Result: Lincolnshire CX League 5


Jonathan Harper and Vanessa Holmes winners at week 5 of the Lincolnshire Cyclo-Cross league at Scunthorpe

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Result: Lincolnshire CX League 5

1 Jonathan Harper Argi+ 8point8 – The Winter Gre…
2 Connor Swift Envelopemaster Giant Sheffield…
3 Mark Cotton VC Lincoln
4 Nathan Wilson Wilsons Wheels Race Team
5 David Beachill Geared Up Cycles
6 Andrew Vaughan Matlock CC
7 Max Williamson HMT with JLT Condor
8 Bartlomiej Kieres Bourne Whls CC
9 Leigh Andrews Steve Poole Plant Hire / Ralei…
10 Richard Baldwin Cottingham Coureurs RT
11 Sean Davenport University of Sheffield CC
12 Matthew Beaumont Wilsons Wheels Race Team
13 Nick Emerson Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
14 Marc Gee
15 Mark Ramage Cliff Pratt Racing
16 Samuel Marriott Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
17 James Vickers Carnac-Planet X
18 Aaron Chambers-Smith Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
19 Benjamin Shucksmith Alford Wheelers
20 Neal Hunt Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles RT
21 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles
22 Henry Heyes
23 John Brearley City RC (Hull)
24 Simon Avis Royal Air Force CA
25 Paul Clarke Lincoln Wheelers CC
26 Bruce Johnston Leicestershire Road Club
27 David Steed Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
28 Simon Shepherd VC Lincoln
29 Carl Kelleher Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt – E…
30 Thomas Howes Sleaford Whls CC
31 Alex Green
32 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles
33 Oliver Fairless Louth Cycle Centre
34 Rebecca Longthorp Cliff Pratt Racing
35 Sam Burman Team WNT
36 Jacob Hammond Lincoln Wheelers CC
37 Lindsay Clarke Fenland Clarion CC
38 Mark Staples Lindsey Road CC
39 Samuel Mullenger VC Lincoln
40 Helen Smith
41 Robert Smith Lindsey Road CC
42 Cheryl Vaughan Matlock CC
43 Anthony Callaby
44 Leigh Walker
45 Gary Hignett Royal Air Force CA
46 Lucy Andrews RT – Lazer helm…
47 Will Eggleton
48 Seth Parrott Sleaford Whls CC
49 Matilda Gurney EM Velocita
50 James Cragg Sleaford Whls CC
51 Kevan Woollas Sleaford Whls CC
52 David Phillips Velo Club Beverley
53 Amanda Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
54 Kirstie Smith
55 Rebecca Durrell Drops Cycling Team
56 Isabel Darvill VC Lincoln  … continued after advert


Veteran Men 40+
1 Richard Crabtree Pedalsport Cycling Club
2 Martin Kennedy Ellmore Factory Racing
3 Andrew Carr Sowerby Brothers CRT
4 Dave Allen Alford Wheelers
5 Mark Preston VC Lincoln
6 Jonathon Snowden Vive Le Velo
7 Matt Denby RT – Lazer helm…
8 Michael Leaney Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
9 Darren Binks Adept Precision RT/NE Healthca…
10 Carl Jackson Arrow Cycles
11 Tim Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
12 Peter Fielding-Smith Wilsons Wheels Race Team
13 Llewellyn Byrne Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
14 Graham Gee Sherwood Pines Cycling Club
15 Ivan Oxborough Ellmore Factory Racing
16 George Hackney VC Lincoln
17 Marcus Nainby Team WNT
18 Edward Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers CC
19 Stephen Jacob
20 Andrew Stewart
21 Damian Roberts Ellmore Factory Racing
22 Matthew Everton Sleaford Whls CC
23 Jason Clark VC Lincoln
24 Rory King Sleaford Whls CC
25 David Cocker Doncaster Whls CC
26 Philip Garland Lincoln Wheelers CC
27 Nick Nettleton Wilsons Wheels Race Team
28 Ed Smith
29 Troy Chalkley Lindsey Road CC
30 Mark Robbins Scunthorpe Polytechnic CC
31 Sean East Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
32 Stef Bryan Alford Wheelers
33 Jonathan Backhouse Lincoln Wheelers CC
34 Nicholas Appleyard Scunthorpe RC
35 Jeremy Walton 45 Road Club
36 Jody Bett VC Lincoln
37 Richard Newell
38 Clayton Maltby VC Lincoln
39 Simon Abdy Barton Whls CC
40 Simon Bower
41 Mike Cresswell
42 Sam Spencer
43 Peter Brumpton Lincoln Wheelers CC
44 Paul Burrows Sleaford Whls CC
45 Alan Ellis
46 Mark Turner Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
47 Brian Fleming VC Lincoln
48 Martin Cullen Arrow Cycles

Veteran Men 50+
1 Graham Clark Ellmore Factory Racing
2 Nigel Smith Argi+ 8point8 – The Winter Gre…
3 John Galway Keswick Bikes – KMB
4 Jonathan Clarke Lincoln Wheelers CC
5 Dave Moulds Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
6 Stephen Walker Trent Valley Road Club
7 Andrew Moss Adept Precision RT/NE Healthca…
8 Tim Higgins Scunthorpe RC
9 Edward Loftus Lincoln Wheelers CC
10 Stephen Potter Lindsey Road CC
11 Timothy Beachill Team Cystic Fibrosis
12 Rich Cutsforth Velo Club Beverley
13 Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
14 Mark Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
15 Steve Hull
16 Alan Parsons Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
17 Nick Chapman Boston Whls CC
18 Andrew Simpson Doncaster Whls CC
19 Paul Andrews VC Lincoln
20 Paul Sleaford Norton Wheelers
21 Glen Allison Sherwood Pines Cycles Felt – E…
22 Philip Heyes
23 Jimmy Armstrong VC Lincoln
24 Roger Mitchell Lincoln Wheelers CC
25 Nigel Middlehurst Ellmore Factory Racing
26 Andrew Johnson
27 Simon Price Royal Air Force CA
28 Andrew Lawson
29 David Miller Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
30 Peter Fossup
31 John Bateman Vegetarian C & AC
32 David Evans Lindsey Road CC
33 Kev Lovett
34 Steven Clarke Fenland Clarion CC
35 John Dowell Heanor Clarion CC
36 David Clarke
37 Gary Woods Alford Wheelers

1 Vanessa Holmes Arrow Cycles
2 Rebecca Longthorp Cliff Pratt Racing
3 Sam Burman Team WNT
4 Lindsay Clarke Fenland Clarion CC
5 Helen Smith
6 Cheryl Vaughan Matlock CC
7 Lucy Andrews RT – Lazer helm…
8 Matilda Gurney EM Velocita
9 Amanda Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
10 Kirstie Smith
11 Rebecca Durrell Drops Cycling Team
12 Isabel Darvill VC Lincoln

1 Marc Gee
2 Aaron Chambers-Smith Bolsover & District Cycling Cl…
3 Jake Jackson Arrow Cycles
4 Thomas Howes Sleaford Whls CC
5 Seth Parrott Sleaford Whls CC

U16 Boys
1 Elliott Bellamy Bourne Whls CC
2 Christopher Fleming
3 Harry Foster Boston Whls CC

U16 Girls
1 Alice Standish Bourne Whls CC
2 Mia Mawson
3 Melissa Mawson Sleaford Whls CC

U14 Boys
1 Joshua Backhouse VC Lincoln
2 Samuel Howes Sleaford Whls CC
3 Luke Issitt Sleaford Whls CC
4 Alexander Armstrong VC Lincoln
5 Toby Kershaw Pedalsport Cycling Club
6 Bradley Worth Boston Whls CC
7 Cameron Braithwaite NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
8 Will Brown
9 Max Underwood-Frost Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)

U14 Girls
1 Kayleigh Pickworth VC Lincoln
2 Penelope Linsdell Bourne Whls CC
3 Lucy Cresswell NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
4 Jess Fuller
5 Hannah Lonsdale Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
6 Megan Kirk VC Lincoln

1 Jake Kennedy VC Lincoln
2 Jacob Sterd
3 Daniel Backhouse VC Lincoln
4 Edward Linsdell Bourne Whls CC
5 Julie Sterd
6 Thomas Williams
7 Max Burkitt Lincoln Wheelers CC
8 Ben Burkitt
9 Georgia Lancaster Sleaford Whls CC
10 Luke Brumpton
11 Jessica East Witham Wheelers Cycling Club
12 Aaron Cocker Doncaster Whls CC
13 Connor Wilkinson Boston Whls CC
14 Felix Earth
15 Holly Cresswell NEL Lindsey Go-Ride
16 Nicholas Fuller
17 Beth Hall
18 Ben Smith
19 Eve Ramage
20 Tom Cragg Sleaford Whls CC
21 Finlay Saggs
22 Charlotte Clements Lincsquad (Quadrathlon Club)
23 Alfie Steed
24 Aaron Walker
25 Isla Earth
26 Jessica Stewart
27 Georgette Rand
28 Grace Blair Doncaster Whls CC
29 Adam Smith
30 Rachel Aldridge
31 Freddy Tuffrey
32 Archie Smith
33 Andrew Walker
34 Charlie Smith
35 Bradley Braithwaite
36 Evan Churchill
37 George Turner
38 Jessica Woollas
39 Marlie Clarke
40 Harry Cragg Sleaford Whls CC
41 Emma Walker
42 Charlotte Binks
43 Georgia Fuller
44 Tommy Walker



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