre (GBR) who won the 45 – 54 race. She finished ahead of Aussie Deborah Coulls and Orla Hendron of Ireland.

The medals in that race were divided into two age categories with the Gold in the 45 – 49 category won by Erin Criglington of New Zealand from Laurel Green (USA) and Nicola Toms (GBR). In the 50 – 54 year category, Britain’s race winner Janet Birkmyre won Gold ahead of Deborah Coulls (Australia) and Orla Hendron (Ireland).

The Women’s Points Race 35 – 44 race was won by Laurelea Moss of Australia from Louise Haston (GBr) and Melanie Sneddon (GBr). The podiums for this event saw race winner Laurelea Moss (Aus) get the Gold in the 35-39 with Silver for Louise Haston (GBr) and Ilze Bole (South Africa). In the 40 – 44, Melanie Sneddon (Gbr) got herself a Gold medal with Silver for Peggy Series (Fra) and Cheryl Fuller Muller (USA) taking home the Bronze.

The final Women’s Points race was for riders in the 55 Plus age category. Winner was Maria Isabel Leon Moncada of Mexico who got the rainbow jersey ahead of Silver medal winner Elizabeth Heller (USA) and her compatriot Lillian Pfluke.


Karl Baumgart (USA), Martin Ruepp (SUI) and Rolando H Ahumada (ARG)

In the 60 Plus category within that race, Jan Palchikoff of the USA got the Gold with Silver for Arja Scarsbrook (Finland) and Ilna Lemmer (South Africa).

Day 7 also saw two Team events, Team Sprint and Team Pursuit for men.

The Men’s Team Sprint (45 – 54) was won by Australia (Gavin White, Daniel Rickard, Chris Murray) who beat the USA (James Lawrence, Brian Abers, Joseph Santaniello) in the final. There was another win for Australia in the race for the Bronze as Matthew Glanville, Michael Smith and John Eder beat the British trio of Tony Brooks, Phil Houlton, Chris Pyatt.

In the longer Team Pursuit for 55 – 64, it was the USA who won the stripes with David Fetah, Mike Hines, David Prechtl and Jay Wolkoff beating the British quartet of Nigel Stephens, Ralph Carter, Courtney Rowe and Phil McWilliam.

The Bronze medal ride off was won by Denmark’s foursome of Peter A Hartkopp, Morten R Hansen, Jan Ryan Hansen and Gert Caspersen who were quicker over the 3k than another team from the USA, Michael Birditt, Larry Nolan, Russ Murphy, Mark Sommers and Dave Maminsk.


Martin Ruepp of Switzerland, Gold medal winner

Janet Birkmyre GBR
Melanie Sneddon GBR
Laurelea Moss AUS
Laurelea Moss AUS
Jan Palchikoff USA
David Fetah, Mike Hines, David Prechtl, Jay Wolkoff USA (Team Pursuit)
Gerard Louis Robert FRA
Steffen Munch Hansen DEN
Guido Lupo ITA
Gert Fouche RSA
Martin Ruepp SUI
Erin Criglington NZL
Maria Isabel Leon Moncada, Mexico
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Men’s Scratch Race 40 – 44
1 Martin Ruepp SUI
2 Karl Baumgart USA
3 Rolando H Ahumada ARG
4 Jonathan Harris GBR
5 Marcos G Pettovello ARG
6 Jeromy Cottell USA
7 Wayne Crombie GBR
8 German Ariel Lopez ARG
9 John Hollier GBR
10 Jason Kierman GBR
11 Jean-Claude Voegeli SUI
12 Adam Bidwell GBR
13 Jerome Gueret FRA
14 Graeme Lackford GBR
15 Jason Streather GBR
16 Richard Mondszein GBR

Men’s Scratch Race 35 – 39
1 Gert Fouche RSA
2 Alistair Rutherford GBR
3 Julien Muselet FRA
4 Zinedine Tahir FRA
5 Enrico Traini CAN
6 Bruno Tanjon FRA
7 Karl Freeman GBR
8 Justin Seale RSA
9 Sebastien Dupin FRA
10 Ian Fraser GBR
11 Bradley Sean Smith RSA
12 James Holland -Leader GBR
13 Martin Lonie GBR
14 Damien Charlot FRA

Men’s Points Race 75 Plus
1 Guido Lupo ITA
2 Vince Freeley GBR
3 Roland Crayford GBR
4 Alan Whitworth GBR
5 Clive Walmsley GBR
6 Joseph Nicolosi FRA
7 Brian Dacey GBR
8 Derrick Woodings GBR
9 John Wynne GBR
10 Laurence Rissbrook GBR
11 John Mason GBR

Men’s Points Race 70 – 74
1 Steffen Munch Hansen DEN
2 Marcel Le Quere FRA
3 John Moss RSA
4 Jorge Raul Bessone ARG
5 Geoff Wiles GBR
6 Michel Briat FRA
7 Bill Cotton GBR
8 Enrique E Moyano ARG
9 Heinz Bandener GER
10 Dave Gretton GBR
11 George Grant GBR
12 Peter Jenn GBR

Men’s Points Race 65 – 69
1 Gerard Louis Robert FRA
2 Patrick Gellineau USA
3 Jean Louis Duble FRA
4 Colin Claxton NZL
5 Larry Wolff USA
6 Malcolm Freeman GBR
7 Barry Messmer USA
8 Alan Forrester GBR
9 Steve Davies GBR
10 Alistair Cameron GBR
11 Dick Cubison GBR
12 Patrick Whelan USA
13 Rene Grignon FRA
14 Steven Worley USA
15 Bob Barber GBR
16 Paul Mack USA

Female Points Race 45 – 54
1 Janet Birkmyre** GBR
2 Deborah Coulls** AUS
3 Orla Hendron** IRL
4 Erin Criglington* NZL
5 Laurel Green* USA
6 Nicola Toms* GBR
7 Lindsay Clarke** GBR
8 Alejandra Roca Satorres** ESP
9 Amanda Akom** RSA
10 Alison Lilley* GBR
11 Edvige Pettinato** ITA
12 Monica Nevitt* USA
13 Makiko Hamada** JPN
14 Claire Lee* GBR
15 Berndine Minnaar** RSA

45 – 49 Years
1 Erin Criglington* NZL
2 Laurel Green* USA
3 Nicola Toms* GBR

50 – 54 Years
1 Janet Birkmyre** GBR
2 Deborah Coulls** AUS
3 Orla Hendron** IRL

Female Points Race 35 – 44
1 Laurelea Moss* AUS
2 Louise Haston* GBR
3 Melanie Sneddon** GBR
4 Peggy Series** FRA
5 Ilze Bole* RSA
6 Sophie Evrard* FRA
7 Cheryl Fuller Muller** USA
8 Camie Kornely** USA
9 Suzannah Doyle** GBR
10 Emmanuelle Dupont* FRA
11 Niki Kovacs* GBR
12 Vlada Dekina** CAN
13 Elodie Fourcade** FRA
14 Roisin Kennedy* IRL
15 Charlotte Roberge* CAN
16 Yvette Waterfall* GBR

** 40 – 44 Years
* 35 – 39 Years

35 – 39 Years
1 Laurelea Moss* AUS
2 Louise Haston* GBR
3 Ilze Bole* RSA

40 – 44 Years
1 Melanie Sneddon** GBR
2 Peggy Series** FRA
3 Cheryl Fuller Muller** USA

Female Points Race 55 Plus
1 Maria Isabel Leon Moncada* MEX
2 Elizabeth Heller* USA
3 Lillian Pfluke* USA
4 Susan Meinerz* USA
5 Barbara Wiles* GBR
6 Jan Palchikoff** USA
7 Arja Scarsbrook** FIN
8 Meg Mautner* USA
9 Ilna Lemmer** RSA

** 60 Plus Years
* 55 – 59 Years

55 – 59 Years
1 Maria Isabel Leon Moncada* MEX
2 Elizabeth Heller* USA
3 Lillian Pfluke* USA

60 Plus Years
1 Jan Palchikoff** USA
2 Arja Scarsbrook** FIN
3 Ilna Lemmer** RSA

Male Team Sprint 45 – 54
1 Australia 48.194
Gavin White, Daniel Rickard, Chris Murray

2 USA 1 49.259
James Lawrence, Brian Abers, Joseph Santaniello

3 Australia 2 49.129
Matthew Glanville, Michael Smith, John Eder

4 Gbr Brooks Cycles 49.961
Tony Brooks, Phil Houlton, Chris Pyatt

Australia 48.352
USA 1 49.078
Australia 2 49.412
Brooks Cycles GBR 49.844
France M5 51.523
Team Rush USA 53.694

Riding for Time ONLY
Germany, 58.887
Markus Imhof, Uwe Rubling, Stephen Henker

Male Team Pursuit 55 – 64

1 USA Pinnacliffe Racing Team 3.28.942
David Fetah, Mike Hines, David Prechtl, Jay Wolkoff

2 GBR The Ramones 3.33.326
Nigel Stephens, Ralph Carter, Courtney Rowe, Phil McWilliam

3 Denmark 55+ 3.32.045
Peter A Hartkopp, Morten R Hansen, Jan Ryan Hansen, Gert Caspersen

4 USA Two Hip 3.36.584
Michael Birditt, Larry Nolan, Russ Murphy, Mark Sommers, Dave Maminsk

1 Pinnacliffe Racing Team USA 3.28.912
2 The Ramones GBR 3.33.846
3 Denmark 55+ DEN 3.34.939
4 Two Hip USA 3.36.104
5 Stars & Bars USA 3.37.942
6 Kiwis NZL 3.43.185
7 Derby Velodream GBR 3.43.455

UCI World Masters Track Championships at Manchester’s National Cycling Centre on October 1 and each day until October 8.

Full information is at the championships web site

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