Result: Rutland CC Mam Nick Hill Climb


Chris Dyke of the Manchester Bicycle Club breaks Peter Graham’s 1958 record in winning Rutland CC’s Hill Climb on Mam Nick (Saturday, October 8)

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Result: Rutland CC Mam Nick Hill Climb
(Nicholas R Latimer)


A mild and still day saw some outstanding times this year, although conditions can be better as there is often a helpful tailwind. Chris Dyke (Manchester Bicycle Club) and Rebecca Goodson (Sheffrec CC) both set huge course records.


Chris’s 6:27.1 was not only faster than all the winning times since we resurrected the event five years ago, but also smashed possibly the oldest hill climb course record in the country, beating Peter Graham’s 1958 time of 6.34.6, set whilst beating Tom Simpson by 1 second in the 1958 BLRC Hill Climb Championships.

Some achievement! We haven’t been able to find out any times set by women prior to us running the event, but Rebecca’s 8:01.2 is stunning, quicker by 24 seconds than Lizzie Stedman’s previous record, which itself was a superb time. Lizzie also improved her time this year. Eugene Cross (SSLL Racing Team) also put in an exceptional ride, setting a new junior’s record of 6:57.5. Daryl Wall’s 7:02.9 vets record didn’t go, but Joe Le Sage deservedly won the vets prize for the second time with 7:33.1.

1 Chris Dyke Manchester Bicycle Club 06:27.1 S
2 Patrick Clark Team B38/Underpin Racing 06:37.4 S
3 Lee Baldwin Champion System/VCUK 06:37.8 S
4 Archie Cross Team B38/Underpin Racing 06:39.2 S
5 Louis Szymanski ABC Centreville 06:43.9 S
6 Chris Bevan Veloviewer 06:47.8 S
7 Kieran Wynne-Cattanach Rhos-on-Sea CC 06:48.0 S
8 Eugene Cross SSLL Racing Team 06:57.5 J
9 Courtney Blockley-Campton Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team 06:57.6 S
10 Sam Clark Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 07:00.4 S
11 Liam Bromiley University of Bath Cycling Club 07:02.7 S
12 Rick Bailey Cycles in Motion 07:02.8 S
13 Chris Osment Matlock CC 07:04.0 S
14 Nicholas Latimer Rutland Cycling Club 07:11.9 S
15 Robert Rogers Birkenhead North End CC 07:14.1 S
16 Michael Cooke Nottingham Clarion CC 07:16.7 S
17 Christian Smith Manchester Bicycle Club 07:18.3 S
18 Christopher Dredge Spirit Racing Team 07:19.0 S
19 Daniel Collier University of Sheffield Cycling Club 07:28.4 S
20 Adam Hepburn University of Sheffield Cycling Club 07:29.3 S
21 Andrew Whiteley Sheffrec CC 07:30.1 S
22 Daniel Nieto TBW Bottecchia Wigmore RT 07:31.5 S
23 Calum Brown Sheffrec CC 07:31.6 S
24 Joe Le Sage Rutland Cycling Club 07:33.1 V
25 Andrew Sedgewick Langsett Cycles Race Team 07:34.1 V
26 Steve Yeoman Rutland Cycling Club 07:35.4 S
27 Paul Armstrong Sheffrec CC 07:35.6 S
28 Arne Beswick Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles 07:37.6 S
29 Daryl May Sheffrec CC 07:38.4 V
30 Gavin Evans Rutland Cycling Club 07:43.4 S
31 Luke Allen Sheffrec CC 07:49.7 S
32 Huw Owen Energy Cycles 07:52.6 J
33 Adam Quixall Worrall Wheelers 07:54.1 J
34 Joe Cox 7 Hills Cycling Club 07:56.0 S
35 Adam Lathbury Rutland Cycling Club 07:59.8 S
36 Rebecca Goodson Sheffrec CC 08:01.2 W
37 Allan Wailoo 7 Hills Cycling Club 08:01.4 V
38 Pete Laud Common Lane Occasionals 08:06.1 V
39 James Bell Rutland Cycling Club 08:07.4 S
40 Elizabeth Stedman Fusion RT Fierlan 08:19.7 W
41 Jez Reynard Common Lane Occasionals 08:21.1 V
42 Stuart Bolton Sheffrec CC 08:22.1 V
43 Sam Smith Rutland Cycling Club 08:23.0 J
44 Toby Wilson Rutland Cycling Club 08:37.8 V
45 Jake Harrison Rutland Cycling Club 08:38.6 S
46 Chris Ashworth Sheffrec CC 08:38.7 S
47 Emilie Verroken Langsett Cycles Race Team 08:45.4 W
48 Keith Parker Rutland Cycling Club 08:45.7 V
49 Nick Cox Rutland Cycling Club 08:48.2 S
50 David Shirley Glossop Kinder Velo Cycling Club 08:59.9 V
51 Pierre Drezet Common Lane Occasionals 09:17.8 V
52 Brian Rose Tickhill Velo Club 09:31.5 S
53 Tom Archer Sheffrec CC 09:39.6 J
54 Nicola Holloway Sheffrec CC 09:48.0 W
55 Kate Hastings 100% ME 09:55.8 W
56 Hannah Larbalestier University of Bath Cycling Club 09:56.8 W
57 Mick Kelly Team Milton Keynes 10:13.0 V
58 Nigel Finch Mercia – Lloyds Cycles CC 10:13.5 V
59 Karl Wooffindin Dinnington Racing Club 10:22.6 S
60 Jo Jebb Norton Wheelers 10:23.9 W
61 Sophie Hewitson University of Sheffield Cycling Club 10:35.4 W
62 Fiona-May Aylward Leicester Forest CC 11:03.2 W
63 Louise Perrins 100% ME 11:08.3 W




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